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Another Coffee shop for Nostrand: Tinto, 715 Nostrand (near Sterling)

This new coffeeshop is located in the landmarked building with the chalices, that used to have that teen club on the second floor.

They recently passed their DOH inspection and expect to open in a few weeks.

Here's a shot of the former exterior, and the new owner:


  • Oh hooray!! That's wonderful news. I'm excited to have a coffee shop right around the corner from me. I wonder if they'll have room for seating in there...
  • I am thrilled! I hope there is some seating, where I can study for my LSAT and people watch!
  • Yes the new coffee shop will have seating and will be opening in the next couple weeks. My wife and I are opening the shop. If you join the Tinto web site we will be inviting local residents before we open for tastings and get to know them as we also live in the area. See you soon!
  • Thanks. Welcome to the boards!
  • Please let us know when your going to open! I'm super excited to have a proper coffee shop around the corner! 
  • Welcome to the boards as well, odiaz! Right now Nostrand has a handful coffee shops and cafes but none that specialize in GOOD coffee. I hope your business is a tremendous success. I will certainly come check it out. 
  • thanks guys for your support! its going to be really good coffee, sitting, ice cream, pastries, specialty chocolates, very laid back but a fun place to hang out. Please like us on Facebook and we will invite you guys to the opening and if interested to the tastings. see you guys soon!
  • Interesting Odiaz! From where are you getting your beans?
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    We are going to have rotating beans by different suppliers and we are working on a specific blend for our shop. Next couple weeks we are going to be tasting and testing. We will be posting info on our site. Thanks for asking.
  • Holy cow that's right around the corner from me. Looking forward to this!
  • Hi Odiaz! Welcome to Nostrand Ave! I can't wait to starting frequenting Tinto (it is just one block away from where I live!) Do you know if there are any other new businesses coming soon to the other storefronts in your building?
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    Hi crownheighster, thats great, Please let me know who you are when you first come. We look forward having you over for different treats. Concerning any new stores not that I know, I did tell the landlord to tell me if any other stores open in the area.  I will post something here if I hear anything.  See you soon.
  • We are going to have rotating beans by different suppliers and we are working on a specific blend for our shop. Next couple weeks we are going to be tasting and testing. We will be posting info on our site. Thanks for asking.
    Ok Odiaz, my excitement is building and curiosity piqued! Can you give us any hints about what your concept will be, specialties, coffee styles, food?
    I'm totally bummed that, despite having two decent cafés on Nostrand, I still can only be served an espresso in a paper cup. Will you be filling this void? Also I'm tired of schlepping to Franklin for consistently reliable beans.

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    Hi. Thanks for asking.  The store store we wanted to have something a little different . The store is going to have a simple and modern feel, laid back, but centered in its products and its service. Initially we are going to coffee, ice cream, chocolates and french pastries. Concerning serving espresso in ceramic..... of course! Coffee just tastes better in ceramic and also very important its more environmental. We will also have sitting for our guests. I live in the area and we really need a place where locals can go have some treats and talk to other locals ( we will also have communal tables). We will be posting more info on our facebook page in the next couple days since we are very close to opening. We look forward to have you come and enjoy a good cup of coffee!
  • Do you know what the hours will be? I'd love to be able to stop by on my morning commute!
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    I agree about the coffee on Nostrand. I love Richol's food, but not the coffee, though I still end up drinking it anyway. By the way @odiazdelcastillo you seem pretty nice and helpful on here, so I had a free minute to put up a yelp page for you :)

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    jakefr thanks for your help with the yelp account! I had not been able to get to it. Its incredible how many details we are working at the same time. 

    Prospectnostarnd, our ours of operation we are planning to open doors at 8am - 7pm in winter and 9pm in summer. ( we are having great ice-cream for summer). Of course if I am there at 7:30am and someone needs some coffee on the way to work we will always be ready to provide. I cant make it anywhere with out my morning coffee. 
  • Wonderful! There are so many tasty bakeries in the area, but we could always use more sit down cafes where people can come to chat and relax :D Best of luck!
  • Thanks! and indeed there are other good bakeries in the area.  I have them all the time. See you soon.
  • From Tinto's facebook page: 
    "We're psyched to announce we'll be having our friends and family opening event. Please join us on Saturday, April 12th from 2:00-8:00! 
    We hope you can make it. 
    Stay tuned for more details."
  • I am now hearing that Saturday will be their Grand Opening.

    ...meaning you don't have to be a friend or a family member to go.
  • As a result of the weather, ice cream was reportedly more popular than coffee

    Photo: Tinto
  • I stopped by today and met one of the owners, Oscar.

    He reports that at least 5 customers on Saturday answered the question "Where did you hear about us?"

    with "Brooklynian".

    I gave him some of our snazzy business cards.

  • Can't wait to stop by Tinto again! Service was great, coffee was delicious and the ice cream looked dangerously good. 
  • Just wanted to give this thread a bump.  Last Friday night, Tinto stayed open until 10 and upgraded all scoops to sundaes (with delicious hot fudge, homemade whipped cream, and other toppings).  In our household we may start a tradition of going over there for Sundae Fridays.

  • I'll contribute to the bump. I also went out last Friday and enjoyed a delicious sundae, with chocolate mint chip ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, and almonds. It was nice to meet some neighbors too! I love Tinto.
  • Finally got around to trying Tinto. Had one of their teas, a citrusy black tea -- they had six different varieties of loose leaf teas -- and the breakfast sandwich (poached egg, Vermont cheddar, bacon on a very good baguette). Enjoyed the meal, the friendly staff, and the space -- although it is tiny. They mentioned that they're starting to serve lunch sandwiches this week.
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    At today's fundraiser, Whynot and Ms. Whynot will be among the great company you will have the opportunity to meet.
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