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1027 President b/w Franklin and Bedford: development watch

This was a single family home and now a developer is turning into apartments.  They had a stop work order and now seem at full tilt.  They're going up several floors and even extending themselves over the drive way in between the buildings.  Many on the block were upset and we're trying (and I believe still trying) to achieve landmarking status so this type of overhaul won't happen again.  As a passerby I was questioing the way they were throwing out garbage.  So much in the renovation/tear down process is toxic and harmful.  People aren't as informed as they should be...


  • Can you get us the address? I google the address plus "brooklynian" to find threads and update them.
  • It's 1027.  Can't figure out how to edit/change title...
  • No need to change the title, but that is done by pressing the little gear icon top right. Google will be able to pick it up as a result of 1027 President.

    At some point in the future, one of us might update the thread with a rendering.
  • By the way, I vaguely remember also spotting another development site on Montgomery(?)  between Bedford and Rogers on the way to one of the Brooklynian meetups. This doesn't surprise me.
  • I gave up on trying to jabber about a lot of the smaller ones.

    So much construction
  • Gonna look a little out of place on this block
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