The church at 991 Eastern Parkway (near Troy Ave) gets transformed into residential — Brooklynian

The church at 991 Eastern Parkway (near Troy Ave) gets transformed into residential

somewhat recent photo:

Photo: loopnet

Old photo:

aerial shot:

This large site is located on EP near Troy Avenue.

It looks like it changed hands recently: and the asking price was $4.9M [expired listings]

It is now being relisted: [current listing]

Eventually, this property will stop changing hands and end up with someone who re-develops it. The zoning looks like it would allow a 28,000 sq ft residential building. otherwords, about 28, nicely sized, two bedroom apartments.


  • That will be snapped up by the Hassidim for their purposes. It will never see the light of day as a teardown.

  • For the sake of the Hassidim, I hope they are able to committ that kind of $, quick....

  • I received an announcement; it is still for sale:

  • Oct 8, 2013

    Readers, I am pleased to announce the property sold, and present to you the developers' plans for the site:

    photo and jabbering:

  • The apartments sound as if they will be nice...

    "Gilad’s Brookland Capital is planning a new building adjacent to the conversion, making one block-through development. Designed by Issac & Stern Architects, the project will have a total of 27 apartments, with frontage on Eastern Parkway and Lincoln Place.

    Permits filed for 991 Eastern Parkway in November 2013 call for an expansion of the existing structure from three stories to six stories."
  • Guess permits are still pending. Passed it this morning and no work is being done.
  • I live next to this building and they have built a construction fence all the way to the street, completely blocking the sidewalk. All they have done is put up a sign that says, "sidewalk closed use other side" Is this legal?? It seems very dangerous, there are many handicapped residents in my building and in the neighborhood not to mention strollers. I contacted 311 about it and am waiting on a response. I wasnt able to find any info on whether this is legal or not and was wondering if anyone knew.

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    I've seen this done quite often so I presume, with the correct permits, it is legal.  I've also seen instances like this where they make a corridor in the street for people to walk so you don't have to actually cross the street.
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    Sometimes the builders do not need as much space once the foundation is created, and are only permitted to make peds cross the street until that stage is complete.

    BTW, welcome @cashleybones ;
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    987 Eastern Parkway, 985 Eastern Parkway.
    989 Eastern parkway
  • Walked by this morning and it seemed like they had an hydraulic drill or hammer working in the front yard.  Anyone know the schedule for this building?  I haven't seen anything material being done until now, and it seems like an odd time to begin working.
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    Demo can happen year round.

    BTW, when complete, this development will NOW reportedly be 40 condos:

    (it was going to be only 27 at one point)

    I wonder if we will see a phenomena in which new buildings in CH built west of Nostrand become rentals, and those east of Nostrand are built as condos.
  • 5 Months later: Are we seeing much progress?
  • Yup. I drove by it this weekend but couldn't take a pic. It's had the blue plywood construction fence for quite some time. Seems like they've now demolished the section with the door in it and everything to the left of that.
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    Yup, the left building is gone.

    Only the front and side walls of the church (building on right) remain.

  • They are now digging the foundation for the new building on the left.

    Occupancy Spring 2017?
  • I've walked by it for months now. There was certainly a lot of foundation digging going on recently. I have to say that I don't particularly care for the posted design, I don't think the building was particularly distinguished, so the idea of preserving some of it does not seem like a great one. I grant that it will look different from the surrounding buildings on EP, but is that enough to make it important to preserve? 
  • I assume they are preserving the facade of the former church because they believe the future tenants will "like it" and express this via their purchase prices.

    I think this building will be the most upscale building within walking distance of the Utica stop.
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