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Is Biton Salon closing?

I was walking by yesterday, and I noticed that he was selling a lot of the furnishings in the salon. Either he's going to redecorate, or he is prepping for a closing and/or move. Has anyone heard anything?


  • That would be a shame. They made quite an impression on the neighborhood.
    They did a great job with the boyfriend’s new haircut. Nice modern cut, friendly atmosphere, and he served booze.
  • Is Shlomy still there?
    Shlomy is amazing. He has a strong personality that may not suit everybody, but he’s great at what he does and his prices are extremely reasonable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a haircut. Also, he is not closed both Saturday and Sunday.. just Saturday. If you ask nicely you can DJ on the record player and maybe slug back some nice bourbon.
  • Well, Shlomy IS Biton Salon.
  • I forgot that Carmen worked (works) there too.
  • Wondering the same thing myself. He could be redecorating.I went there a couple of times for haircuts. I know people who love, love, love Shlomy, and I think if you fit into his inner circle of customers (or take the time to get there) he would be a great hairdresser. As a new client, I always felt like I was bothering him, like he had better things to do than listen to me as he was cutting my hair. The way he held my hair to cut it felt like he was going to rip pull my hair out of my scalp. No thank you.
  • I think he hurt his back and has been unable to work for several weeks….I'm guessing that he's closing, not redecorating. I hate to see an independent local biz that isn't a bar closing down, even if he did make me feel personally unwelcome…..
  • I'm really sorry to hear that he's closing down. His style took me a little getting used to but I really like him and his cuts. I hope he, his wife and son are all doing ok.
  • Shlomy and his family are fine. But unfortunately the salon is not going to re-open.
  • and, with that post, it is time to start speculating re: what 610 Vanderbilt Ave will become next....
  • @DougallCurrie, any idea of what Shlomy is planning to do next?
  • bad news. i will add biton and beast to a list that now includes little miss muffin, the haitian barber shop, gran castillo de jagua, king's pharmacy, la mujer gala, christie's patties, brooklyn pizza factory, etc. i'm not convinced these are good things (except perhaps in the case of brooklyn pizza factory), or signs of a healthy neighborhood economy. nor am i sure we really need a bunch more sports bars in their place.but a more pressing question: where to get a haircut? any suggestions?
  • Lots of closings on Vanderbilt lately... Also, Hawker Bar (f/k/a Sunburnt Calf), the tattoo shop, Blessed Hands. Plus other places still vacant: the storefront next to Claudine's, the place that was supposed to be Fish Fish Mo Fish. I'm sure I'm forgetting some others.It seems like it's a case, as is much of the newly- or long-vacant space on Flatbush and elsewhere, of landlords expecting big money because of Barclays Center. With the exception of Kings and the big space they'll cobble together from El Gran Castillo & its neighbors, I don't know who these building owners think will come in. I've heard from someone that the going rate for commercial space on Vanderbilt is ludicrously high right now (I'd rather not directly quote the rate, lest it get back around to me) and that landlords will mostly only sign short-term leases, so it seems like nobody is willing to take the plunge.If you consider that new businesses hope to break even after 5 years in operation, and landlords are artificially jacking up the prices and not giving them any long-term security, it doesn't leave many small business owners who would be willing to give it a shot on Vanderbilt. I'm afraid that we're either going to see a lot of these storefronts remain vacant for a while, or there will be a correction and the landlords will loosen their demands.
  • Also, Joe:
    but a more pressing question: where to get a haircut? any suggestions?
    I've been going to Nick's Quality Barber Shop on 7th between President & Carroll since maybe a month after they opened and have had no complaints, but they're decidedly more downscale than Biton.
  • I go to the three brothers Dominican place on Washington, across from the Hardware store.BTW, Little Miss Muffin is moving to Washington, and Gran Castillo de Jagua is going to move near the upscale Key Food on Flatbush.
  • I started going to Joseph at Harmony Salon (right at the beginning of 7th Avenue). I was worried I wouldn't find anyone as good at cutting and coloring my hair as Shlomy but I did - Joseph is even better! I am much happier with my haircut.
  • thanks for the tip. sounds worth a shot. i don't need anything hip or fancy, just someone who knows their way around thick, wavy hair. i see mixed reviews on yelp though. meanwhile badlands on 5th ave near flatbush has pretty uniformly excellent yelp reviews. anyone have experience with them?
  • Some great news.. word is that Shlomy is opening a new salon on Sterling and Troy.. timetable TBA...
  • That is fantastic news! Keep us posted.
  • Is there any update on a possible new Shlomy salon? I have been the recipient of some unfortunate cuts lately!
  • I am holding out until Shlomy's return!
  • I really really want Shlomy back.  The last couple times I've shelled out for hair cuts they've been meh at best.  I want to go in, have whiskey semi-forced into my hand, sit there as he talks way too fast for me to catch up and let him do what he wants.  Then I want to enjoy as it grows out incredibly well.  
  • Shlomy is back! He has opened a new salon at 236 Troy Avenue between Sterling and St. John's Place. For now the hours are 10 to 7. 
  • do you have contact info?
  • He can be reached at 347-351-5441 for more info.
  • The new salon is called Joseph & Leyla. It was great to be back with Schlomy! image
  • I went to the new Salon last month and wanted to mention here how lovely it was.  I was so happy to have him back I just told him to do whatever he wanted.  :)  

    Shlomy wanted to pass on that he lost his contacts when Salon Biton closed, but he's hoping that word of mouth gets to all his old clients.  

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