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1409 Pacific Street hits the market — Brooklynian

1409 Pacific Street hits the market

While the prices may not surprise you, the location might: On Pacific, Between Brooklyn Ave and NY Ave.


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    Living room is big enough to entertain three people. Wow !! I don't see a refrigerator in the kitchen unless it's hidden behind one of those panels. If so, then there's really not much cabinet space.
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    This isn't part of a Hello Living complex.

    This is just a stand alone row house, divided into two apartments.

    ....while the apartments are nice, and are multi-leve, there is nothing really exciting about them.

    $750k for the smaller one on the first two floors, $1.1M for the big one with the views.

    ....those views are looking very temporary.
  • My mistake, I meant to type living ROOM which I have edited. Well, I guess there's a buyer for everything. I wonder what they're going to use as comps for the mortgage.
  • For better or worse, the buyers may not have to worry about a large mortgage.

    They may be part of the ever growing number of buyers that puts more than 70% down.