CAUTION: Have you seen this individual and his off-leash dogs? — Brooklynian

CAUTION: Have you seen this individual and his off-leash dogs?

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    Flyer from kit2014:

  • What the... this is bizarre:
    COPYDOG: A picture of cloned canine Astro on Gary Rintel's door. ( )Beware the canine clones! An Upper West Side man loved his pet, Astro, so much, he made Astro, so much, he made a hat out of the pooch’s fur — and cloned him into two more dogs.Now he defiantly lets his copycat collies run around Central Park without a leash — and neighbors say dogs are terrorizing the Upper West Side.“This is a tragedy waiting to happen,” said one man who claims the dogs charged at his puppy and bit his hand. “The city knows about this problem and does nothing. The law has no teeth, so to speak.”The clones’ elusive master, Gary Rintel, 45, who often dawdles a block ahead of or behind his marauding mutts, readily admits he flouts the leash law and has paid $2,000 in tickets in the past year.“If you were a dog, would you want to live with a rope around your neck?” he told The Post. “I don’t think most people care about their dogs’ happiness. Sometimes I’m guilty of breaking that law.”A single writer and self-described trust-fund layabout, Rintel was featured on a reality show for his worship of Astro, a short-haired collie/Great Pyrenees mix.Rintel had Astro’s DNA frozen twice and then paid $140,000 four years ago to a lab to insert the DNA into a donor egg that would be implanted into a surrogate.
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    Sadly, as bizarre as it sounds, it is true and a poses a danger. What was once the Upper West Side's problem is now Brooklyn's problem.
  • You mean like this?image
  • As far as I can tell the dog(s) has bitten at least one cyclist, one person and chased a few more. In short they need to at the very least be on a leash if not a muzzle. What worries me is how close he is to Prospect Park plenty of people and cyclists to bite there. RL do you have any links for the other cyclists you say he's bitten?This is both alarming and truly bizarre. By the way two grand in tickets?! At what point does the ASPCA simply take the dogs from him?
  • The owner's record is worse than the dogs' btw. I won't expound, as my info is second-hand but by my estimation quite reliable. Best to avoid both dogs and master. Sad for the dogs - they didn't ask to be cloned. But they're definitely not normal. This guy needs to grow up or get out of Brooklyn.
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    Case Details - Summary

    CourtKings Criminal Court

    Case # 2013KN085162
    Defendant Rintel, Gary
    Birth Year:1967 
    NYSID: 12478119M 
    Incident and ArrestIncident
    Date:November 4, 2013 
    Arrest Date & Time: November 4, 2013 09:36
    Arrest #: K13698561 
    OfficerAgency: NYPD 
    Command: 77 
    Attorney InformationType: Private (Retained) 
    Court Date: November 5, 2013 
    Court Part: APAR4 
    Assistant District AttorneyName: Wright, Assigned:January 23, 2014 
    Next AppearanceDate: March 10, 2014 
    Court: Kings Criminal Court 
    Part: AP2
  • This link cites one cyclist that was attacked by the dogs: It mistakenly identifies the dog walker as the owner. If you look at the comments below the article BikeNYC alludes to a second bite "Is it true that these same dangerous dogs bit a female bike rider on Saturday morning June 15th 2013- in the same area, with the same woman walking them? There are rumors swirling among Central Park riders." This should be on file with the Central Park precinct.Also in the comments is one from the owner himself under the handle of GRINANDTELL (=Gary Rintel) with lots of bs and promises to keep them under control.This article alludes to other attacks Upper West Sider Jeff Stier filed police reports that his dog was attacked on several occasions by Rintel's dog(s) and in the scuffle to break them apart was bitten by Rintel's dogs. This time you can look at Rintel's comments/rant written under handle SWEETDOGGIE,
  • Agreed that the owner's record is worse than the dogs but he has never been held accountable. There was another court case with him listed as a defendant but misspelled as Gary Rintell filed back in 2006 accusing him of assault, battery and holding plaintiff against his free will. This was in his family-owned building on the Upper West Side. He seems to be beyond the reach of the law. The Upper West Side was able to put media pressure on him but Brooklyn seems to be accepting of this behavior so far.
  • I saw this guy yesterday by GAP. Dogs had on leashes but was not holding them. He was too busy hand feeding the dogs entire kebobs he bought from a street vendor. Looks like today is his day in court.
  • I recently recently came across this guy and his dogs.  He seems a little weird but otherwise is pretty nice.  His dogs were very sweet and behaved well outside but were a bit of a terror in the pet store.  It seems like the owner does not control them well and does not discipline when needed and is not proactive in watching them when they are indoors so I really can't blame the dogs
  • What do you mean by a terror in the pet store? Was this at Acme? You cannot blame dogs but others are put in danger by his negligence to control them... both outdoors and indoors. No matter how calm they seem, they have attacked before. And be very careful of Rintel. It goes beyond weird and "pretty nice" is not a word that would describe him.
  • i ran into him a few months ago on vanderbilt at night, his dogs were off leash, which was a sight i wasnt expecting, this guy with a hat and his two wolf looking dogs ranging a nyc sidewalk at 3am.

    i was taking my fresh-from-the-shelter dog for a bathroom break and he approached from the opposite direction, our dogs sniff each other, he asks how old my dog was, i say the shelter thinks about a year, he says yeah, looks like 1 year, 4 months, which i thought was oddly specific but possibly helpful.
    one of his dogs started making angry face and low growling at my friendly dog who was sniffing excitedly, and he moved on with his dogs following. he told one of them to watch for cars before crossing the street. i havent seen him since.
  • What do you mean by a terror in the pet store? Was this at Acme? You cannot blame dogs but others are put in danger by his negligence to control them... both outdoors and indoors. No matter how calm they seem, they have attacked before. And be very careful of Rintel. It goes beyond weird and "pretty nice" is not a word that would describe him.
    I would never blame a dog or breed for their actions.  I totally agree that an owner is responsible for training them well.  What I meant by terror was that the owner did not control them.  One peed on the floor while the other was trying to grab all the treats. They were more like spoiled children than aggressive dogs.  

    Thank you for your warning about Rintel but I tend to not judge people based on what others say but what I experienced.  He was friendly and respectful so I will stick to the pretty nice description
  • Just an FYI, I saw this guy over the weekend on the corner of Franklin and Prospect (ironically for the first time ever having just read through this thread on Friday).  I can confirm both dogs were leashed (and he was holding the leashes).  Hopefully his myriad run-ins with the law over this have started to sink in.
  • I think he was at Prospect park off leash hours.  Kept eyes on his dogs but everything seemed pretty mellow.  ( yeah I got an 80 lb. pit so I wasn't terribly threatened)   bUT GOOD TO KNOW.. 
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    Given his financial situation (see newspaper articles linked), I doubt that the fines are much of a deterrent.    

    Likewise, having to appear in court might not be much of a deterrent because he does not seem to have to miss a day of work.

    I've seen him and his dogs around; they frequent Mt. Prospect Park.   We nod to each other, he goes about his business and I go about mine.
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    I've seen this man around as well. Usually the dogs are off leash, I saw them a few weeks ago walking up Flatbush, both on leashes and seemingly ok...

  • My wife and I have seen him with the dogs on Vanderbilt a handful of times, usually right around the Met Supermarket. We've seen the dogs left tied to a post (while he was presumably inside doing some shopping), we've seen him walking them unleashed and we've seen him walking them on leashes.

    Most of the times we've seen him, we've been with our dog, who's a 14 pound dog that sometimes thinks she's 60 pounds, so we keep back. Haven't had any issues, but we've also steered clear.
  • Seems to me the guy is mostly behaving himself and his dogs seem more or less controlled.
  • He's now living over in our neighborhood, near Barclays. I saw him today walking the dogs without the leashes, and decided to look him up and found this thread. Glad I did.

    Today was the first day I'd seen him taking the dogs out without leashes; we'd seen him before when they were leashed. If I see him returning to the non-leashed behavior, I'll try and grab photos and send on to the authorities linked above. Thanks for the useful information in here; we have two small dogs and are definitely going to steer wide and clear.
  • There's a newguy 824?! Can the Brooklynian handle two newguys? Can the internet take it?!
  • @Newguy88, you're now an old(er) guy...
  • Please new newguy, call or fill out form online for 311. You can give them date and approx time plus location even though it occurred on 9/13 and even though there are no photos. You can also provide last known  address. They need to have a record of the continued behavior and there must be a paper trail.    I suspect the move had something to do with the dogs as did his move to Brooklyn. Prior to his move to Brooklyn, he was living in his family-owned building on the Upper West Side. There were incidents between him and neighbors that prompted the move and this pattern repeated itself in Brooklyn. 

  • I saw him a couple of weeks ago with the dogs off leash by the school and snapped a pic. I have never seen the dogs being bad, but they should be on a leash. dogs
  • Even if you have never witnessed them being bad, there is a documented history of it going as far back as the articles from Manhattan where people and dogs have been attacked. There have been credible reports of more recent incidents if one wants to see anyone hurt or those dogs destroyed due to the stupidity of the individual on the end of the leash. The more pressure, eye witnesses and reports made about this blatant and continued flaunting of the law and common sense, the greater chance it can be stopped before something bad happens.
  • i saw him last week with his dogs off leash, though they were currently preoccupied as he was feeding a rotisserie chicken to them by hand on the sidewalk.
  • This sounds a lot like Overly Permissive Parenting.
  • Anyone else think this thread is starting to get a little stalkerish? Other then hear from other websites say I've yet to actually read anything hear about his dogs misbehaving.
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    agreed. i put this guy in the bucket of notorious brooklyn eccentricities tho, where it's fun to report on their sightings and whereabouts, like the brooklyn bridge park thong guy.
    they flaunt social norms and bring attention to themselves but dont care.
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    This is less unpleasant on the eyes than the thong guy.
  • Unlike Old Nessie and Bigfoot, these folks exist!
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