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I hate garbage dumpers. — Brooklynian

I hate garbage dumpers.

In this green bloodly earth why would someone throw their recycles into someone elses????

Makes sense it does not. But it's been happening for a while now. I took my recycles to the basement. To avoid this. I caught my neighbors many times. They would leave their mail in there. Now They no longer do.

I would take recycles out last night, Someone would put recycles into our side this morning after the trucks leave. Makes no damn sense. They could just throw it out on their building.

It's extra work we don't need.

Rant, the neighbors that I caught are morons just sheer morons, they were just lazy and left all their stuff inside.

I hope to dig thru this new pile and find some paper work etc.. Last week nothing. Either the neighbors got smart or someone just being a lazy asshole on their way to work.

311 is no help either. I call them and tell them oh my neighbor been dumping garbage into my side and I have garbage proof!!!! Response from sanitation next day would be, oh we saw no dumping. I'm like they do it in the morning. Not the next day after I call you!!!! Your investigators are useless. I even leave my number with you. So you can call and get garbage and proof etc.. Instead they just dimiss my 311 complaint ticket.

This happen to my prospect heights place today and last week.

This isn't just prospect heights. My other places too in other Neighbors who just don't do garbage or recycle.

I got a old tv and a ticket a few months back from a neighbor who was moving out. I know which building it belongs to. and I went and rang bell and gave them their tv lol. I call the landlord and they were like oh. Sorry etc.. But his tenant is a grade A moron! I still pay for expensive ticket!


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  • How much was the ticket for? If it is expensive enough you might want to take the other landlord to court. 

    I'm convinced that this having to take electronics to recycling day events simply encourages illegal dumping. Right now, I've got a desktop I need to dispose of and it's too heavy for me to carry to the recycling center and too cumbersome for me to strap to my bike. When the Department of Sanitation came up with this hair brained scheme they realized that not every one has a car right? I could see how if the TV is large enough there could be no practical legal way to dispose of it. 
  • I believe such tickets are $100.    Here is where DSNY wants you to take your electronics:

  • Which explains why there are so many illegaly dumped TVs on Eastern Parkway. 
  • I've also noticed that most of the discarded CRT TV's have been taken apart.     The scrappers take out something that has value (copper?) and then discard the rest of the unit.
  • It seems like it's just as much work to put the recycling across the street as it is to just put it out in front of your building on the right day.  Ugh.  People are so dumb.
  • If it helps, Best Buy will also take back electronics. But I believe they limit themselves to 6 at a time, not sure; you might want to check in advance.

    Also, if you're thinking of getting rid of a CPU, laptop, or anything like that, please remember to protect yourself and remove the hard drive. Keep that. (Many of you know this, but it doesn't occur to everyone.)