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Watching the World Cup

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  • Hmm, any update on whether this will be ready for the World Cup (aka in 8 days)? 
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    For the past few weeks, I have been between jobs and around during the day.

    During this period, I did not see work being done on the space (Z Bar, 710 Nostrand). 

    So, I sadly predict that he is not going to open by the time of the World Cup.

    On happier notes:
    1. We should still have a summer gathering here once it opens.

    2. My new job starts on June 16.
  • Hmm, I had a feeling that was the case. 

    In terms of venues that will be showing the matches, has anyone heard of any bars in the neighborhood that don't usually show sports that will have a special set up?  I remember that Sharlene's on Flatbush and Black Sheep Pub in Park Slope fell into this category in 2010. 

    Considering that the games are at much more convenient times (some matches started as early as 730 AM in 2010) I would expect even more bars to hop onto the bandwagon.  This tournament, match times will be noon, 3 PM and 6 PM on weekdays with a 9 PM timeslot on weekends. 

    Just off the top of my head, bars in Crown Heights/Prospect Heights that have televisions and will likely be showing the games:

    -Nostrand Ave Pub
    -739 Franklin
    -95 South
    -Way Station ?? Do they ever show sports here?  Could be very good with the big screen in the music area..
    -Dean Street
    -Woodwork (sure to be mobbed throughout)
    -Plan B

    Am I forgetting any?  Contrary to popular belief, I haven't been to every bar in the area yet...
  • Docklands and Franklin Park
  • OK, couldn't remember the Franklin Park situation.  Do they have a projection screen?  Seems like they might with some of the events/groups that they host..
  • They do in the larger bar space
  • NoBar also shows sports.
  • Ditto, Half Court on Washington.
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    Bar Sepia is also interested in your business:

  • We're getting in on the World Cup action, too.

    Nice, big 10 ft by 12ft projection screen.

    The Saint Catherine, 660 Washington Ave @ Bergen
  • I walked around some parts of the neighborhood between the first and second games today and noted that Bearded Lady and Janelle's both had sandwich boards up outside promoting that they were showing the World Cup.  Bearded Lady have a big screen up on their left wall.  These two weren't in our previous comments. 

    95 South were closed just before 3 PM (Despite a banner in their window listing this as their Sunday Brunch time....)
  • Huh, it just occurred to me that this should be a separate thread..
  • Café Rue Dix also has a World Cup banner up today.
  • St. Catherine was packed with fans today.
  • Whynot were you in St Catherine? If so how was the image? It looks washed out by the light in the picture above.

    Half court may be my spot tonight if so
  • I just walked by St Catherine.

    I found Prospect Park to be very pleasant as a result of many people watching the World Cup...
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    Watched at Half Court last night. Good sized crowd, exciting start and finish. I believed we were Ghana win all along!

    Bring on Portugal!
  • A lot of people probably called in sick today:

  • Whynot were you in St Catherine? If so how was the image? It looks washed out by the light in the picture above.

    Half court may be my spot tonight if so
    We put some temporary blinds in to make it nice and dark for the projector. Also, my iphone is dying so the pictures always look terrible.

  • image

    USA did all it could but was defeated by Belgium 2-1.  Great crowd in Chicago watched:

  • So frustrating to watch. Equally frustrating for Howard as you could see him mouthing 'what the' to his teammates. It's obvious to say Belgium was the much better team and if not for Howard would have slaughtered us, but Wondo and Dempsey had 2 great chances to end it, and missed. So pissed still.
  • Ah- if only we could have had Landon Donovan and Jozy Altidore  - what a difference that could have made!!
  • For those not aware, Germany won.

    I watched it at St. Catherine.
  • I ended up watching matches at 706, St Catherine, Franklin Park and The Rock Shop in Park Slope over the course of the tournament.  Gotta say that they all did a good job. 
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