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where to buy in bed stuy — Brooklynian

where to buy in bed stuy

Hi all-

My wife and I (and soon baby) are looking very seriously into buying in bedstuy. We are looking to get a multi family home for at or around 600-700k. Obviously a priority is safety and I want to know which of these parts of town is deemed safer.

I am looking in what I believe is stuy heights, near fulton between the Kingston amd ralph ave stops on a and c trains. Id be going north in this area probably as far as gates.

I am also looking between the g and j lines in another part of town. Between the bedford nostrand stop on g and the j by broadway. Fron say gates to myrtle.

Which part of town is safer and which is more desierable to renters. Whrre do people charhe more overall? Ive visted both areas and im fairly familiar but would love input. Also wwhich area do you see increasing more in value?

Thank s so much


  • My wife and I, and our two young children, purchased a multifamily home in the first area you mentioned about a year ago. We are very happy here. Nice, neighborly blocks, for the most part. Never had an issue. Then again, we lived in Crown Heights for ten years prior to this (before Myspace took over!) and never had an issue there either. In fact, I'd say we were awakened by gunshots far more often in the mid 2000's in CH (several times every summer) than here for certain.

    There's definitely crime here, as there is everywhere, and on certain corners and down certain blocks it may very well be more pronounced, but again, we've never had an issue or even really felt very unsafe. I'd certainly recommend it here. Feel free to PM if you have any specific questions about the location. You could also check out if you want to do more research.

    Lots of life along both Lewis Ave and Marcus Garvey. Lewis, in particular, has the Peaches franchise down by Fulton - separate restaurant, bar, and coffee place under the same management, all good - as well as Beso, a tapas bar and Therapy Wine Bar, which has a great backyard in the warmer months, a little further up Lewis. On Fulton by Marcy is Restoration Plaza, which as a huge Super FoodTown. And of course, Fulton itself offers a wide variety of pretty inexpensive ships and food options.

    My only real complaint, in comparing our old digs in CH to our home in Bed-Stuy, is that in the former, we were spoiled by being a block off the Franklin Ave 2-3, 4-5 station. Here, its a ten minute walk to either C and Kingston/Throop or A at Utica. But of course, if you manage to purchase something close to Fulton, that wouldn't be an issue.

  • Awesome thanks. We were looking near fulton between malcom x and patchen. Ty for the imput.

  • Hi,

    Just obsessively added a bunch more to my post above...

  • Cool thank you. We saw the wine bar and beer garden :) also a really quick ride to work for me goin to downtown bklyn. I work late at night so hopefully the subway isnt an issue at 130 am

  • let me know if you would be interested in taking on a partner.

  • GMunyHuny did you end up buying in the area? My husband and I are looking into that area also (we actually put an offer on a house on Bainbridge btw Malcom X and Patchen)but I would definitely like to hear how it feels to live there. The only thing that worries me is that my husband sometimes comes home late at night or leaves in the early morning hours and I am wondering how it feels in that area around that time of the day. By the way if you have already moved there, you should try Saraghina which is a truly an amazing place for authentic pizza. My husband is Italian and he chooses this place as his favorite for pizza in all of NYC.

    Any feedback about the area is greatly appreciated.