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New store for 760 Washington Ave — Brooklynian

New store for 760 Washington Ave

edited November -1 in Prospect Heights

Hello all,

I am in the process of opening a new store called Color Bklyn which will be located at 760 Washington Ave (bet Park Place/Sterling). It will be a gifts and stationery store. I will also be offering classes in the back room. The store will have a soft opening time of end of July and the classes will start in September for back to school. I will be offering classes in the mornings for little ones, after school classes in the afternoon and adult classes evenings and weekend workshops. I am eager to get feedback for what type of classes you would like. The room will be set up more for craft classes, but the furniture will me modular so as to accommodate other types of classes like African drumming or language playgroups for the little ones. All feedback is welcomed!

I also want to thank the Heart of Brooklyn who helped me find the space!

Thank you!


P.S. I also own the Stewart/Stand Design Store in Dumbo ( I have lived in PH for 12 years and am very excited to open a second store close to home.


  • Oh, this is great! I look forward to checking the store out when it opens.

    As for classes, I'm always interested, but my schedule's so erratic it makes attendance difficult. I like the kind of class or workshop that when it's over, my little craft, card, or item is complete so I don't have to worry about fitting in a second session or finishing it at home. (I have a lot of half-finished things, can you tell?)

  • I totally agree with you Jen, that's why I like the idea of weekend all day workshops. You feel like you've gained a real skill while finishing a project.

  • welcome penelope. i'm looking forward to having a stationer's back in the hood. we used to have one at flatbush and park but it closed a year or so ago, and as far as i could tell not for lack of business. we need one. best of luck.

  • Welcome! Cool greeting cards please!

  • We're officially open as of today! The store is called COLOR BKLYN.I will add a photo of the store as soon as the lighting is installed on Monday. Stop by to say hi if you're in the area. Our summer hours are Wed-Sat 12pm-7pm and Sun 12pm-6pm. We'll be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays in August, but will open 7 days after that. Hope to see you soon.

  • Congratulations!! My wife and I lived in Dumbo before moving to Washington Ave three years ago; we loved your Dumbo store and are looking forward to having your store so nearby.

  • I did not get a picture as I walked by yesterday, but will state that this storefront is quite attractive. Some $ and thought was put into it.

  • Went in yesterday and bought a few cards: great selection so far! The owner was very nice and said he built all the cabinets himself. So happy to have a paper/gift store in the neighborhood.

  • Thought the cards were nice. Gonna pass on that $36 candle though.

  • Sorry for the delay on photos but our store is finally online with photos of the store. Check it out:

    For those of you who have SodaStream, we do exchanges of CO2 canisters! A lot of people are very excited to have a local place to bring their empties.



  • From above site

  • Thanks Whynot! I can never figure out how to pull images from other sites ;)