Permits filed for parking lot on Church at Bedford - Brooklynian

Permits filed for parking lot on Church at Bedford

The other half and i have been talking about this spot for ages--it's on what we consider being the saddest chunk of Church Ave in the area. Smack in the middle between two beautiful church grounds--the Dutch Reform on Flatbush and Holy Cross Church on the corner of Veronica place--it's directly opposite a seemingly abandoned newly constructed church, a gas station, and catty-corner to the dilapidated once-beautiful Flatbush School No. 1 (and views of Erasmus in the background). It's an area with great potential, particularly because the blocks of Church avenue directly east and west to it are lively and bustling with commerce, and i also think it's equidistant from the B/Q as well as the 2/5. 

This lot is a very sad looking parking lot, with an even sadder sidewalk littered with trash and nowadays, un-shoveled ice. I have to say, I welcome the construction of new apartments on this half of the block. I can hardly think of a block in the immediate area that needs a lift more than this. I wonder if new construction on this corner would somehow prompt a revitalization of the School No.1 building? Or, more likely at this point, a mercy killing? 



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