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What stirs more emotion than bicycles? Unlicensed Dollar Vans — Brooklynian

What stirs more emotion than bicycles? Unlicensed Dollar Vans

People love them.

People love to hate them.

People love to watch people love and hate them.

People love and hate to watch the city try to contain them:


  • The thing with dollar vans is though they are a needed service many of them are registered as private autos which means in the event of an accident the insurance company will not pay any claims because a private policy specifically forbids "for hire" use. The city could wipe out much of their debt by issuing summonses to these guys if the TLC would crack down on them. I had a guy come into my office and tell me the fine was $1800 and they impounded the vehicle. Even the ones with TLC plates are really not supposed to be doing it but if there's a huge snowfall and the buses aren't running even the mayor said people should try to use them. If anyone comes into my office for insurance and they want to register a Crown Vic or a Town Car as a private car I tell them they're going to have to sign a form stating that I told them claims won't be paid if they're using it as a for hire auto. I haven't written one of those policies yet. They all walk out.

  • In general, I enjoy the music that is often being played in Dollar Vans.

    I haven't done a comparison between the music being played by the licensed ones vs. the unlicensed ones, but I bet someone has.

  • I've never been in one but then I haven't taken the bus or subway in years although I do ride the LIRR occasionally.

  • You aren't missing much; riding in a Dollar Van is not that exciting.

    I even think it is far more exciting outside of the van than in. I.E. The pedestrians flee for their lives when they see a van barrelling toward them, while the passengers merely hope the person who gets on next and sits besides them won't be really fat.

  • I post this with no amount of certainty.... But there are approx. 300 TLC licensed vans and only 200 TLC licensed drivers. Do the math.

    I love dollar vans though.

    The city clearly saw a need for rapid transit on Flatbush Avenue. Don't want to replace the trolley with a subway? Then you have dollar vans.