766 Classon (formerly Glass shop coffee) and 768 Classon (formerly Pete Zaaz) become Zaaz Pizza — Brooklynian

766 Classon (formerly Glass shop coffee) and 768 Classon (formerly Pete Zaaz) become Zaaz Pizza

The former site of the Glass Shop hoped to open on October 10th, and serve sandwiches.

766 Classon


Pete Zaaz is supposed to return as a pizza shop at some point in the distant future.


  • Stupid question....are they actually naming the store Mmmmm Sandwiches?
  • I suspect not.

    ...but they are not the boss of me.
  • Ah ok. I am curious to know if they will be selling sandwiches only. Seems to be so many other places (the local deli etc) that can put together a sandwich.
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    I believe their strengths will be sandwiches with the ability to sit and eat.

    They may offer salads and soups if they sense demand.

    Their proximity to the Court Officers Academy (believed to staffing up in Spring 2015, and then actually having its first class in Fall 2015) may be key to the sandwich strategy.

  • I see. Possible lunch spot.
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    never mind. I posted about Pete Zaaz reopening and then realized it was already in another thread elsewhere. 
  • Has anyone seen any construction in the former Glass shop yet?
  • No activity yet. Both storefronts are dark and quiet.
  • Actually, the lights were on today. I've seen folks working in Glass Shop.
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    This weekend, I saw activity in the Pete Zaaz space.    They also have a flyer stating they are seeking a waiter on the door.

    Sounds like it is supposed to reopen pretty soon.

    Kitchen inspection has been requested: http://www.nychealthratings.com/nycrestapp/restaurantlanding/3/Crown Heights/43401

    ...no word on the sandwich portion that we were originally told would open on October 10, 2014.
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    Pete Zaaz reopened yesterday.     It has new owners, and is now simply known as "Zaaz"

    Pete is out of the picture.
  • Not open tonight. Is it just pizza? Or sandwiches? Or what?
  • It's closed today because it's Sunday. It'll be open again tomorrow.
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    They have taken over the Glass Shop space for seating. It is just pizza.

    Sandwiches are not coming.
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  • Is that potato pizza?!
  • Thanks for the menu pic, @whynot_31!
    Do you know if those are 'personal' pizzas or larger?
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    I believe two people could split a pizza and call it a meal.
  • Barboncino, ogliastro, Amorina, Rosco's, and now Zaaz. I think we're good on "fancy" pizza.
  • Indeed.

    I suspect that may have been part of Pete's decision to shed this venue and "merely" operate Boomwich in Boerum Hill. http://www.yelp.com/biz/boomwich-brooklyn
  • I'd love for someone to open a really good traditional pizza place. You know classic NYC pie with cheese, pepperoni and sausage. None of this potato and odd junk.
  • I'd love for someone to open a really good traditional pizza place. You know classic NYC pie with cheese, pepperoni and sausage. None of this potato and odd junk.
    Rosco's is my go to "traditional" place in the neighborhood
  • Tony's on Franklin near President is a good traditional pizza place. The owner who is always there is actually Italian and is a nice guy to chat with.
  • Gino's on Washington has improved after moving across the street.
  • Antonio's on Flatbush. 
  • Da Nonna Rosa is hands down our favorite.  They're in Park Slope but deliver to Crown Heights.
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    Rosco's uses frozen, pre-packaged dough.  Yuck.
  • I'm surprised no one has mentioned "Italian Passion Pizza" (FKA Ninos), on Franklin near President.

    It is pretty good. It has been around forever.
  • Oh, Nino's is what I was referring to. Not sure why I called it Tony's. Yes, it is good and open late too.
  • Can we add Patsy's at 450 Dean (corner of Flatbush) to this list yet?

    Looked close to opening a couple weeks ago but I've been out of town since then.

  • Oh, and don't forget Pizza Moto at Berg'n, who told me a few months ago they were adding delivery this spring.

    Mmmm, pizza....

    pizza moto
  • Thanks everybody! I have some pizza eating to do! 
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    The back yards of Zaaz pizza will soon feature horse shoes and movie nights.

  • Ooooh, sod....NICE!
  • Am I the only one that is not seeing a crowd or a large delivery business at Zaaz?
  • dead everytime i walk by (nearly daily).  sad, hope they survive.
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    I'm not sure where to place Zaaz.

    It is similar in price to Ogliastro, which has a much larger crowd and fancier atmosphere. I see lots of young families there, with parents drinking profit-producing alcohol.

    In large part as result of its dim lighting, Barbarchino seems to be going for a couples/dating crowd. Not as many young families.

    In large part of being located in PS 9, Amorina has the most young families, but children are older and the parents less thirsty.

    If I ran Pete Zaaz, I would consider getting out of the pizza business and into the sandwich business. Quickly.

  • Yeah, they are sandwiched (pun intended) between some solid options, and I'd include Rosco's in that for straight up standard pizza + casual environment.

    The space is definitely nice now, both in and out.
  • I really enjoyed the pies from the early days of the original Pete Zaaz - fresh, tasty, well-cooked.  When they "re-opened" I tried another pie...it was inedible.  It was maybe a couple of weeks after they opened, and I generally try and give new places a 2nd chance, but I just haven't had the heart to.
  • Unless they have a secret day time business I am not aware of, I am giving this place until New Years, at the latest.

  • Random views of their popularity have not caused me to change my estimated date of demise.
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    The name Zaaz Pizza is now dead, and they have renamed themselves Holy Moly.


    ...I don't think that is going to be enough.

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    We went a few weeks ago, and the pizza may actually have gotten worse. Every three months or so we give it one last shot, but it's over.

    It's a shame. PeteZaaz made the best slice I've ever had.
  • I can't imagine how they could get worse. I went last year and it was one of the worst pizzas I ever had in my life--and I've tried a lot of really bad pizza in various parts of the world. 

    I remember once when I was about 8 years old I tried to make pizza by mixing water and flower on a toaster oven tray, and then putting jarred Ragu and American cheese on top. I got caught when I tried to flush the smoldering mess down the toilet, and now my family will never let me forget about it. That may have been worse than Zaaz pizza.
  • You should have used flour, rather than flower!

    But at least the mess must have been fragrant...
  • Yes, daisies all over mom's kitchen!
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    They now appear to have sporatic hours.
  • Walked by yesterday when walking my foster dog and sign said they were on sabbatical until further notice. I've personally never eaten there so I hope something excellent eventually comes in. I'm still hoping for great falafel.
  • The death of this place is long overdue. I rarely saw customers in there and saw no signs of takeout or delivery.
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    Strolled by this morning. Liquor sign in the window for a new business. 872 DeKalb Ave LLC / Heights Bar and Grill. Can't get the picture to post properly, but my eyes saw it!
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  • Already shuttered. Closed since the New Year.
  • only lasted a couple months? I never even saw it.
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