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Buying in bed Stuy — Brooklynian

Buying in bed Stuy

I am sure this is a subject that have been discussed many times lately but I would appreciate any feedback. My partner and I put an offer on a house on Bainbridge between Malcom X and Patchen. Everytime I went to the area was totally fine and I dont feel I am in danger or anything but I never walked there at nightime. I know that the area is getting better and originally we were looking more on the west site of Bed Stuy and couldn't find anything we like. Is the west site safer than the eastern site? Very close to the house is the Brevoort housing projects which seems to be quite violent spot from what I have read in older articles. Does anyone live around there and how do you feel about the area? Any advice?


  • can show you what types of crime have been reported near where you are considering.

    Another great resource is locals who are doing their laundry in the local mat. Seriously: Bring a load of laundry and chat them up.

    ...I found that bored people, captive people will talk to almost anyone.

  • Thank you for your input whynot_31, I have used the spotcrime in the past but I dont think it helped me come into many conclusions. I looked for example Bed Stuy area crime around 11233 and then looked a random zip in Brooklyn Heights and other "safer, nicer" areas but both areas seemed to have almost equal amount of crime.

    Talking to people in laundries etc though I think its a valuable advice. Thank you.

  • Ninja,

    Wanted to know if you were successful in your bid. I actually live on this block for five years with my husband, 2yr old daughter, and soon to be baby boy. It is changing quickly with a lot of young families and professionals moving on the block which has helped to positively stabilize the block. Also a lot of the distressed properties have been renovated.

  • Abstuy,

    Unfortunately we weren't able to get that house (even though nothing is definite yet)but we are still looking. I think the prices went up alot because nothing seems to be in our price range anymore.:(

  • Ninja,

    Sorry to hear that. Could you tell me the house number?