Any info? New business coming to Classon bet EP &Linc, next to new ice cream shop...? — Brooklynian

Any info? New business coming to Classon bet EP &Linc, next to new ice cream shop...?

Have noticed construction in the small retail space next to the new (yummy) ice cream shop on Classon between EP & Lincoln. Anyone know what's coming? And....the not-long-lived antique shop on Classon & Lincoln has a sign saying they're closing end-of-month...Wonder what will take its place...Any info on either spot?


  • 841 Classon

    Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 2.45.49 PM
  • The ice cream shop says a sneaker store, but that it was almost a wine store. Gotta say I prefer the wine store.
  • Not surprised that antique store is not going to be there much longer.

    I wonder whether they'll have a store-closing sale. :)
  • Ditto on preference for a wine shop. Sneakers...? Blech...
  • "Sale" sign has been up for a few days...hurry...hurry... ;-)
  • Sneaker store would be DOA.  Wine is nice but tough I'd think, with Wino(t) and some lesser stores on Franklin, and the places on Washington.  Not sure what it would bring to the mix that the others dont.  

    With the potential and yet ever-late opening of the court officers academy, a greasy spoon would be nice....but the buildout of these units doesnt seem to allow for it....I dont think they have venting or arent zoned for it (?).  
  • The LL has stated that no "intensive" food/alc uses are allowed.    In other words:

    Allowed:   Coffee, ice cream, maybe a cold cut sandwich place without a griddle, a wine store.

    Not Allowed:    Pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken, a bar etc.


  • So would a Subway fit in there? [/devil's advocate]
  • Personally, I hope not.
  • But a city sub might !!! :)
  • Sneaker store is happening. I think the sneaker store will survive if it focuses on kids shoes.

    I might put a housewares/kitchen store in the big corner space. Young professionals like new pots and pans, and kitchen gadgets.

  • I'd love a housewares spot. Sneakers for me would be a really occasional -- like, once a year, perhaps -- purchase.
  • crownheightster - the place that's going out of business looks like a housewares spot. it didn't work.
  • I thought the spot going out of business was an antiques store. I am thinking more along the lines of cookware and utensils, I guess. Like cooks companion on Atlantic ave.
  • Yes, or the place run by Tarzian in Park Slope. 

  • A place to get Sodastream refills would get some use.
  • Park slope food coop for soda stream, if a member, is great. Would housewares contend with online? Broadway panhandler does, but maybe because of assortment. These spaces are small
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    Not a member.  Not a fan of indentured servitude.  

    I prefer to exchange money for goods and services the old-fashioned way.
  • You don't need a full kitchen for Bahn mi [sp?]
  • And workmen have been in the former Nouvelle Vague space for the past few days. Anyone have any idea what's coming in?
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    Sorry to say that the workmen told me it's going to be... an accountant's office. Somehow an ironic place to take over a French new wave cafe.
  • I hope that it is a real accountants office, and not just some tax refund place .
  • Sneaker now open
  • Sneaker store's website:

    Do people really use the website of a local sneaker store before they buy sneakers?
  • I have a cousin who owns three New Balance stores and they sell quite a few pairs over the internet. It's probably 40% of his business.
  • I'll take your word.

    I buy based on whether a sneaker is around $40, fits, and is at DSW on the day I want a new pair.

    I suspect I am not Jake's target market.
  • Lots of activity on that corner lot at Lincoln and Classon today. The construction workers said that it will be a coffee shop. 

    So on the one hand, what a beautiful space for a coffee shop, with the big windows and brick interior. On the other, I've seen two coffee shops within a couple of blocks disappear within the last year + (Glass House and Nouvel Vag). I wonder what they're banking on: a legion of court officer students reading late into the night? That said, there's definitely much more foot traffic on that block now than there was even last year.
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    Burger Urway and Lincoln Postal seem to be making it work....

    BTW, I'll highlight the news and send it out via twitter:   Readers we are getting yet another coffee shop, this one will be at the corner of Lincoln and Classon.

  • True, but Urway does a lot of delivery business, and LP is unique within the neighborhood. There are many coffee shops in the neighborhood, including Lincoln Station one short block down. A better hopeful comparison would be Manhattanville Coffee on Rogers-- lower foot traffic because it's not on a subway stop, so it has to be that much better.
  • I believe Manhattanville is at a SBS stop.
  • Fair point. 
  • And it looks like the coffee shop will be a spin off from Cafe Forte. 
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