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safe in bed/stuy? — Brooklynian

safe in bed/stuy?


I'm going to try my best to be as politically correct as possible here. Nothing I say is meant to offend in any way.

I am a 20 year old small (5'2'' 100 lbs.) white female looking to sublet a place on the corner of Halsey and Stuyvesant. I'll be living with another 20 year old small (5'8'' 120 lbs.) white female who I anticipate I will always be walking home with at night, so I won't be alone. I was just wondering whether or not safety should be a major concern for us. While being smart, friendly, and sensical is always a necessary part of getting along in life I don't want to feel like I'm constantly looking over my shoulder if I'm coming home late at night. Most of what I've read suggest going to check it out which I am scheduled to do in the coming days, however I don't know if I'll have a chance to walk around the area at night. What do you guys think? What are your personal experiences? Is jeering an issue for you? Have you ever felt like you were in physical danger? Does simply carrying pepper spray on you make you feel more secure? While I realize these issues are best gauged person to person hearing others stories will help me get a better sense of what to expect and decide for myself whether or not this seems like an area I will be comfortable living in.

Thanks in advance for any and all responses!


  • Crime is sporatic enough that I won't try to predict whether it will affect you.

    However, as a result of having a friend who lives near by at (Marcus Garvey and Jefferson), I can state that you are definately going to get some loud, late night, backyard and block parties.

    Some corners still have youths dealing drugs.

    Some bodegas still make the vast majority of their revenue off lottery tickets, 40s oz beers and cigarettes.

    Depending on where you lived previously, for a 20 y/o it could be a completely new, and fun experience for the summer.

    ...meanwhile, at age 44, my enjoyment for such things is fading.

  • whynot_31 said:

    However, as a result of having a friend who lives near by at (Marcus Garvey and Jefferson), I can state that you are definately going to get some loud, late night, backyard and block parties.

    Yep, that's me. And Whynot is correct, there is still some level of danger here, and it does get loud in the summer.

    Having said that, I think its a great neighborhood that has beautiful character and is full of some very nice people. We moved from Crown Heights West (now the official name!) after ten years a little over a year ago and are very happy in Bed-Stuy. Never been hassled, don't have an issue with my young kids playing outside.

    Walking around late at night requires you to have a little more acumen and street smarts... be aware of your surroundings, don't bumble around blasting your iPod and be oblivious to the world around you. But I'd have that same advise for literally anywhere in NYC when out late at night.

  • I think both prior posters will agree that one block can make a great degree of difference. So while it is possible that you may at some point get some jeering as you walk from the subway at Fulton Park and onto Stuyvesant, the climate on Stuyvesant is much different than that of Marcus Garvey. The level of street noise and partying is much different. It's quieter on Stuyvesant. It is primarily a residential corridor. Halsey is a bus block so you will have some foot traffic that comes with that, but I wouldn't consider that a major issue - unless you just really hate the bus. I would still be very cautious coming home late at night, but I feel that way about most of NYC, just like ntfool. Just stay alert. If you want a feel for the community, there is a "Soul of Brooklyn" block party on Saturday afternoon on Lewis Ave. (one block west of Stuyvesant) btwn MacDonough and Decatur and a concert at Fulton Square Park (Utica Ave. A/C station) from 7-9 featuring Blitz the Ambassador and special guests Les Nubians. You can look at the Soul of Brooklyn facebook page if you're interested. At least it's a way to see who some of your neighbors could be. Good luck!

  • The area is no worse than any other part of Brooklyn. My nephew is a cop there and he says it's likely safer now than in the past.

    So go ahead, enjoy your residence there, and live in Peace! :)

  • It is less safe than some parts of Brooklyn, but those parts are often more expensive.

    There is often a trade off between crime and cost. At age 20, the nicer options may be out of reach for these women.

  • Best to go in groups and carry your cell phones as they readily connect to 911, just in case ...

  • Just use common sense, lindsl. Women need to be careful late at night anywhere (whether Park Slope or Bushwick), and especially in areas where people who deal or buy drugs might be swinging through (I do not know that that's the case where you plan to live, but a couple of readers suggest that may be the case).

    Try to avoid walking alone after 11pm. If you have to, be alert, walk with confidence and make sure you've got your phone handy (but not visible); pepper spray is probably not a bad idea. Don't come home drunk and teetering in heels. Which is to say, don't look like easy prey. To me, this is obvious but I know there are a lot of young women out there who think they should be able to do that and not be victimized. However, in the world we currently live in, wishing it doesn't make it so. Just be sensible and careful. Err on the side of caution.

  • That area is Ok-ish--it's not like guaranteed muggings and if you leave dealers alone they just ignore you. I'd say if you've lived in a major city before (New York or no) you'll be fine. If you've only lived in the suburbs and/or a college town, I'd think twice.

  • It's worth noting that there are usually cops posted outside the A/C stops late at night in the neighborhood, but on the other hand you're still looking at walking 6 or so blocks north on a pretty quiet street.