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Church/Nostrand cleanup

In conjunction with Tilder Block Association ( a cleanup in the general area of the 2/5 stop at Church Ave will be taking place. Join us at 9AM at Dunkin Donuts - 1467 Nostrand. We will supply trash bags, but bring a pair of gloves if you want them. We will clean up the area, meet some neighbors, and discuss the possibility of starting a neighborhood association to be proactive in this area.

Come on out and help us clean up our neighborhood!


  • Dang! Would have loved to help out. Are there any clean ups planned in the future?
  • None scheduled yet, but we'll try to do it every few weeks. I'll be posting here when we do it - we'd love to have you!

    If you want to complain to business owners and managers at Walgreens about the trash and people urinating everywhere - that might help too!
  • I support this endeavor 100% and would love to assist next time! 
  • Does the Erasmus neighborhood association have any involvement with clean ups? I notice their banners flying around this intersection, but I am not sure what they actually do?
  • @dl we'd love to have you!

    @BrookynAve I don't know anything about the Erasmus group. We just started trying to do this on a regular basis with the hope that cleanliness will be somewhat contagious. We'd love to see some of the neighborhood business start a BID for our area as well...

    Either way, all are welcome to clean! We're taking this Sunday off for Father's Day, but I should have a new date soon to post--

    Any interest in trying to start up a new neighborhood association centered around the Church/Nostrand intersection? We could clean up trash, paint over graffiti, rally our neighbors and that sort of thing.

    Our block association does a great job for our block, but it would be great to have a larger community group focused on this area.
  • There is also a fenced in area between the McDonalds and the Chase that attracts garbage. 
    One would think that businesses such as these have janitorial staff who are on top of this sort of thing. 
  • As per the Erasmus Neighborhood Federation website, I encourage others to contact them and encourage their federations goals.

    Commercial Revitalization

    ENF has long recognized that a successful commercial corridor is a necessary component in securing the community's continued viability, and through the use of our Commercial Revitalization Program, we have worked fervently to ensure that our commercial corridor remains vibrant. In 1995, we secured five million dollars in commercial revitalization and capital improvement grants from the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal and the New York Public Development Corporation to renovate twenty vacant store fronts and overhaul the streetscape on Church and Nostrand Avenues.

    The boundaries of the commercial corridor are: Church Avenue between Rogers and Utica Avenue; Rogers Avenue between Snyder Avenue and Linden Blvd; and Nostrand Avenue between Linden Blvd and Snyder Avenue. Today our Commercial Revitalization Program continues to work with merchants, property owners, tenants and elected officials. Our objective is to make the Church/Nostrand Avenue Commercial Corridor a shopping destination frequented by shoppers from neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn. To achieve this objective, we partner with merchants to develop and implement initiatives designed to foster economic development, improve physical appearance, attract and retain shoppers and expand business. We also offer marketing assistance for new and existing businesses.

    NYC Clean Streets is an example of one of the initiatives. This program is a partnership between ENF and New York Department of Small Business Services (SBS) and is designed to keep the streets along the commercial corridor free of trash, graffiti and illegal bills and posters
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  • Good information on the Erasmus Neighborhood Federation -- hopefully we'll start seeing more of their efforts in our area.

    Next group clean up is going to be Sunday, June 28, at 9AM. Meet at the Dunkin Donuts - 1467 Nostrand. 

    Bring some work gloves and a broom if you have it, we'll supply trash bags.

    Hope to see you all there!

  • yes, i think my partner would be interested in being part of a Church/Nostrand neighborhood association. he lives right around the corner and we are often dismayed to see the sad state of garbage in that intersection. i'll pass along the information
  • I will be there!
  • Wonderful! Hope to see many of you on Sunday at 9AM - Dunkin Donuts at 1467 Nostrand.

    Bring some gloves and a broom if you'd like and we'll bring out the trash bags...

    unless its raining... in which case we'll have to try another week.
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