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Farewell to The Usual

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Today I got confirmation that The Usual has closed for good. I think the owners sold the business/building.
For the last 10 years my family and I frequented The Usual. They were one of the few food options when we first moved to PH. You fed my kids before school on most days when we were too rushed to do it ourselves. You always were happy to see us. We became friends with the staff and enjoyed our times together. Very sad to see you go. 
PH just won't be the same for me without Johnny and Mike.


  • I do hope they were able to get their desired price. They had listed it a few times over the last year or so: http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/45007/the-usual-will-no-longer-happen-on-vanderbilt-near-prospect/p1
  • that's quite sad. good diners like this are finding it harder and harder to stay open--which almost doesnt make sense because the service they provide is so basic and important. i guess the only reason i didn't go here at least every week when i lived in P Heights is because i get out of work super late. maybe it's because of the growing trend of companies working their employees too late to enjoy small local businesses...
  • I am heartbroken. I loved coming to The Usual with my kid and getting decently priced pancakes at 8am in the morning. 
  • I feel for you people even if I live across "the Avenue" in Park Slope.

    Is this the end of a borough as we've all known and loved it?  I certainly hope not -- but I fear it is.


  • Oh, I'm so sad!  I loved The Usual.  I wish I had had a chance to say a proper good-bye!

    What's left?  There's Tom's, which is overrun on the weekends, and there's Neptune Diner II, which is OK.  Sigh....
  • Park Cafe on 7th Ave. between Berkeley and Union is a pretty good diner. Not The Usual good, but much better than the crappy diner than used to be on Flatbush Ave. (the space that's now El Gran Castillo).
  • We checked out Gran Castillo's breakfast this weekend.  Not too shabby.  It will definitely become a contender.  Now to compare with Neptune II....
  • Now, Nourish Thai Home Cooking.

    It's very authentic in the vein of Look Thai on Washington, with a little more artisinal chefism.  Went specifically for a dish we haven't tried since our thailand trip. 

    Big thumbs up. even in a world full of thai restaurants. 
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    Wow, when did Nourish Thai open?? I can't believe I've never noticed it when going to the grocery/wine shops nearby. I lived in Thailand for a long time so I prefer to cook my own, and admittedly I hated Thai food in Brooklyn long before moving to Thailand anyway. I would need a trusted rec before paying the prices they're charging, but I'm intrigued that Thai in the Crown Heights/Prospect Heights/Park Slope general region seems to finally be going legit. Look is really good for this area, but I also have no real reason to go except for one dish I don't want to bother making.
  • It is a great addition. GO early though, it gets very crowded, as well it should.
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