"Riverdel is a gourmet, vegan cheese shop opening up in Brooklyn, New York in late 2015.

We believe in a different kind of cheese...one that doesn't need dairy! We
will offer a large variety of vegan, artisanal cheeses, non-dairy
yogurts and nut milks. We'll also make fresh cheese, yogurts and nut
milks in house. Our goal is to be the foremost vegan cheese specialist
in the greater New York area.

Our shop will also offer a selection of fine sandwiches, showcasing the
various cheeses available. In addition we'll offer cheese flights,
cheese platters, crafts beers, wine and a large variety of complimenting
 such as crackers, jams, chutneys, etc. Our cheeses will be sourced from all over the country, but we also support local companies by carrying artisanal "Made in Brooklyn" products."