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Is it safe to run on the Williamsburg Bridge at 6:30pm when it's dark? — Brooklynian

Is it safe to run on the Williamsburg Bridge at 6:30pm when it's dark?

Ignorant girl over here. I live in Prospect Heights and I'm dogsitting in Wburg this weekend. Is it safe to go on a run at 6:30 on the Wburg Bridge? Not sure if it's abandoned when it's dark out or what.



  • I think jalila's question is valid and it would be nice just to answer it without making fun of her post. Maybe you never had a problem when it was dark out there, but some of us did and guess what: is it not funny. At all.

    Jalila, I'm sorry I cannot answer your question since I don't that area very well. Maybe someone can give you some piece of advice. Good luck!

    (Mod note: offensive post removed)

  • I can't see 6:30 AM really being a dangerous time. Isn't that when the sun starts to rise? My opinion is to do the safety in numbers thing. I imagine quite a few non-Jews will be crossing the Willy B during Saturday morning. Whether on by foot or bike. Still, it doesn't hurt to see if you can get someone to tag along with you. In regards to Christina's post: I'm not sure where it comes from. I don't recall anyone on this board (at least lately)making fun of an OP asking a legit question about safety.

  • Idlewild, there was a previous post making fun of jalila's question, but the author deleted it. That explains my post :-)

  • some of you people are way too sensitive. like i said in my OG post . basically NO bridge in NYC is any where close to abandoned especially one that leads into manhattan as far as safety things can happen anywhere NYC is a big city .. people get mugged on busy streets in BROAD day light.

  • Ian, some of you posters are way too insensitive. If you need to be a wiseass, do it in private, not on a public message board.

  • well last i knew it was a "PUBLIC" forum .. and when you ask a QUESTION in a public forum you get answers you may night like. .. my original answer wasnt bad at all.. ok yeah i poked fun at the fact that she REALLY asked about the bridge being "abandoned" .. people need to RELAX

  • First, when it comes to safety, there are no good/bad/obvious questions. Second, I actually got mugged at night on a not-busy-at-all street. You know, it is so much better not to assume things always happen the way you imagine.

    And finally, it is not WHAT you say, it is the WAY you say it.

  • I think it's a great question -- my guess is that it's fairly safe since lots of other people will be doing the same run as you at the same time.

    That said, bridges have always spooked me as scary places -- there was a pedestrian overpass over a highway onramp near my middle school. My school was on one side and my dad's office was on the other side. On days I had to stay late, I was to walk over there to get a ride home. One day, a girl was walking over the overpass and passed a man standing on the sidewalk. She got onto the overpass and suddenly found that he had followed her up and his friend had come from the other direction - she had no escape and was sexually attacked. Yes, it was in broad daylight and no, it wasn't abandoned, but it took place so quickly and in a place where she couldn't get away because it was a bridge/overpass that she was stuck -- since not too many people used it to walk, she was alone during it.

    I don't think the OP said they thought the bridge would be 100% empty, but it's understandable that being stuck in a small space with no options to get out would have you asking about how frequently it's used.

    Either way, I know a lot of people run in the morning and would assume that would be a popular time for people to have time to run/shower/get dressed before work.

  • Back on topic - I thought that the wmburg bridge was the most trafficked bridge in the city, in terms of cyclists - at 6:30, there should be plenty of bikes around, weekend or not. Are there different levels/sides for cyclists and peds?

  • WhyFi said: Are there different levels/sides for cyclists and peds?

    There are different sides -- bikes on the North side, peds on the South side.