Snowpocalypse! What's open? — Brooklynian

Snowpocalypse! What's open?

What bars are open? I know Bar Corvo is closed.

Are any delis open? I need cat food.


  • Earlier in the day the bodgea by the Met on Washington was open.
  • Oh good, good. I heard Bearded Lady was open. Any word on Washington Commons?
  • As per

    Tooker Alley
    Crown Inn
    are all open...
  • My friend and I left the house hoping at least one place would be open for breakfast. Ended up spending the whole day hopping from one place to another. Lots of people weren't phased by the weather. It was fun. Toms then Cafe Forte then Crown Inn then Mayfield then Franklin Park. All packed. Chavelas and centanni were closed.
  • Well, now my cat is starving.

    Brooklyn Museum deli isn't picking up the phone, and neither is the place on the corner of Lincoln and Washington.

    Any word on delis? My poor cat is crying out for foooooood.

  • Bob and Betty's was open a few hours ago, but I imagine closed now.
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