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Marcus Garvey Bl. and Madison St. — Brooklynian

Marcus Garvey Bl. and Madison St.

What's this area like? I'll be visiting soon, and I'm wondering about restaurants, stores, etc. I don't know much about Bed Stuy, and could use some input.


  • No responses? I was hoping to get a sense of how people like it out there, transportation, amenities. It's a gorgeous neighborhood, I'd love to move out there if everything falls into place.

  • It's possible that we do not have many or any active members living near the specific area you're asking about.
  • I don't know those blocks, but you are by the park and the CUNY Medgar Evers College apartments I believe? I thought they did nice neighborhood stuff like Jazz concerts.
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    Haven't posted here in a long while and just happened to log in. We lived in Crown Heights for nearly a decade before finally getting the scratch together to buy a place in Bed-Stuy about two years ago. I'm a few blocks away from where you mentioned, near Marcus Garvey and Jefferson. The area works great for us. In the last year there's been a few openings - more coffee shops, bars, a few restaurants. I'd liken this area to what Franklin Ave felt like around 2007-2008. I'd say its currently got a very neighborly feel (something that felt sadly lacking by the time we left CH, after an influx of new, ear-budded denizens), people are generally friendly and, at least on our block, most of us know each other enough to stop and say hi or give a wave as you walk by. 

  • Thanks for the info. I love the area, and we saw a fabulous apartment there. But my fiancé feels it's too far from the subway and doesn't love it the way I do. So we shall search on.