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A tower for East Flatbush, 1580 Nostrand

Just wow:   23 Stories coming to Nostrand and Tilden


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  • Only one block to the subway so maybe they'll get the people who commute to downtown Brooklyn as well as Manhattan.
  • I predict the big Sears lot (between Tilden and Beverly) will go shortly after the Kings Theater opens.
  • I don't think they'll have any problem finding buyers. When I first started looking, I had missed the boat on new condos just around the block from there called The Berkshire on East 28th http://streeteasy.com/building/75-east-28-street-brooklyn#tab_building_detail=1. And I couldn't figure out why developers didn't realize there was a demand for more like them. But 23 stories is WAY out of context.
  • The way Sears is closing stores and losing money they might even consider selling the whole deal especially since they have a store at Kings Plaza. But, who are we to speculate.
  •  But 23 stories is WAY out of context.
    I agree. Where are the types of protests like the ones for 626 Flatbush?
  • In this instance, they are unable to invoke "this will destroy Prospect Park"
  • I wonder how all the construction will affect the bus lanes even though they're across the street. I have a feeling it will tie up traffic even worse than it is already.
  • I wonder how many buyers will see SBS as an assett.

    For example, do they believe that when it is complete, it will provide them with speedy access to the Nostrand LIRR station on Atlantic?
  • It won't. This is at least ten minutes by SBS then a LONG walk down Atlantic to Nostrand. It's easier to take the local B44 if you are trying to make that transfer as there are at least stairs to the platform near the corner of New York.

    I don't understand 23 stories with no interior corridors. What happens if the elevator goes out? I wouldn't be looking forward to a hike up or down that many stairs in an emergency, or in bad weather.
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    Exterior stairs seems to be a hallmark of Hello Living developments. I have been told they don't count toward a building's FAR, whereas interior ones' would.

    Hello Living seems to be betting that most buyers are not like @homeowner, and instead will just see the low price per sq ft. relative to buildings with interior stairs.
  • Why would they take the bus to Atlantic when the 3 train is a block away. For the SBS you'd have to walk to Rogers and then that cuts into Bedford. Better just to take the train to Atlantic.
  • I keep looking for some group who will benefit from SBS.

    ....don't mind me.
  • The group you are looking for is the DOT traffic engineers. It pretty much screws everyone else in some way.
  • Once everyone else is really screwed, the SBS riders may benefit.

    Returning to the tower, it will get great views in all directions. ...not sure whether they will have kids or where they will go to school.

    E Flatbush is often on the "needs improvement" list.
  • The way Sears is closing stores and losing money they might even consider selling the whole deal especially since they have a store at Kings Plaza. But, who are we to speculate.

    This store is always empty too. Lots around the Kings Theater are already starting to change...3 buildings across Flatbush (all 1-story commercial) have been torn down already. Personally, while Kings Plaza is just due south, it's a good 25 minute b41 ride down there. I'd love to see some strong shopping there - beyond a Staples that closes at like 4pm or some nonsense, an Old Navy outlet, and a Stop&Shop with 4 carts total. A renewal in shopping like the Fulton Street Mall would be nice.

    But all of this said, how are there no nice restaurants or bars looking at Flatbush near the Kings Theater?? New things coming in near the B/Q/S on Flatbush, but Kings Theater is going to open and there will be nowhere nearby for a coffee, beer, or bite to eat for visitors.
  • SBS makes for an easy trip to Fashionable Bedford Avenue in Trendy, Happening Williamsburg from these condos.
  • Maybe the Kings will have some kind of cafe in the theater sort of like the Pavilion did when it first opened. I don't know if the eatery is still there because I had heard that it wasn't the best but I haven't been down that way in quite a while.
  • I keep looking for some group who will benefit from SBS.

    ....don't mind me.
    I benefit when I go to Target at the Junction. It's faster than any iteration of the B41 on Flatbush. 

    If prospective residents find that the immediate area doesn't have the amenities they would like, they can always go outside the neighborhood to find what they like. If they have a car, they can drive to Whole Foods or Fairway. Some limited grocery shopping can be done at the Target at the Junction in a pinch. That Stop and Shop on Tilden sucks. 
  • I suspect that this new building will offer parking.

    ...Does Fresh Direct presently deliver out that far?
  • It's not no-man's land, lol. Yes, Fresh Direct delivers to 11226. And there's a C-Town on Nostrand, an Associated on Church, and a Met on Brooklyn all within walking distance, though I've never shopped at any of them so I can't speak to their quality. But even if they don't drive, they're a block from the 2/5 which takes them to both the Junction and Atlantic Center.
  • I wonder if they will attract a demographic that wants and has the means to select different choices.
  • Maybe the complex will offer accepting Fresh Direct deliveries as an amentity. That's what The Plex does. 
  • Some buildings not only accept the deliveries while tenants are work, but have a fridge just off the lobby where they store the food until tenants pick it up.

  • Maybe the complex will offer accepting Fresh Direct deliveries as an amentity. That's what The Plex does. 
    That's the dumbest amenity ever! I LOATHE getting all deliveries except for Fresh Direct. Fresh Direct comes during a very small window of time that you get to schedule. Ie: I wanted groceries between 10pm and 11:30pm last Tuesday and that is when they came because I chose the date and time. It is ALL OTHER deliveries that suck since they come whenever during the day and on whatever day they feel like.

    Yes they deliver to 11226 where I live.

    And the Stop&Shop on Tilden is great and suburban - but they never have any shopping carts. I think they're the only store in Brooklyn that doesn't either have poles blocking carts from leaving the store or sensors on the carts that lock the wheels when they get too far.
  • Also, Church and Flatbush is apparently getting an IHOP now? Next to the Retro Fitness going in which is next to the Planet Fitness.
  • Yup!

    The question is, Will "the change" go more toward Brooklyn College, or Prospect Park?

    My money is on Prospect Park.
  • Can't it go both?  The BID near Flatbush Junction is strong and all we need is a few blocks to connect that BID and the area around the Kings Theater
  • It can (and will) certainly go both directions.

    Before Kings, "it" was already emanating from:
    Flatbush Junction toward Kings, and from
    Empire toward Kings.

    Now, it is emanating from Kings in both directions.

    Will the stretch between Kings and Flatbush Junction be "unified" first?    (option 1)

    Or, will the stretch between Kings and Empire?  (option 2)

    My money is on option 2.

  • For which goes first, I agree. I was just reading about the store fronts near Kings and it wasn't that long ago that a large Macy's and a Loehmanns were within 2 blocks of the theater. We still have the Sears. I am hopeful that the area of Kings to the Junction goes the way of Fulton downtown and we get decent stores and aom
  • ...some good food options. Shake Shack?!
  • The Macys on Flatbush closed many years ago. It wasn't a full size store like the one at Kings Plaza and had about half the departments. I used to shop there but the neighborhood got tough at night and people stopped going there. My car was broken into when I shopped there just before the holidays in December and that was in 1983 I think. Pity too, was actually quite a pretty store.
  • That Macy's on Flatbush and Tilden closed when I was in high school (back in the 1990s). 

    I don't have high hope for that Sears. Years ago that location used to sell some Lands End items, but that was discontinued. Now the Kings Plaza location is only location in Brooklyn that carries Lands End items. This person believes Sears will ultimately go out of business. 
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    That Sears location is likely earning far more on yearly appreciation of its land than it is on the sale of Kenmore appliances and Craftsman tools.

    It could easily be replaced with a large mall and/or housing.
  • the sears building has some sort of landmarked designation, doesn't it? if the business closes down it could very well become housing. which would be sort of cool. plenty of space in the flat parking lot to accommodate some adjacent structures. around the corner from kings. honestly the houses across the street from the sears roebuck are quite pretty little limestone 2 stories and brick townhouses. i think this part of flatbush is overdue for some love!
  • Just when I was wondering if there were any updates regarding this building, potential renderings were found: http://newyorkyimby.com/2015/03/revealed-1580-nostrand-avenue-flatbush.html

    Though I'm not all that sweet on the design, it is pretty striking. Would make for an interesting addition to the 'hood!
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  • It'd look better with more even steps, in my book.

    But how good it looks overall will depend a lot on how nice the cladding materials are.
  • The apartments on the higher floors are going to be lovely, and I'm willing to bet the new Kings Theater will be mentioned in 90% of ads for the units.

  • Really interesting.
  • i mean if these are actually condos to the price point of hello living's usual units and not rentals, then i can't say i'm unhappy. we need more affordable apartments for purchase out there--first time buyers are quickly getting screwed out of opportunities to buy since 1-2 bedrooms are sometimes hard to come by in more accessible neighborhoods like this.
  • If they offered 3-bedrooms for, say, $700,000, they would get snapped up immedietely by all the young families living in a 1/2 bedroom. :)
  • Looks like they got that design after seeing someone's kid playing with Legos.
  • Looks like they got that design after seeing someone's kid playing with Legos.
    Haha -- my own initial thoughts were of Jenga blocks.
  • Given the design of the building, it wouldn't be difficult to argue that the elevators must be designed in such a way, that the wealthy people living on the higher floors never have to interact with less wealthy folks on the lower floors.

  • i also have to wonder though. i mean, how badly are wealthy folks clamoring to live off the Church ave 2/5 stop? My boyfriend lives a block away from this project and it's not exactly inundated with what anyone could call wealthy people. especially that little pocket between flatbush, nostrand, church and tilden seems misused and in poor shape--not exactly cute town-house lined blocks with greenery like the areas that surround it. more like ugly self-storage buildings and some sad empty lots (parking lots? sometimes it's hard to tell)

    what do you guys think? do you think hello living is going to be successful in getting rich people to live on those top-of-the-ziggurat floors? or will it just be snapped up by foreigners who've never even set eyes on flatbush. who do you think is actually going to live in this undeniably massive building? 626 flatbush of similar height at least can claim park views. 
  • It depends on what goes in around the building. There isn't a decent supermarket anywhere near that area. I think the closest one is around Ave. D.  And it's still about a five block walk to Flatbush. Going east there's not much there so whoever moves in at the beginning has to be prepared to travel to get anything done. I think this one will take some time to be fully occupied.
  • It will take a while to build as well. So, for the heck of it, lets estimate occupancy in the Spring 2018.

    The Plex (located on Nostrand near Empire) opened a few years ago, when the neighborhood was much less desired by those with wealth.

    I think it took about a year to be fully occupied, and is only now filling its 1st floor commercial spaces.

    I suspect The Plex (and this building) just have a longer view than others.
  • If they price the units appropriately, the project will be sold out fast. Let's say they offer family-sized three bedroom condos or two-bedrooms with offices. If they can build this project in such a way that it is attractive, filled with amenities, and priced at around $500-700,000 per unit, they will have tapped the huge market of young, smug marrieds with kids who want/need to live in NYC and want space, and have a car they want to park in their building's lot. I mean, I would seriously consider it.
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    Vacancies are not always a bad thing. It is just a matter of waiting for someone to want what you have to offer, and the price you are offering it.

    If I was in my 30s and newly married, I might seriously consider this building in today's market. East Flatbush wouldn't really bother my wife and I, and when we wanted a "nice meal", we would eat together in Manhattan before we headed home.

    32 year old versions of us might be headed to Flatbush in 2018.
  • The Plex has finally started filling its first floor retail?  Do tell!  That complex is on my block and it is still empty as far as I know - I walked past there on Sunday as a matter of fact and saw nothing. 
  • I have heard the Plex has begun the flirtation stage, which often comes before cohabitation.

    When and if I hear more, I will let the world know via my very small microphone: Brooklynian.
  • personally, when i'm in flatbush i often just go to crown heights for a fancy meal :) i like this whole manhattan-not-being-the-center-of-the-universe thing, myself
  • Ms Whynot and I have only both worked in Manhattan for two years out of the last 14.

    It is kinda nice.
  • I worked in Manhattan from 1971 until mid-2009. Since then I've worked in Brooklyn. It's so much better this way!
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    When you were 32, did you live in a neighborhood similar to what Flatbush might look like in 2018?
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    In 1976, when I was 30, I moved to Plaza Street in Park Slope, and lived there for several years.

    Sorry, seriously off-topic!
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    It is actually quite on topic.

    I imagine Park Slope in 1976 as having many of the same qualities as the area we are discussing in Flatbush.    I imagine you at 30 (college education, married, employed, not a huge amount of wealth) having many of the same qualities as those who will move into these units in 2018.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same?
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    All true.
  • i've been praying my employers, growing out of their small offices in manhattan, will make the move to brooklyn, but no dice so far. 
  • Office space in Brooklyn is getting just as expensive in Manhattan and most areas still don't have the prestige of a Manhattan address, unless of course you're in Williamsburg or DUMBO.
  • Downtown Brooklyn and LIC are certainly creating lots of office space to get their share of the demand.
  • They bought the site a year ago for $13M, and are listing it now for $28M: http://therealdeal.com/blog/2015/07/29/hello-living-lists-site-of-planned-flatbush-tower-for-28m/

    Seems like a good way to make $15M without having to supervise contractors.
  • Looks like they spruced up the rendering a bit: 

    Now with terraces and green space above the community facility. 

    This and other projects in the area were sounding overly ambitious to me, until I read that the 400 unit, 2 building project on Clarkson won't be finished until 2018. If you consider this one to be a project that is finished 3 or even 4 years from now, what will the neighborhood be like then? Is that still so far fetched? 
  • I believe the answer lies -in large part- in PLG.

    If buildings in PLG can be flipped at a rapid rate, they will meet the demand of the young, single, recently graduated from college demographics. ...and said demographics won't be willing to live in a new building in east Flatbush.

    However, if PLG buildings can't be rapidly flipped, buildings in locations like E Flatbush will be among the few choices to the aforementioned population.
  • Terraces are awesome. It's a great perk to have with the view.
  • anyone wanna bet on how long the site takes to sell? I say sometime in 2016
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    I also think this scale of development in our neighborhood being successful largely depends on jobs moving closer. As downtown Brooklyn is eventually becoming a major business hub, I would guess that would facilitate larger scale development in our area. With ocean hill and ridgewood being in the same category as development goes, I think flatbush/east flatbush has much better mass transit.
  • The IRT would be a much more pleasant commute to the Downtown Brooklyn and the Financial District as opposed to Midtown.

    The rise of Midtown and relative decline of the Financial District is probably a big factor in Brooklyn's original decline, I would guess.
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  • wow. so it's really happening. fall/winter 2018. i guess that seems pretty realistic
  • I was by there a few weeks ago but it just looked like a big dirt lot. Did they start pouring the foundation yet? I've learned to be skeptical of these start and end dates, especially with such a big project.
  • This site hasn't moved in many months, but it sure looks like the rendering has changed --

  • Oh wow. No more ziggurat. Also the site mentions 4 bedroom units. This would be one of the very few new construction buildings in Brooklyn with that feature and could have special appeal.
  • 4-bedroom units? WOW>
  • I wonder if they are going with lots of bedrooms under the belief that they will do best if they rent to recent grad who are willing to split the rent.

    ...each rents a bedroom for about $1100.
  • Aw man, I had really warmed up to the ziggurat design. Is anyone else bothered by the fact they appear to be calling this area PLG? Much love to PLG and all but my Flatbush pride would prefer not to get folded into their territory.
  • Ew, I hope they go more for 4-bedrooms in the $2,500-3,000/month range. So, like, a family with kids could potentially get one.
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    I don't know who would pay to live with 3 other roommates in Flatbush for $1100 a month each when you could do that for so much less in the area.
  • I don't know who would pay to live with 3 other roommates in Flatbush for $1100 a month each when you could do that for so much less in the area.
    Brookyln College students who don't feel the area is safe?
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    The local school district is unlikely to be attractive to families earning 100k a year.

    ($100k would leave around $30k a year, after taxes, available for rent)

    ...families with school age children seem unlikely.
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    Marco555 said:
    Brookyln College students who don't feel the area is safe?
    Maybe, but there are so many prewar apartments in the areas and even houses being split farther out for about $900 per room that I'm not sure what the appeal is besides a new building with some in-building amenities. I don't think these new apartment prices will have much appeal to transient transplants and recent grads until there are more neighborhood ameneties on par with western Crown Heights
  • The important thing to remember is that whoever takes these apartments is now only steps away from a coffee shop - https://rogerthatcafe.com/ - at Rogers and Erasmus.

    Related - though the description on the Hello Living page of this building being in PLG is laughable... has anyone ever heard this area called Erasmus?

  • The important thing to remember is that whoever takes these apartments is now only steps away from a coffee shop - https://rogerthatcafe.com/ - at Rogers and Erasmus.

    Related - though the description on the Hello Living page of this building being in PLG is laughable... has anyone ever heard this area called Erasmus?

    well, there's the Erasmus Neighborhood Federation, which has been around since 1979: http://erasmusfederation.org/

  • It has also been called, at various times, Dutch Village, Old Flatbush, and Flatbush Village. 
    BTW new construction 2bds are going for around $2500 now. Some of these are "convertible" i.e. you could have either no living room in a 3bd or a windowless 3rd bedroom with glass doors. 3 roommates would then be paying ~$850 each. 
  • If I was 27 and my max budget was $1100, that leaves $250 a month for additional craft beer and burritos.
  • IMG_1270 This plot of land hasn't moved in ages, but on a walk today I noticed that their were cars inside and worker surveying. Not much new on the website, but the design has changed: https://www.helloliving.com/1580-nostrand-ave
  • decidedly less tall. t
  • lookit that cute li'l house tucked in there
  • Glad they rethought their 20-some-story monstrosity.
  • I would honestly love it if this is what ended up there. Fully contextual height, not too ugly. I wonder if they reconsidered the height because they realized the views were less than stellar. haha. better to have a nice garden space interior courtyard instead
  • I think they reconsidered because this is a cheaper way to build and will produce more units!
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    It looks like pictures have been disabled here... but construction has commenced. Workers on site. Over 20 trucks were lined up this morning to haul away debris. Lumber is stacked and a hole is being dug.
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