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Caton Market Redevelopment

Mathieu Eugene had a press conference this morning. 

Info is coming in over twitter. 

Looks like 166 units, 10 (?) stories, "new amenities, affordable housing, cultural space. "


  • I think Rachel from DNA info was there. hopefully there will be an article about this soon. I passed by this event on my way to work. I think this building is ugly but not the worst, and mostly i'm hoping for affordable units + quick pace. I really don't want yet another empty lot/halfway built building for this corner.
  • I am glad this administration has balanced the affordable housing requirements in a way that the developers still have an incentive to build.

    I was worried during the beginning of his term...
  • I'ma just post an article about it, in case anyone looking for more info drops by:

    Maybe I'm just crazy, but I kinda dig the design. But I do share the concern about them taking their time. Suppleknuckles is absolutely right about that.
  • The most profitable buildings are often built the fastest.

    There are only some many laborers and excavators, and they are often allocated in the way that brings the best ROI.
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