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I been legally robbed by the banks and their representatives.

Someone from the bank hired broke into my new house. mess with meters,
no electric in the house. turn off all the water and other shit. all my
tools are gone, change locks, hell they even took my few cases of bottle

After the asshats changed all the locks. They left the new keys on the outside street.

My lawyer was there today with me. her mom is my realty lawyer. she'll
contact the other side tomorrow. today he wasn't picking up.

Someone at the mortgage company probably hire these wonderful people and
They left tons of taped and paper saying this house been winterized and

I call the cops, they were like oh its a civil matter. I was like I
didn't give anyone permission to go to my house change the locks and all
my valuable shit is gone!!! they won't write a police report. told me
to sue in court instead.

I understand if the house was still own by the bank etc... but I am the
100% owner of it. I just want my tools and what ever they did to the
meters back!!!

I'll call coned tomorrow to see if they could give me new meters!

Just call their emergency number of the company that did this. their
explanation is Someone from the mortgage company who hire them didn't
probably let them know. The guy told me to call back tomorrow. to see if
I could get my stuff back and meter back. But problem is they
subcontract this stuff out!

The old owners was being foreclosed on, he and I enter into contract a
year before. I wanted vacant house. While doing this, he stop paying his
mortgage, so the bank started foreclosure after the tenants moved out
this month. I agree to pay the bank and their mortgage etc... Which I
payed on Wednesday. I pay his mortgage fee's and his lawyer fee's etc..
at this point he is broke. I paid off all his mortgages and more! The
banks suppose to know this shit!!!

This house cost me extra 35k. This wasn't the original price. but since i
waited for it for over a year. Might as well pay the extra money he
owes. So i don't have to wait till he goes in foreclosure or short sale
etc... banks agreed!!!

I paid them off on wed, they came change locks on friday!!

I mostly likely not get my tools back and but hope to get meters fixed for electric.
They probably stole them or someone off the street stole them.

I went to show my friend this new purchase today. I was like hmm locks looks different. and notice the keys all over the front of the street!!!

Waited for the cops for hours to come, they aren't a help at all, not even after the facts.


  • Write the Consumerist they love shit like this! I'm really sorry this happened to ya!
  • Which bank? I'm a reporter this sounds like an interesting story.
  • xchx,
    You can click on his name to get to the private message function or click here:
  • Nationstar mortgage, I hope they do this right and clear this up fast.

    My lawyers and their lawyers(sellers) are looking into it. only problem is my
    luck, the title company guy is on vacation not coming back till

    I should get answers by tomorrow or Wednesday latest.
  • apparently according to my mom, they also took all the toilet paper rolls we brought over too lol. I mean come on toilet paper rolls??? lol
  • I suspect they were merely paid to remove the meters, and the rest they did on their own.

    Readers: Arm chair warrior is a long lost poster to Brooklynian.
  • old school from 2005 :p.
  • I am a relative newbie, 2006.

    ...stealing toilet paper is pathetic
  • Any updates?
  • oh went with my lawyer today and got the police to take a report. have to wait till next week to start suing!
  • Bankers did that to you?

    Such evil people!!

    No wonder the Bible commands the dreaded death penalty for bankers:  Ezekiel 18:13

    God punishes!
  • Next day I went with my lawyer to the police station and force them to get a police report. I was suppose to call them a few days later to get police report number etc.. and than go to sue their asses etc.. My lawyer is also a family friend they were going to do it for me for free. But I started renovation etc.. I totally forgot about it, Didn't brother to keep up with it.

    My lawyers did send them info about how I own the house etc.... anyway Wasn't worth time or effort in pursing it at the time. I was way too busy with supervising the contractors for the next 3 to 4 months. Too tired to do anything about it. After that I was happy to finish renovation and forgot about it.

  • I hope someone writes a story on this poor guys unfortunate incident and names some names too. This shouldnt be happening in our country, sounds like something that would happen in the USSR!! 
  • AW- how many units are in your empire now?
  • There is no story worth it for writers, landlords are evil.

    Not that many lol. if via just units not buildings/homes its 15 units but 5 houses. Living in one of them.
  • How many units do you think you will need to amass before you are able to hire a management company or a super?

    ....while still being able to earn enough to live off.
  • edited December 2014
    not for along time, Right now I'm still doing everything myself.

    I been doing my own maintenance and pest control etc..

    I know what I'm doing got rid of bed bugs(first time i paid someone to do it, they didn't get rid of it, just after that I did it myself and cost 1000% less), got rid of roaches, mice etc...

    But this one tenant and her roommate trust "professionals" way too much. didn't want me to get rid of their mice, I told them with mice you got to try different methods. If my methods fail you can hire a "professional" and I'll pay for it.

    I haven't heard back from them in a since last month. I try a few things, I seal all the holes but one, the glue traps were working, but instead they hired a "professional" and took away my stuff. I paid for it first time, second time,I told them I won't pay for it the guy is literally doing the same thing as I did, first time he was there put down baits and glue trap and he seal a hole that isn't the mice location(I actually know where they are located and left that one hole intact so i can try to point tracking power into it, but never gotten the chance to).

    I was going to put tracking power into the hole and  the cabinet that the hole is connected to and leave all the glue traps in place. Instead they gave me back all my glue traps, which was stack on each other pure garage. pointless really.

    Guy told them a nice story about how the mama mice won't fall for glue traps etc... he is using glue traps in a box and bait(which I have already tried). anyway Yeah his first try like mines didn't get them.

    They wanted to hire him again for the second time, I told them no unless he is doing something else I'm not doing or can't do. Yes I'll pay for it.

    Normally tenants would let me go in and do my thing, but these guys had to be home when I did it. which wasn't home very much and I can't do this and that.

    My options were limited by them and if they done what my other tenants done, hey go in and use your keys and make sure they are gone etc.. they would probably be gone within 2 weeks max. That was my guarantee to them or I pay for professionals to do it. They told me I was taking too long, I said to them, let me have key access and I'll get it done.

    Many things you can do yourself like oil changes but you hire professionals to do it cause its easier and faster for them. But other things like appliance repair etc.. you can do it yourself if you know how to read and understand. Plus no point in hiring one if the repair cost 1/5 of the price of the item itself. After replacing one too many washing machines etc.. I decided to just fix them myself.

    It was kinda a fluke really. I'm fairly quick learning. I was running very low on renovation money. Machine broke. I just look up on how much parts were and done it myself.  That was a few years back, after that I done all the repairs myself.

    Same thing with bed bugs after paying these guys over 10k to get rid of one, they couldn't, I just went and did research and reading etc.. and done it for few hundred bucks worth.


    Rent best not be deducted from their "professional" treatments. Sometimes over educated people just makes me go arggggg.
  • Maybe I should sell my first two which I over paid for in renovation etc...
  • Fixing major appliances isn't too difficult. The web will help you diagnose the problem, and then you just order a part and bolt it on. If you diagnose the wrong part, just return it and order the right one.

    It isn't quick, but can save you a $100 in labor, easy.

    I am not sure I would have the patience to be a landlord. Tenants are very picky, and want everything done for them.

    I'd have no problem having an exterminator visit regularly, but if a tenant can't/won't do basic maintenance on their unit (like unclog their own drains), I would try to not renew their lease.

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