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Pay by the minute dog parking now available on Washington Avenue


One apparently puts their dog in the crate, locks it, and then pays by the minute while they shop.

Or, um, drink.


  • An idea whose time has come?


  • Or you know you can leave your dog at home when you run errands instead of stuffing it in the scary box.
  • Saw this the other day, and while not a dog owner, had some concerns/questions, which seem to be addressed (see .  There are 'amenities' such as temperature control, time limits, and restrictions such as vaccination requirements.  This does fill a need for people concerned with dog theft which does happen.
  • One seems to need to be a member to utilize the service.
  • Hey, if this box was a little bigger one could do it with kids too.
  • I just saw one of these in use for the time the other day. The very next day, the thing was gone. I still don't see how these ever made money or how they ever will make money. Not sure how they're obstructing anything on the sidewalk though.
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    I have never seen one in use, so I don't think a lot of people will miss them.
  • That is a horrible idea. Leave your dog at home. How scared they will be in that horrible little box. Woulld u stuff your kid in that? So cruel
  • This weekend's news: I never thought it was a great idea, but I did think it was kind of cool. Tried it a few times with our terrior, on trips to grab a cup of coffee. Work out just fine. Most often though, just ended up shaking my head in wonder passsing by a few of these each day, and NEVER once seeing a furry client inside. Still, sad to see it go. Maybe this woulda be their year.
  • Too bad. They were great for when I got tired of hearing my kids complaining about having to walk so much
  • It is likely to late for this project, but I wonder how hard it would be to daisy chain four together and then rent them out via AirBnB.
  • whynot - I think there's a better chance of someone using these as an airbnb rental that someone using one of these dog rentals for an actual dog. Such a waste of material to deploy so many of these. I guess some people were initially amused by them (you can always tell if someone is visiting if they are gawking at these dog boxes), but what a damn waste.
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    They seemed to have raised $1.5M in seed money for the adventure.
  • they're supposedly planning on deploying 2000 of them this year
  • I can't believe they raised that much in seed money. These things seem like a huge waste of plastic and materials. To the investors' point, I have never seen one of these things in use. Who is going to lock up their dog for an hour?
  • I've seen it in use several times, near the Brooklyn Library on EP.
  • In use by a dog or by an out-of-town family gawking at it with stupefied "only in Brooklyn" looks?
  • With a dog inside. I'm sure its purpose is for people who are running errands with their dog, or visiting the green market, or the library. Personally, I walk my dog to spend time with her, and do errands separately. So I don't see having a use for this, except in a pinch once in a blue moon perhaps. But others might have more use.
  • even the ones on the grounds of the Brooklyn Library are now gone.
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