429 Rogers (at Lefferts) is becoming Taste of Brooklyn — Brooklynian


  • I can't wait to see what this place is about
  • The storefront was previously the home to Crave Sports Bar and Lounge

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    Signage up, facade exposed.      It looks like it could open within the next two weeks or so.

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    Soft opening this weekend.

    ...photos not by whynot_31

  • What's up with this $12 drink trend??? There are plenty of very nice restaurants and bars that do well and don't have 12 dollar cocktails...
  • How was the food?
  • I have not been yet. This thread mostly exists because a friend is pretty psych'd about having a new place near her.

    Grand Opening Friday, July 31

  • I met Rick that summer after he opened Taste. He spoke of how hard it was to open by way of all the permits and renovations needed. I was excited to have a spot nearby and more so to know the person who opened it grew up in the neighborhood. I was then horrified a month later upon learning of his death. Flatbushed reports on the sale of 429 Rogers Ave. Yet their reporting goes beyond the old report of sale. The writers there have done a stellar job researching the history of the property, particularly regarding another shooting at the same location 80 years prior. It is a must read...chilling. http://flatbushed.com/singsing/
  • IMG_2607 Looks like someone is going to open up a bar/lounge soon. Hope they keep the fish tank.
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