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Former St. Teresa School to train court officers - Page 3 — Brooklynian

Former St. Teresa School to train court officers



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    yup.   They appear to have finished the pointing work on the exterior of the auditorium, but the interior remains a hollow shell.

    And, the netting around the other buildings is still up. 
  • Okay so this dodo, pulled a gun on a guy armed with a weapon in a security guard uniform and asked for his gun and money? This is simply a Darwin Award come to life.
  • Would it be wrong to wonder if the Dormatory Authority is equally competent?

    They have not completed this project despite having over 10 years on the job.

    Maybe one guy choose to be a mugger, and his twin brother went to work for the Dormatory Authority?
  • Welcome to low bidder hell. I'll give a ridiculous low-ball bid to get the work, then drag through the project, make significant errors that require change orders, pull my crew to work on higher-paying private jobs that actually have performance goals (and penalties) and stretch a twenty-four month project out to five years. At the end, I've made as much as if I would have put a realistic bid in, and as a contractor that has "successfully" completed a govt' project, I get to continue as a preferred contractor, or are part of govt call-in contract lists. 
    Ain't democracy grand???
  • I prefer the bribe system.
  • When will this cruel building be complete? ARGH ARGH ARGH
  • I wonder how much the Court Officers have had to spend at their "temporary" downstate academy as a result of the delays.

    Lodging at hotels, meals, etc.

    Will the commanding officer retire before their dream of a new academy is realized?
  • The site has now been under New York State's control for in excess of a decade.

    However, NYS has yet to receive any benefit.
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    Windows now in and facade exposed on main building.

  • They are only now installing the interior finishing.
  • I believe the walls are all closed, and interior fixtures are going in. We might get a few politicians congratulating themselves and the officers on their new academy soon.
  • Still seems like they have to finish up the glass walkway that carries the utilities between the buildings.
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    The last graduation of Court Officers occurred on June 20th, and was composed of 117 members. The actual ceremony was held in Albany.
  • The exterior scaffolding (sidewalk bridge) was recently removed. However, exterior construction still seems to be happening in the courtyard.
  • Interior FURNISHINGS are now going in. So, I expect politicians to congratulate themselves on their fine, efficient accomplishment this spring.
  • Who should I speak to about this project, our community board? I’ve lived across from this project for over a decade and we are at our wits end with the noise, my partner works from home. I can’t believe how much money (OUR tax money) has been poured into this clown car of a company dragging out construction for years and there has been no consequences.
  • When the politicians arrive to congratulate themselves and cut the ribbon, I suppose you could yell at them.