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  • I've never been to one of these theaters as I'm not a hipster but are the meals served before, after or during the movie because people usually like to talk when they eat and it would seem awfully distracting to me if I really wanted to see the movie.
  • @pragmaticguy I had the same concern when I first heard about this type of theater, but I've been going to Nitehawk several times a year since it opened and there are rarely issues. The servers are extremely deft at getting food and drinks to and from tables without noise or distraction, and generally the clientele are courteous. Given that its not a theater for kids and teens, I would venture to say that your experience will be better than your average general admission theater. It's easy to lump this into something for hipsters I guess, but it's definitely more than that. I'd put it more in the realm of Film Forum or BAM, but with better food and no children.
  • Sorry, missed your main question: the meals are served during.
  • it's less a theater for hipsters and more a theater for people on dates. i've only been there once, with a few friends to watch a movie that would have been better to watch in complete silence (none of us got to sit next to each other, either). nevertheless, the serving experience wasn't very obtrusive (you order by writing on a piece of paper), and the food was really good. if i were going to see, say, and action/adventure movie or a comedy there with only one person, that would probably be ideal. no horror movies or drama. 

    i'm just glad a competent theater operator is taking over. i still won't be able to get a *normal* theater experience within 2 miles of my home, but this is something at least! 
  • Well, I didn't know who the theater catered to but the article that was linked said it was a hipster type of crowd so that's where I referenced from.
  • Hipster. I'm not even sure what the word means anymore. It's so overused and has been for the last 15 years. Whatever culture it used to refer to has become so mainstream that it has lost it's original outsider description.

    I've been to Nitehawk many times and my experience there has always been very pleasant. It's a limited-seating niche-market theatre that plays mostly new release mid-range indie movies that might not make their way to an AMC or Regal-type venue. On the off-hours, they also play older cult classics of all types. Many films are paired with themed cocktails and food.

    The string of clips that they cull together to play before the movie starts is always a treat to watch. They're always brilliantly curated, film-specific, and highly entertaining. They clearly just love movies and pop culture.

    I'm a big fan so I'm glad they've decided to expand. It think they'll do well in Park Slope.

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