The (former) Capital One on Washington at Lincoln - Brooklynian

The (former) Capital One on Washington at Lincoln

So, as I walked down Washington Ave today, I could not help but look at the Capital One branch located near Lincoln:

I thought to myself, Capital One is about to have two branches very close together. This one, and the one that is going in the building being constructed at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Franklin Ave:

I wonder if they are going to need both branches. With its high ceilings and excellent location, this location would be excellent for a very upscale restaurant; One which competed with the likes of Bar Corvo and the fancy place presently setting up shop in the Brooklyn Museum, Sauls.

...and then I wondered if someone at Capital One had a similar plan.

After all, one can only make so much money from ATM fees, low balance fees, and loans.

One could likely get a few million from a major investor looking for a trophy restaurant site....  856 Washington


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