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decatur and malcolm x blvd — Brooklynian

decatur and malcolm x blvd

I found an apartment on the cross streets of decatur st and malcolm x blvd near the utica ave A, C train stop. I really like the apartment but do not know much about brooklyn and was wondering if this area in bed stuy is safe? A bunch of people I know have said bed stuy isn't safe, but they don't live there and I was wondering if anyone on here actually knows the area well to give proper advice. I have gone to the area and it looked good as far as I dont go looking for trouble but I also checked crime tracking sites and it looks like there is a lot of violence around that area. I work in the city and don't mind the commute, however I work late nights some times and could be heading home say around 8pm on any given day and I am a young female whom will be living alone. The apartment looks great and has a security system but I am more concerned with the subway in the area at night and the 15 min walk from the subway to the apartment. Thanks for your advise in advance


  • If you haven't already, try visiting the area at night with a friend, walk around and see how comfortable you feel. Hopefully some brooklynians can offer advice on that street, but in the end it's all about how you feel. See if there is a local coffee house around where you can hang out for a while and get to know the locals.

  • That's only like 3 or 4 blocks from the subway; you'd have to walk really slow for it to take 15 minutes, unless I'm missing something?

    8pm is not late in New York. You'd have to really be looking for trouble to find it at that time in that hood.

    In general the AC is pretty crowded even late at night, so lots of people around getting off the subway. There's usually cops at the subway stops late at night in Bed-Stuy. You might find that comforting on the one hand (as long as you're not a black male, i.e., a target for the cops), but on the other hand, they wouldn't be there if they weren't needed, you know? You're close enough to the train you'd probably be fine even later at night.

    Eat at Little Beny's at Malcolm X and Chauncey. So good.

    Also, whatever they're asking is almost certainly too high, if it's anything like the rest of Bed-Stuy lately. If you're a good candidate for the apt, I'd strongly suggest trying to negotiate lower rent--you have a good chance of getting it.