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United Deli Washington EP - Page 2 — Brooklynian

United Deli Washington EP



  • The closest 7-11 to us is on Atlantic, near Brooklyn Ave

    It is kind of a far walk for a Slurpee, but I have done it.

  • whynot_31 said:

    Until they change out the merchandise, yes, that is what this resembles.

    Time will tell whether they replace/upgrade the merchandise one item at a time.

    I am pleased to report that today, a large, ugly, ancient, filthy reach-in chest freezer has been moved to the curb.

    The interior upgrade of the store fixtures and merchandise has begun

  • Unfortunately this doesn't look like a St. John's marketplace renovation. More like lipstick on a pig. :(

  • They have a big wood board covering one of the glass panels. Vandals broke the glass. This is why we can't have nice things.

  • Yup.

    They are in a very awkward stage, in which they have not yet invested enough in renovations to attract the St John's Marketplace demographic, yet are still very dependent on people who shop for 40s and cigarettes late at night and in the very early morning.

    They know they can't satisfy both groups.

    They know the St John's Marketplace demographic is the future, yet they lack the capital and the courage to make the leap.

    To my knowledge, they remain open 24 hours. Once they completely switch over, they will be able to reduce their hours to 7 AM - 11 PM.

  • New Awning Up:

    Just a few years ago:

  • While this place came up with the capital to replace its external appearance, it never took the step of getting rid of its present merchandise.

    A new upscale market is rumored to be in the works for 810 Washington, and my outlook is not positive for the proprietors of United.

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    Less than 3 years later, this place is closed and getting a complete renovation.

    New Flooring, new kitchen, grocery stock has all been removed.

    Based on my view today, they might get to the level that one can eat inside the deli.
    Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 7.58.56 PM
  • Now that Key Food has closed, it has added fruit and veggies. image
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    Vegetables were not available for long, and now the operator is telling people walking by that everything must go. It sounds like the store will be gone by Jan 1. ...despite their best efforts to adapt to the neighborhood's changing means and preferences.
  • The United Deli guys told a neighbor that the whole building is getting “rehauled”. We were curious what that entailed.
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    Yes, it should be interesting to see if the city is behind the "rehauling". Readers may not be aware that the apartments are occupied by tenants with behavioral health issues. ...a non-profit oversees the units.
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    United Deli now closed. I suspect this would be a great location for a bar/restaurant. ...especially if other storefronts close and are able to be combined as a result of the rehauling.
  • There is that sliver of backyard that would make a nice eating area too... or anything would be better than weeds
  • I would want to combine it with the adjacent yard. Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.52.11 PM
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    The Atty and the cell phone store likely have no formal access to it. Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.53.28 PM
  • We can dream! Someone in my building threw a “seed bomb” over the fence hoping a garden could grow.
  • I admittedly almost never shopped there, but I'm really bummed about this. Mainly because their renovation (oddly, removing alcohol after being OK selling it for such a long time?) was done so recently--they must have lost a lot of money. Does anyone know where the guys went?