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July 23, 2011- Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen launches at Dekalb Market, in Downtown Brooklyn.

The how the where and perhaps the why


  • While I have some sources who may be able to find out details beforehand, the next big update on whether they will successfully take over the space presently occupied by Shane's (798 Washington) will occur on June 3rd.

    That is when the CB8 Committee on alcohol permits meets.

  • On a different thread, JoshB wrote:

    JoshB said:

    I met Ron, who is running Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen, a few months ago at a beer event. He'd mentioned looking to open in the area. For what it's worth, his food was pretty great.

  • Are "long time reader first time poster" things popular here?

    Saw this thread through a friend, I'm sure Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen isn't looking at Shane's space, but rather potentially looking at a spot next door, community board and other things pending. I'd know more but the two guys running the show are busy at work at Madison Square Eats and I haven't seen my neighbor all month!

    Definitely looking forward though!

  • This makes sense in that Shanes would have been a huge grilled cheese place, and I do believe the location next door is vacant.

  • Friends and sure to check out the MDK grilled cheese at Madison Square Eats until May 31st


  • Welcome ronjohnjunion,

    From your profile, , I assume you may be in the know about this place.

    Are they/you taking over Shane's?

  • Hatemail said:

    I think it might be moving in to the space next to Shane's. The shut down postal place.

  • The postal place is still open and is located a few store front away (to the right of Ginos, just out of the below picture).

    However, the sign/printing (orange awning) place is vacant.

    Also, the soon to be vacant, soon to be former, location of Gino's Pizza could also be an option.

    It has a kitchen, with venting....

  • Folks willing to endure a community meeting to figure out which storefront this will be located in, could attend the CB8 SLA mtg on June 3rd.

  • The former printing place in the photo had a sign in the window yesterday that made it clear it will be where Mrs Dorsey's is located - some sort of legal notice (I didn't stop to read through) that had the name of the business on it in bold letters.

  • The owners presented at the SLA Committee on June 3rd. They have done mostly smallish venues in other locations, such as Dekalb Market.

    He'd like to be open until 2 AM, and serve food, along with beer and wine.

    This is a small venue, which is being professionally designed.

    This place seems like it will be yummy.

  • whynot: did you go to the SLA meeting tonight? There were a bunch of cliffhangers due to be presented tonight, right?

    Does the SLA make any on-the-spot decisions like the CB does?

    Any chance of a rundown thread?

    Bullets would be acceptable.

  • I have updated the threads that were discussed.

    No cliffhangers were resolved.

  • whynot_31 said:

    The owners presented at the SLA Committee on June 3rd. They have done mostly smallish venues in other locations, such as Dekalb Market.

    He'd like to be open until 2 AM, and serve food, along with beer and wine.

    This is a small venue, which is being professionally designed.

    This place seems like it will be yummy.

    This evening, 7/24/2013, I saw the proprietors in the aforementioned 794 Washington, former printing place.

    They were designing the space.

    Build out will begin soon.

  • Hey Whynot_31 "Former" Lurker...Come by and say hello, next time, LOL. We are residence of the neighborhood, and friendly people (mostly because we're from the Midwest, ha!).

  • I spent my college years in Dayton, OH, so I do not fear your midwest ways.

    I'll say hi the next time I see you guys. On the street, I can often been spotted as a result of having my dog with me. He is my avatar.

  • I spent my college years in Dayton, OH, so I do not fear your midwest ways.

    I grew up in Dayton, Ohio!

  • I got a Bachelors degree from UD in 1992, and ate a few grilled cheese sandwiches along the way...

  • I flew the coop to Ohio University, down in Athens.

  • ronjohnjunior-

    Do you have an estimate as to when you'll be able to open?

    Nov 1, 2013?

    Has the landlord told you his plans for the space next door, the former site of Ginos?

  • Awesome...I grew up between Cleveland and Toledo, OH! Then moved to Michigan...and graduated from the Great University of Michigan '06.

    If all works out perfectly (knock on wood) we should be open by September. Its not that big of a space, just need to get it restaurant ready.

    No details on the old Gino's spot.

    I may have passed you Whynot_31...I have a golden pitt-mix. He's my business card, LOL the dog walking community is looking forward to MDK. (If you know anyone interested in adopting this little bugger let me know, he's 11 months, and licks everything)

  • As of Aug 15, the beer and wine lic is now in pending status:

    Note: Both storefronts jabbered about above are known as 794 Washington to the NYS SLA, which contributed to the brief confusion.

  • Sept 7:

    Demolition of the interior space has occurred, and brick walls have been exposed.

    Due to the small size of the space, construction might not take long.

  • I hope "our" grilled cheese place is going to be as good this one that is about to open in Park Slope:

  • Oct 12:

    Construction is well underway. A new concrete floor is presently being created, and it looks like they are doing some venting work.

    This place might open by Dec 1.

  • Grilled cheese meets Bitcoin: Why this food truck is embracing digital currency

    October 13, 2013

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    Construction seemed to not happen in Nov,Dec, Jan and Feb, but is now happening once again.

    This little grilled cheese place is taking a while to build out, and they haven't yet requested a kitchen inspection from DOH.
  • Just put a grill outside and make some sandwiches.  Give 'em out for free.  Nice publicity eh?
  • We first learned of the grilled cheese people's intentions in May 2013.

    Hopefully they will open their approximately 350 sq ft store by May 2014.

    That is a lot rent to pay without income.
  • Don't forget the Way Station took from ~Sept 2009 to ~Feb 2011

    and The Kimchi Grill took from   ~Feb 2011 to ~May 2012

    Washington Avenue walks to a beat of a different drummer...
  • Those places are bigger than this one.

    But, yes, they are the first brick and mortar locations of their owners.

    Washington Avenue: Avenue of The Striver.
  • I have not seen any activity in this storefront over the last month. grilled cheese for us?
  • maybe no grilled cheese for me either way.  Starting to get priced out of this area.  Rent in my building going up 40% - 100% (yes double)
  • inpixels, that's sad to hear. How long have you been in that building, what are the other residents planing on moving? ~ Maybe I should/we should mention this in it's own thread, because I think a lot of locals are sharing your situation and frustration.
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    thanks mamacita ,

    But yet another gentrification thread will be overlooked.
    Perhaps this will be the secret grilled cheese gentrification thread?

    I've been somewhat fortunate these past 10 years and have been able to stave off most increases.

    I should have seen the writing on the wall when there was none.

    Some tenants are leaving while purportedly a majority are staying.  I'll try to stay a little longer but will be looking to buy a co-op in some place not hip in Queens I guess.
  • They have grilled cheese at the local bodegas in Queens.

    ....they, after all, still have bodegas.
  • ^That is encouraging.^

    They have their storefront windows covered in paper, and it is a tiny storefront.     

    I guess they could be working on it in there...
  • Thanks for the links bklyngirl, the guy sounds like someone that would be fun to chat with.  I hope he opens soon and does well.  Now that Glady's has changed concepts, there's a void for some good grilled cheese sandwiches in the area.  

  • Today, a friend got his photo and confirmed it is still in the works.

  • there is no economic incentive during the summer.

    Just put, Cheese and bread in tinfoil... leave it out in the sun for 15 minutes and there you go.

    I'm looking forward to Grilled Cheese this fall at Dorsey's
  • His truck is frequently at Herald Square, if you can't wait.
  • Any updates on the timing of the shop opening?
  • I haven't seen a request for a kitchen inspection.
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    Substansial progress is now being made on this space. Workers were there last night.

    It is looking near completion.

    However, no kitchen inspection request has been made yet.
  • Finishing touches are being done. Carpentry stage is over.

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    They passed the above inspection, and are having a soft opening today:

    Grilled cheese has arrived. Elapsed time: About a year and a half.

    Update 1:30 PM: Who were his first 2 customers? Mr and Ms Whynot.
    ...the sandwiches were yummy.
  • Glad to hear it's finally open and it's good. Seems like he's been on quite the journey. But he's been busy in the meantime making Swiss cheese and onion jam sandwiches on YouTube: 
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    Yup, same guy.

    He explained to us that the process was drawn out due to some problems with contractors, and one of his investors/partners exited.
  • I was there today, and really liked it. A decent-sized sandwich, didn't leave me feeling overstuffed or gross, and change from my $10. He was doing some weatherstripping himself because of shoddy work by his contractors, he said. 
  • The owner is in the process of seeking a beer and wine lic.

    He is scheduled to appear in front of the CB8 subcommittee on January 5, at 6:30.

  • Tonight, he sought to be open until 1AM on work nights, and 2 AM on Fri and Sat.

    The committee supported same.
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    That's one way to make enough money off of grilled cheese sandwiches.

    Not that I have any problem with selling beer until the wee hours. Eyes on the street & all. Also, beer is good.  
  • To explain the late hours, he spoke about how a big part of his customer base is folks leaving nearby bars between 11 PM and and 1AM who are hungry and might want one more drink.

    Back in college, my friends and I used the local diner for this purpose.

  • This place seems to have closed in January, 2017
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    An application for a liquor permit has been filed for this space: • NOLA Rest. Group LLC, d/b/a Lowerline, 794 Washington Avenue (Sterling/St. John’s) – Wine, Beer, and Cider image
  • New sign is up. Name is “lowerline” and appears to be a place for po-Boys and oysters 68EED33D-FA13-4B5E-BF26-B3684A94CE31
  • This place is close enough to opening that it gets its own thread, because whynot.
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