Vanderbilt's Korean War has begun — Brooklynian

Vanderbilt's Korean War has begun

edited October 2015 in Prospect Heights
And unfortunately for Bopsot there seems to a clear winner already.

I think the food at both places is good, and the menus, while different, feel the same. It's Korean food - not too out of the box - Not trying to be different.

But while Bopsot, pretty much hung a new flag on an already built French restaurant and kept it otherwise as is, White Tiger created a vibe (lighting, music, energy all carefully curated), and you need just walk by during dinner hours to see, it REALLY worked.

When I ate there with friends, my sentiment was, anyone who opens a restaurant in brooklyn and doesn't try to establish some sense of atmosphere doesn't really want to make money.

And this example of two restaurants on the same block, with similar menus, one with an established style, and one void of it, is a scenario that so perfectly makes this point, the Freakanomics guys could probably do a podcast on it.


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