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cat found - vanderbilt/fulton — Brooklynian

cat found - vanderbilt/fulton

my neighbor has had a cat in her yard for a few days that has a flea collar. it is very friendly. PM me if you are missing a cat!

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  • If you haven't already, please notify the the local rescue organizations/shelters and check to see if this cat matches any reports of a lost pet. Check the craiglist lost pet section too.

  • yes we did all the usual stuff just posting here as well

  • By usual stuff have you:

    1) Brought the cat to a vet to check for a microchip

    2) Gone door to door with a pic of the cat asking neighbors who he belongs to

    3) Scoured the area for missing pet signs including checking at nearby vets and pet stores

    4) Put up found cat posters at those vets and pet stores with description, location and your contact info.

    As a rescuer when we find pets that seem to clearly be missing pets we make every effort to locate the owner for several weeks before working to find the cat a new home.

    What rescue groups have you been in touch with to help you in this process?