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The eyesore at 7th Ave and 2nd St gets new life

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oh, how I would love to be the one to gut and flip this property.

brownstoner wrote: Rachel Nash, the daughter of the owner of the notoriously rundown Park Slope building at 187 7th Avenue, made an appearance at the open forum portion of this week’s Community Board 6 meeting. She initially asked the community for ideas in financing the art gallery being run on the ground floor of the building and talked about how she plans to renovate the upper floors of the townhouse into housing for artists. But the conversation quickly turned to the building’s upkeep. Members from CB6 asked about the building being under foreclosure pressure. According to Nash, the family is trying to appeal the foreclosure actions that have been taken. Nash also described an ongoing battle to remove the sidewalk shed around the building. She claimed the old contractor who originally erected it is unavailable to take it down, and other contractors have refused to do it. The building recently received attention from politicians who said they wanted to work with the owner to make the building safer. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Paper has more details about Nash’s plans for the ground floor—assuming the family retains control of the building—which includes renovating the former Landmark Pub in the space “into a cafe with ‘poetry nights.’”



  • HALLELUJAH! It is a small miracle that only one person has been injured thus far by falling debris from this building. It is a disaster waiting to happen, and I can't understand why the community board even allowed the delusional owner to pretend that she will open a business on the ground floor. After proving for 20 years that the owners will do nothing to the building but neglect it, it is unsafe to even walk near, much less occupy in its current state. I cross the street to avoid it. What a terrible, immoral way to treat a once-beautiful space on a prime corner in a fabulous neighborhood. The building and its owners are a blight on Park Slope. Let's hope change is coming.

  • I'm going to root for the foreclosing bank!

    ...CB6 and the family both seem impotent.

  • She initially asked the community for ideas in financing the art gallery being run on the ground floor of the building

    So the lady stood in front of everybody and had the gall of speaking about an nonexistent "art gallery" at the public hazard that she and her family have created? This gives an idea of the honesty behind her other grand "ideas".

    It is clear the only outcomes that we can expect are the building actually falling down out of disrepair or the bank mercifully foreclosing before a tragedy occurs. Cheers for the bank.

  • Wow, I wondered what the deal with that run-down shit hole is. I hate rooting for the banks these days, but if that's what it takes to clean that mess up, then they get my vote!

    I also wonder what's going on with that old Cinema(?) in South Slope on 7th and, maybe 13th with the odd mismatched condos above? That one is not in bad shape by any means, but they often change up the paper in the windows and it's been "for rent" for years. Recently it looked like someone was inside doing construction on the floors and seemed to even open up the floor, perhaps for a stairwell going to the basement?

    I can't believe these places can't get rented. You'd think the owners would be able to make a fortune, and I imagine leaving it empty for years is a money pit!

  • Getting that 2nd Street building up to code will cost a fortune. My guess is, whoever the buyer is, will convert them into condos. Very, very expensive condos.

  • If we're going to talk about properties that are inconceivably vacant then WTF is up with the place next to the Pavillion theatre down on the circle? The one that used to house Circles/Windsor Chophouse. That is a prime location and it's been dead for at least 3 years....

    Anyone have an idea as to what's going on there?

  • I totally agree. I hope the bank forecloses and that space get's the TLC it deserves.


    "Gut job" may not even cover this place, I'd be scared to set foot in there...

  • Rumors are that progress is being made!

    brownstoner wrote: Is it possible that the dilapidated Park Slope building on the corner of 7th Avenue and 2nd Street is finally in the hands of new owners? A tipster says he has confirmed that the property sold late last week, “in a closing that lasted all night.” He did not have any more details beyond that. The (former?) owners struggled with a long foreclosure battle, not to mention the ire of Park Slope residents. They’ve also tried to fill the ground-floor space, but without much success. If the building has indeed sold, this is definitely a neighborhood game-changer: this is one of the last eyesore properties left in the Slope. Have any more details? Send them our way

  • Update:

    Last month a tipster passed along news that the infamous, dilapidated townhouse on the corner of 7th Avenue and 2nd Street sold “in a closing that lasted all night.” Well, the sale just hit public records for the grand sum of $4.2 million. It’s listed as an eight-unit building. The former owners had this building in their possession for years and recently struggled with a long foreclosure battle. The buyers are under an LLC but the deed lists a Manhattan address that either leads to Sugar Hill Capital or New Holland Residencies. Both are real estate firms that work in Brooklyn, although Sugar Hill specifically acquires and repurposes multi-family building in New York. We can hardly imagine what kind of shape the interior is in. That’s a high price to pay, likely accounting for the amazing location.

  • Work on this bldg has begun! At least interior debris clearing.. This is the first batch of overpriced condos I'll actually be happy to see arriving in the hood. Hope they can salvage the exterior of the bldg.. it's really quite lovely.

  • Building work still in limbo. According to the Department of Buildings, permits have not been issued for work. They tried the process during the summer, only to have to permit proces suspended. Only legal permit there [block 1076 lot 1] is for scaffolding.

  • More stroller traffic.
  • The bar on the first floor was one of the most beautiful bars in Brooklyn. Massive mahogany posts and arches throughout. Panzer.
  • what was it called?  curious to find pics  of it online.  i heard it was a very odd bar with quirky performances and patrons.  original hipsters?
  • Nah, those weren't the original ones.

    There are records showing that Hipsters helped expand Paris.
  • There were some very creative people that hung out there. Artists and writers. We had art meetings one night and the writers got together another night. Also lots of Doo wop sang in there.
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