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seeking lace/crocheted doilies — Brooklynian

seeking lace/crocheted doilies

hi all, i know this is off topic for this particular board's subject matter, but it seemed the right audience to address.

i'm a park slope artist, and i'm working on a project that involves amassing lots of vintage lace or crocheted doilies. i've gone through the stash my mom and i saved from both of my grandparents, and all the stashes my friends got through their parents' grandparents... so perhaps someone here has a box or small pile of grandma's doilies, dresser scarves, tea cozies, etc, that you'd be willing to part with?

will gladly pay shipping, and be very grateful.



  • Do you need heirloom quality doilies or just crocheted doilies? sells them for pretty cheap. I even have some discount codes you can use if you'd end up going that route.