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New Indian restaurant Nimbooda on Washington Av (@ Bergen)

Anyone checked out this new spot? Opened recently (poster says "Grand Opening" was a week ago, Fri Feb 26) in the storefront that was previously a small grocery/deli (Neemu?)

My guess is the people that opened this restaurant are neighborhood Bangladeshis who also operated Neemu. (There's a sizable Bengali presence in the area--e.g. the mosque down the block on Bergen closer to Grand.)

It looks like they did a nice job renovating the interior, but it will be going head to head with the longstanding Sapid just a couple blocks north (which is also owned by neighborhood Bengalis)



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    This storefront was previously operated by Indians, and tried to simultaneously sell pizza and Indian food.

    ...I hope these are different operators or they upped their game, because I didn't like either before. 

  • I'm really a big fan of Sapid, and it's where I go when I need my biryani fix.  I think there's always room for good Indian food, but it would take a lot to get me to switch at this point.

    I'm wondering if Sapid changed hands recently, or if I just there when the usual staff had the night off.
  • I tried Nimbooda over the weekend was hugely impressed. An normally partial to Joy or India Place but will definitely be re-ordering.
  • Ms. Whynot and I went to Nimbooda last night because the new Thai place is closed on Monday's.

    We ranked Nimbooda as better tasting than the two Indian places on Franklin.   ...and being nicer than Sapid.

    ...we will be back to Nimbooda. 

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