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Parking Lot/Space Near Washington and Sterling

Hi -

I am trying to see if it's feasible to have a car in the neighborhood and I'm trying to get a feel of how much parking lot/spots may be around the area. Do any of you guys know? And if so, do you also know which lots are available?

If not, how is street parking with alternate parking 2x? Is it difficult to do? How hard is it to find a spot?



  • While parking may be a concern the first thing you should do is check out the price of insurance. Then add in gas, repairs and other miscellaneous stuff and figure out if it's feasible for your budget. You may be surprised and find that using zipcar or car2go is a better choice. Or car service for that matter.
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    My household estimated the cost of car ownership, parking and insurance to be about $800 a month. On street parking wasn't an option for us. So, when I last checked, parking between Nostrand and Utica was about $200 a month. Between Nostrand and Washington it was $325.
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    I checked insurance - for me it would be around $80-$100. Gas, repairs, etc would be okay for me. I'm just concerned about parking - and if street parking is doable or a hassle.

  • Parking can be a hassle depending on how often your block(s) get swept. If you're strategic and sometimes willing to walk a few blocks you'll be ok though. For example, if you can't find anything on weeknights there's usually a few open spots near the museum/McNair park either on Washington and Classon. And ultimately if you have no other choice you can always pay for a spot in the museum lot.
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