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Whoa -- Beauty World is Gone!

I noticed today that the Beauty World and Beauty World Nails, located at the corner of Nostrand Ave and St. John's Place, storefronts have been emptied and are now sporting "For Lease" signs. The two salons, combined, would create a fairly big retail space for something new on Nostrand. Has anyone heard any rumors for what the storefront might become? I'm hoping for a nice sit-down restaurant or an upscale small market like Bob and Betty's/Pine Tree over on Franklin!



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    753 Nostrand and 755 Nostrand have changed several times. Here is a photo of it from a while ago, from the corner:

    Here's a more recent photo, from the side:

  • I remember when it was a really cool accessories store (hats, gloves, scarves etc...)..they also had really nice luggage...

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    If one clicks on this link and then looks to the bottom left, one can see an ad for when it was used by Real Estate Broker, Chas L Gilbert, in 1919:


  • Interesting little snippet about this corner, and how it has changed over time...much like the way most commercial strips change... And there is little lament over the changes.

  • On Friday, April 25, I was walking past the former Beauty World and the awning was coming down. The corner now looks really open. Any gossip? It seems that the stretch from Eastern Parkway to Nostrand was undergoing a LOT of work on Friday! There was active construction at the Chika Mexicana restaurant, Ital Shack, the burned out Chinese restaurant, and new pavement being poured at the Chicago 60 pizza place.

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    Yes, there is a lot of turnover happening on Nostrand.

    As the existing storefronts come up for lease renewal, they are closing because they do not believe that they will be able to pay the new rent.     

    In their view, the rent hikes could not come at a worse time.   Their businesses have often had a a drop off in business over the last year or so, because the customer base served is shrinking and they have not adapted the business to suit the area's new preferences and means.

    Select Bus Service is an additional factor, in that it is changing who is able to shop on the strip, and how.  

    If you stay still, you get run over.

  • I'm sorry WhyNot - I'm not sure I follow you and I'd really like to because I'm very interested in the way Nostrand is changing. To clarify, you're saying that storefronts are shuttering and going up for rent because:
    1) long-standing businesses (vegetarian Caribbean restaurants, beauty world)  are losing their customer base and have not adapted to suit the tastes of the neighborhoods newcomers 
    2) Landlords are raising the rents as the leases come due for renewal


    How is the SBS service causing businesses to close? Wouldn't it bring greater foot traffic? 

    I wonder if there's now enough of a new customer base on Nostrand to support businesses like those on Washington and Franklin. Chop Chop grub shop seems to be doing well. 

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    Yes, that's the jest of it.

    I've edited my comment above, to make it a little clearer.   

    SBS will change pedestrian and car traffic along Nostrand.   As a result, it will create winners and losers.     

    In my view, Nostrand is a little different than Washington and Franklin in that its customer base is NOT as likely to be:
    - as young
    - renters

    Members of the Crown Heights North Association, I am looking at you.....    

    Readers who wish to hear about these views/theories in person, are welcome to attend the walking tour on Sunday May 4th:   http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/43995/ms-whynot-and-whynot-lead-a-walking-tour-of-western-crown-heights-sunday-may-4th-noon-#Item_18
  • I thought I read on here last week somewhere that this was going to be a new salon called "Deck." I can't find the original post though. It was by the future owner.
  • http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/44030/new-hair-salon-coming-to-nostrand-ave-in-june/p1 Here is the announcement re Deck salon...it sounds like it is going to be a "small" salon...and the Beauty World space is huge...
  • Word on the street is that the people from Little Zelda, Wedge, etc have leased this space. It should be a little different than the typical stuff on Nostrand.
  • That would be an interesting development.    

    ...this is a very high profile corner.     

    Did you hear anything about what kind of business he plans to put in?
  • My source wants to know the answer to this question as well. Depending on the answer, expect to see more new developments nearby that will not compete with this new store.
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    This is very exciting!

    "expect to see more new developments nearby that will not compete with this new store."

    Is that a hint, vaportrail? I'm going to treat it as one... What kind of store would beget more stores that don't compete with it? Something that serves as a destination to attract people from outside the immediate area, who might have a very specific kind of interest and income. For example, the ever-unsuccesful idea to create a daycare/play center in the area might bring parents to the corner who would in turn frequent a children's clothing shop, or an ice cream parlor...

    What else might fit that criteria...something like 3rd Ward and Brooklyn Brainery? 
  • My source wants to open a certain type of store on that block or adjacent blocks on Nostrand. If the Zelda people open a store that would compete with his/her concept, my source will not open it. Otherwise, they're ready to move forward. 
  • I would be really excited if a daycare or coop nursury/pre-school moved in -- it is a really big space so it would be a departure from the Little Zelda/Wedge/Hullaballoo tiny store model though.

    If a daycare center could provide quality care for around $1200-1500 per month for a full-time program and offer part-time options for all the freelancers/artists/creative types in the neighborhood, I think it would fill up in a heartbeat. And then an enterprising owner could use the space in the evenings and weekends for drop-in playgroups and family activity groups/events/classes. That is what I would do if I had capital and the stomach for entrepreneurship.
  • ohhh I see - thanks for the clarification Vaportrail --- Well my fingers are tightly crossed that the two parties have different concepts and that we get two exciting new developments on that part of Nostrand. 
  • I hope that the BOTH parties do not delay, because each fears the other will open first.

    ....vacant space doesn't benefit anyone.

  • Hi all! Anyone who wants to know anything about this new lease can call me, happy to share :) michael 917-499-3244
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    ^aforementioned owner of wedge and Little Zelda^

    Any of us interested to the degree that we will actually call him, and see if he discloses his plan?
  • I tried and got a voicemail - since I'm traveling right now, I can't easily leave a number for him to call me back. I hope someone else will try and get through - I'm so curious!
  • I'm Kara, the stylist opening Deck Salon. We are going to be at 755 Nostrand. I am in the smaller space that used to be a nail salon. I am super excited about opening a new business in my neighborhood! I live just a ten minute walk away down St. Johns. Deck is a small, boutique salon with a modern feel. I have worked in the city for a while and am very happy to be bringing my experience to Crown Heights. I absolutely love the neighborhood and have already met such wonderful people at the surrounding businesses on the block. I am not quite sure whats going on with the space next door but I can't wait to see what pops up! I am hoping to have a great lunch spot next door. 
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    Thanks DeckSalonBrooklyn!

    This explanation and photo might help readers not intimately familiar with Nostrand

    Beauty World use to occupy two storefronts:
    A big one "Beauty World" (753), and 
    A small one "Beauty World Nails" (755).

    In this photo, the spot to be occupied by Kara/DeckSalonBrooklyn is to the right of Beauty World, located behind a black SUV.

  • This is definitely exciting. I'm hoping for a bike corral but bet this corner is less than ideal for one.
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    Nostrand would be quite busy for a bike corral.     I'd fear it would generate a photo of a bike crushed by a extra long SBS bus...

    BTW, I got a chance to talk with Mike DeZayas, and he states he is finalizing his concept for the space and will reveal it about 2 weeks.

    For the record, I wish to state that I have been telling the guys at City Sub (located on Bergen near Flatbush) that they should open on Nostrand each and every time I am in there, and am disappointed that they did not take my brilliant advice, and secure this space.
  • I'm assuming it will be food related though, knowing he is behind Wedge and Little Zelda?
  • Although he's also behind Launchpad, and in another thread a commenter notes that the art space is no longer programming shows and will be "repurposed" this summer - I wonder if the two events are linked? 
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    He is not affiliated with LaunchPad. (That is a different Mike, Mike K)

    However, Mike D is affiliated with that tiny Hullabaloo Bookstore. It (obviously) is a non food venture. Yes, he is also behind Wedge and Zelda.
  • Ah my detective work is foiled again. Does Mike K have a stake in other neighborhood businesses? 
  • Mike K is behind the Yoga Collective on Franklin, near Lincoln.

    Mike D used to be behind the It Takes A Village child co-op, but it collapsed.

  • No bike corrals on Nostrand. The parking lanes to the east are travel lanes and to the west are local bus stops and no parking during mornings for street cleaning.
  • If it's food, I hope it's not subs. We already have Syd's.
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    Syd's is good, but has been unexplainably closed too many times when my dog and I have walked there on a Steak and Cheese mission.   

    If you are rooting for Syd, I will point out that I would be willing to patronize a Kitchen/housewares store at the Beauty World location.  
  • Bike corral on St. Johns?
  • It's been exactly two weeks. I'm impatient!
  • So, 755 Nostrand is definitely going to be Deck Salon (http://decksalon.com/). I've already booked an appointed for June for a haircut and prices seem really reasonable. $65 for a woman's haircut! Not bad. They plan to open May 31.

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    "It's been exactly two weeks. I'm impatient!"
    I have put in a request to Mike D for info.
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    And, I have learned that it will involve alcohol.   An application for a full liquor lic for this space will be considered by the CB SLA Committee.

    The SLA & Sidewalk Café Review Committee will meet on Monday, June 2, 2014 at 6:00 PM at CNR-Center Light Health Care Centerwhich is located at 727 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Park and Prospect Places).  

  • you snoops crack me up. yall should open up a crown heights detective agency...lol...carry on...i love it..lol

    DECK SALON. WOW. GAMECHANGER. I don't even know what an "ombre" is.
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    Ombre is fancy talk for making it look like your highlight job is half grown out.  Ombre in terms of non hair color is the gentle shading change from one color to another.  

  • ohhhh :D thanks!
  • Any word on whats going here? It has been a couple weeks now...
  • Well, we know the concept is something that will involve a full liquor lic.

    ...and that he has to elaborate on June 2nd.

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    Deck Salon is putting up signage...

  • I hear that the larger space will be either a bar or a cafe but Mike hasn't decided yet.

    Word on the street...
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    We may need to be careful we don't confuse rumors concerning this site, vs this other site on Rogers:

  • Nostrand has officially flipped out. There is a storefront with PLANTERS. And LIVE PLANTS.

    And yes, I am being facetious.
  • Mike D reportedly did not appear tonight at the SLA mtg, so we will have to wait until next month.
  • I am very amused by the bench in front of Tinto being used by the local corner boys to rest and get some shade during the late afternoon hours when the sun is beaming down. Next thing you know they'll be eating their blue marble ice cream while plying their trade.
  • See, gentrification does benefit everyone. :)
  • Given how slowly the SLA is moving at the moment, September is very optimistic.

    I doubt he will even be able to serve just food by then.
  • $45 for men's cuts better be the best haircut I've gotten in my life.
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    Contrary to what Brownstoner is reporting, I don't think Mike D is running the salon. I think Kara runs it. She might be a subtenant.

    Yes, a men's cut runs me $15. $18 with tip.
  • $45 at Persons of Interest in Williamsburg gets you a cut and a "free" beer at least
  • I'd have to have had several beers BEFORE getting a $45 hair cut to believe it was a good idea.
  • $15?  You 1%er.  $15 gets me an afternoon in chinatown:  $4 haircut, $5 bowl of pho, and $6 at the old arcade there.  
  • Y'all must be guys; $65 for a ladies haircut is pretty great for NYC/brooklyn!
  • I've seen some construction going on in this space around the corner on St. Johns (the one to the left of the laundromat). It's a beautiful space inside, with very high ceilings. Anyone know what it plans to become? Anyone know what it used to be?

    Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.28.42 PM
  • 850 St. Johns place!
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    @laurapalmer Wow, I hadn't even noticed that and I use that Laundromat regularly. I'd love to hear the scoop, if anyone knows!

    Edit: on a meta note, I'm not quite sure how to direct a comment "at" someone with a space in their username, such as laura palmer. The "@" symbol seems to only link to the word immediately adjacent to it.
  • A paper community notice taped to the front yesterday listed a bar, restaurant application in process.
  • @dawndew

    To clarify, was the notice on the former site of Beauty World or the laundry?
  • Beauty World. on the corner pull down gate.
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    Ah, yes, I believe that notice relates to the appearance he was supposed to make in June at CB8.

    However, he didn't appear and CB8 doesn't meet over the summer.

    So, I think he needs to wait until Sept to move forward with the lic.

    Any construction work "toward a bar" he pays for in the interim has risk attached, and he seems to have decided to just let it sit idle as a result.
  • I had a chat with Kara today, the manager of Deck. She told me that Mark de Zayas is her business partner at the hair salon, and that he is the one opening the bar next door. That bar, which is so far unnamed, is to have two levels (basement and ground level). The basement level will be a lounge with film screenings. Sounds very cool. Construction supposed to begin by the end of the summer (she said). GOOD LUCK!
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    Thanks @bicycle_roots

    852 St Johns (to the immediate left of 850) is for sale.


    In the above photo, it is/was a daycare, and can be yours for $1.275M
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    Mike D will have an opportunity to get CB8's support for a liq lic on Aug 4th.

    I am interested in hearing how he will handle the "how will you manage security?" questions.

    ....running a bar is much different than running his present businesses: A cheese shop, coffee and wine cafe, bookstore.

    He's going to need to convince them he will hire people who have experience:

    1. Cutting drunk people off.
    2. Handling the rare, but occasional fist fight.
    3. Not serving people under 21

  • Mike D did not appear this month. See him in September?
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    Nope.   He does not appear on the schedule for September EITHER.

  • Whynot, do you have a hypothesis as to why that would be? I'm confused -- he's paying rent on the space, no? Why delay the process of requesting the permits for it?
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    Yes, I believe he is paying rent on the space.

    Re: my hypothesis for the delay, please see your PM.
  • Would love to hear the hypothesis....
  • In part, I did not post my hypothesis to see if others have the same one. So, if you want to see mine, first post yours.

    Then I'll send you a PM.

    ...I am feeling a little coy this morning.
  • ...ooo, I feel dangerous.

    Okay, here is my hypothesis. Upon signing the lease, MDZ realized that he had a very valuable asset. He has not done any build out since signing because he actually wants to sublease the storefront to someone else. That is my cynical hypothesis.

    My possibly more realistic hypothesis is that MDZ had not started the application for a full liquor license until signing the lease, and is not building out until he is deeper into the process.
  • See your PM. Lets only talk about your sublease hypothesis, not my theory.

    I am under the belief that he presently has the lease and is paying on the site.

    In order to make money subleasing, one has to be more flexible that the actual owner. I have seen this work temporarily with popup venues that have little credit history and not a lot of capital, such as Halloween and Christmas stores.

    And, for very small businesses that don't require a lot of capital, such as the hair salon that is renting a portion of this site.

    However, the corner space doesn't seem as competitive in this regard.
  • Passed some workers putting up a construction company sign in the window this morning. Fingers crossed that this will work out - would be great to have something on that corner. 
  • I am excited about it. I hope it has a kind of French-bistro/cafe kind of flair to it. I think that corner spot could be fantastic. Kind of like the old Cafe Moutard in Park Slope.
  • Apparently it will be called Two Saints. A cafe during the day, and a bar at night.


    Sounds a lot like Cafe Rue Dix, which seems to do very well.
  • Spoke to Kara at deck today - construction has started at two saints. And apparently the landlord has leased the old Syd's Serious Sandwiches and Finesse hair salon.
  • Wow. Mega-monopoly on that block! Cool though, I look forward to seeing what it all becomes. 
  • One landlord...one building....three new shops in a row!
  • Three shops rather than four? Will finesse and syd's be combined into a single storefront?
  • Given that you didn't update this thread, @Whynot_31, I assume De Zayas didn't appear before the CB8 board asking for a license? Soooo slow! It's been five months since he first put himself on the schedule. In my opinion, Nostrand just needs one nice sit-down restaurant/brunch spot in order to be perfect, and I'm very eager for it. 
  • You are correct.
  • According to this newsletter I got from Corcoran, Two Saints will have a retro '50s look and a menu featuring handmade sandwiches and pour over coffee. 

    corcoran newsletter
  • I wonder how one makes sandwiches that aren't hand made. That said, I do prefer not to think about the hands that have been on my sandwich. 
  • Are hand made sandwiches different than artisanal ones?
  • Any sense as to how Deck is doing? The first few weeks it was open there were always folks in the chair by the window, but recently it seems to not be as busy. I don't know if this is just because I'm on the avenue at off times. There's not a ton of synergy between Two Saints and Deck but it seems as if that business would benefit some from folks learning Deck was there, who may not normally frequent Nostrand Avenue. Hopefully, they'll get it together so that both businesses take off.
  • Last time I chatted with Kara, it seemed like things were going well. I am planning on getting my hair cut again by her because I loved her work. Plus, I love the fact that she is around the corner from my building.
  • Just to answer your question, yes, we are doing wonderfully! Salon business is very different than a coffee shop or bar. People done just stop in everyday.....it's a mostly by appointment and not as frequent service. It takes quite some time to build a solid clientele (especially a weekday afternoon clientele). The response has been remarkable and I feel that the word is getting out quicker than expected! Yelp has helped immensely. Our business has improved consistently each month. Thanks for the interest!
  • A man came into Tintos and said he was doing an interior design work on "a bar up the street."

    Barista: "Is it one of those Franklin ave moving on over here kind of bars?"
    Man: "Oh yeah!"
    Barista: "Edison lightbulbs and all of that."
    Man: "No edison lightbulbs. Ours is going to be a bit different. It's going to have...pizzaz." 
    Barista: "And the price point?"
    Man: "It's gonna be pretty cheap. We're going to have wines on tap, sixteen beers on tap, that kinda thing."
    Barista: "Nothing too pretentious?"
    Man: "I hope not!"
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    He have been talking about Two Saints, but I'd have to know more before I ruled out 710 Nostrand:


    Or the former site of IMOTEP:

    Both have active construction.
  • He then was less than complimentary about the quality of the espresso, saying that it was too light for his taste, and left quickly (so so much for not being pretentious)...Two Saints plans on being a coffee shop as well, I wonder if he was just checking out the competition. 
  • Pretentious people rarely think they are.
  • (@whynot31 - the way he said oh yeah! in response to her first question made me relatively certain he was part of the De Zayas operation) 
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