Stork, a store for babies will soon open on Franklin Ave. — Brooklynian

Stork, a store for babies will soon open on Franklin Ave.

Depending on one's perspective, the neighborhood is either becoming habitable or inhabitable.

Nairobi's Knapsack couldn't survive selling educational toys, but several years have passed.

Do you think the hood has enough breeders with $ to support this? ...the proprieter is betting it does.


  • The location is right next to Rosebud Vintage, and will take some time to renovate to get to the level where it is attractive and welcoming.

    In addition to catering to families with young children, I hope the owner is able to attract people buying gifts for their friends who have babies.

    I see lots of people on Franklin who likely meet the store's target demographics.

  • Grand opening is planned for March 3rd

    I'll no longer have a need to go to Boing Boing on Union in the Slope to buy presents for my friends' kids.

  • This just in:

    Grand Opening of STORK (located at 726 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228) a children's boutique on March 3, 2012 from 10am-6pm.

    "Pay a visit" to STORK and get a chance to meet the new neighbors, receive prizes, enjoy music, light refreshments and scrumptious cupcakes!

    We would love your support by providing any editorial/blog coverage, and spreading the word throughout your network and community.

    *Please note: STORK media reception and official ribbon cutting ceremony takes place on Thursday, March 22 at 12pm.

  • I wonder if they will be serving Babycchinos:

    Coffee … for kids! ‘Babyccinos’ are espresso shots for tots


    The Brooklyn Paper

    Brooklyn’s obsessive coffee culture is rubbing off on the borough’s youngest cafe-goers, with tots ditching their bottles and juice boxes in favor of “babyccinos” — mini decaf cappuccinos or frothy cups of steamed milk and foam.

    Moms and dads in neighborhoods like Park Slope, Fort Greene and Prospect Heights are ordering the small, foamy, surprisingly grown-up beverages for their pint-sized offspring.

  • It's weird to think that those parents are giving their kids caffeine (which keeps them awake and noisy), while other parents are giving their kids small glasses of beer or small doses of benadryl (which makes them sleep and therefore quiet).

    ...lots of young, salaried folks in the 'hood are having their first kid. I wonder which approach they will take.

  • I work in the East Village now and the number of kids coming in to school in the morning with a vegan scone and a latte. It's insane.

  • Freaking ridiculous. I miss my beloved East Village of yore, in which kids coming in to school had mohawks and heroin jitters.

  • Ntfool-

    This link may help you walk down memory lane.

    heroin, beer, benadryl, babycchinos.... where will this all end?

  • Well in fairness I also have a lot of lack fingernails, torn skinny jeans, skateboards, Mohawks, and colorful hair as well. It's a diverse crowd.

  • You are doing them a great injustice if you do not teach them the history/idiocy of the phrase Die Yuppie Scum .

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and its never too young to start.

  • This store owner knows how to do media.

    She is making sure lots of people know about what is, essentially, a small storefront. Aspiring and current local businesses should learn from her.

  • Update:

    A. Stork had its grand opening today.

    B. Lots of cute stuff for the little ones inside.

    C. Thankfully, owner has NO plans to offer babychinos.

  • This store is great!!!! I support it heavily I make sure that if a baby shower comes up I hit stork . She has great customer service and knows how to deal with all ethnicities . ThAt one of the best stores on franklin

  • Stork is now 1 Yr old.

  • Stork is now almost 2 years old, and is doing very well.It seems to have generated a loyal following among the neighborhood's new mothers, as well as those who need a quick gift for a baby shower.I viewed her Instagram feed today, and couldn't help but think that she is carrying clothing for larger children as her audience grows older.These kids will arrive in local elementary schools in about two years.
  • Wow that's great for her and i hope she has continued success. I was questioning whether this would survive its first year. While the area has an increasing population of newcomers with little kids (like me), the Stork felt a bit pricey and park-slopey. I thought, and still think, a nice used kids clothing store would be a better match, like some of the places in Park Slope. Great lightly used affordable clothes. Maybe she'll expand.
  • During the holiday season, she operated a pop-up store in Harlem in addition to this one.In my view, it's more about the "baby shower market" than mothers actually shopping for their own children.
  • The owner is presently running a contest to determine who will represent Stork at an upcoming fashion show.    While that is a clever campaign, it also presents a pretty interesting visual into her customer base:

  • Walked past Stork today and the lady working there (not the owner) told me they are closing. I am sad to see them go and will miss their presence.
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    Yes, I saw her as well.    She and I hope to get together next week, she said she might write a closing piece for us.   
  • Baby shower market, indeed.  I couldn't afford to shop there.  

    Rent increase?  Lack of customers?  Personal reasons for closing?  Other?

  • She will provide me details when we get together, but our brief conversation hinted that she needed/missed the security and benefits that come with working for a large company.

  • ^confirmed^

  • I agree that they are pricey. It would mostly be for buying gifts. So where am I supposed to by baby shower gifts now? Does this mean that I must go to....gasp... Park Slope?
  • I agree that they are pricey. It would mostly be for buying gifts. So where am I supposed to by baby shower gifts now? Does this mean that I must go to....gasp... Park Slope?
    I like Owl and Thistle a lot.  They are still on Franklin, just moved south of EP due to a rent increase.  I usually get baby shower gifts there.
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    No need to go to Park Slope.

    There is a place on Washington Ave, Blueberry Kids.

    It is wisely located by a daycare. They have onesies.
  • Good points, I got all nervous there! Yeah I had forgotten that Owl and Thistle has some (very cute) baby clothes. I will need to check out that store on Washington ave!
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    The pharmacy a little ways up on Franklin and St Marks has a variety of Melissa and Doug toys and puzzles.  Their selection is better than you might assume.  A recent neighborhood quest for good bubbles resulted in better ones from the pharmacy than Stork.
  • Thanks. I will check that out as well. I didn't know about Blueberry kIds either.

    I remember there used to be a second hand kids clothing store on Vanderbilt . Nice brands. Beautifully presented, ok priced. Unfortunately they closed last year or so.
  • You can do all of your baby shower shopping here in a few weeks:

    First came love on OKCupid, then came an indie marriage. Now comes a hipster baby expo.

    Handmade toys, French lessons for newborns, and local and artisanal food will be sold at the first-ever Rattled Brooklyn, happening Aug. 24 at The Warsaw in Greenpoint.

    The event is geared towards style-conscious, free-spirited parents who wouldn’t be caught dead in Babies ‘R Us.

    “These people love locally-made and handmade goods. They’re not into mainstream products and services,” says Rattled Brooklyn co-founder Tara Arjona.

  • Sounds unlikely to be sponsored by Kraft or McDonalds. Totally different market.
  • Frenchlessons for newborns...?
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    They happen more as you go west.

    They reach an apex on the Upper west Side, then they decline again as you continue west.
  • Soon, one will no longer be able to buy baby stuff at Boing Boing in Park Slope: They are closing too.
  • Uh, didn't think she'd close it after all the publicity from her article about being under the wheels of $1,000 strollers ( I also wonder what will happen to her family. I know he's had serious health problems.
  • Davina, French lessons for newborns still makes more sense than DJ lessons for newborns/babies.
  • This song was written a while ago about some Park Slope moms. It now works for some Prospect Heights and western Crown Heights moms as well.

    Enjoy. Listen to the words...

  • Hilarious!
  • Sorry to see them go, they did occasionally have good sales on shoes. 

    But no need to go to Park Slope. Pipsqueak Children's Shoppe in Bed-Stuy is great. In my opinion, it's the best kids shop in the area. 

    You really can't beat not one but two Thomas the train table/sets in a store.
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