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  • Brooklyn Arts Fair
    Can I please post on the Prospect Heights and the Park Slope boards? I already posted in the Slope board. I am trying to find the Brooklyn artists sale that is happening today some where around 3rd and 4th Aves and the canal.

    Closed 52 views 2 comments Started by roux42 Site Issues
  • PH vs PS Top Billing
    If Prospect Heights has more TOPICS and POSTS than Park Slope,
    why doesn't PH get top billing in the index?
    Closed 69 views 6 comments Started by wirenut Site Issues
  • complaints about mod decisions
    Hamilton wrote: [quote=Putnam-denizen]I think you were attacked for (or rather razzed a bit about) was when given an opportunity to talk about your relationship to black people, you limited yourself to describing the times they were perpetrators of crime. When this was pointed out, you said, no, no, you had supervised very nice black ...
    Closed 30 views 2 comments Started by anonymous Site Issues
  • bickering
    Hamilton wrote: [quote=guru]Look, up in the sky... it's a bird... no it's a plane... no it's Hamilton. Who disguised as a not so mild mannered blogger fights a never ending battle for ...

    Lame as usual !

    MOD NOTE: Enough bickering, guys. Let's get back on topic.

    Define bickering moderator ...
    Closed 39 views 2 comments Started by anonymous Site Issues
  • How do I delete/change my user name?
    I just created an account and I tried a user name that had some weird characters in it to see if it would be accepted. Well it was and I thought, "Cool". But apparently even if it is accepted it doesnt mean it will be displayed properly. So as you can probably see my username ...
    Closed 73 views 8 comments Started by anonymous Site Issues
  • A question about the photos
    It seems that the same group of maybe half a dozen photos gets used for the upper left hand corner a darn lot. Though I hardly ever see my own photos, I don't mind that so much because I have so few: of the 1300+ photos in the group pool and nearly 2500 tagged, only ...
    Closed 43 views 2 comments Started by annaclaire Site Issues
  • Should King Without a Crown Be Banned from Daily Heights?
    Recently I have come under attack from certain users and have been threatened with Site Suspension. Please Vote I'm Curious. The incidents in question are the banter between myself and Lilbangledesh.

    Admin note: Please note that the poll at the top of this thread was added by a site moderator and not written by ...
    Closed 92 views 21 comments Started by king without a crown Site Issues
  • download movie spam
    Can't something be done about those download movie ads? It's annoying, it crowds out the ads of legitimate posters, and I don't think these guys are in Brooklyn. There's nothing specifically Brooklynite about these ads. These guys are just internet spammers.
    Closed 54 views 2 comments Started by lilbangladesh Site Issues
  • Daylight Savings Time: change your profile
    If your board times are off on Brooklynian, go into your profile and change the time to
    GMT - 5

    Closed 18 views 1 comment Started by pitu Site Issues
  • Does anyone know how to resize photos?
    If anyone does, can you please make Cabaki's cat photo in this thread a little smaller so it doesn't make the browser wider than most people's screens?
    I did a little Googling to try to figure it out but all I could find was a bunch of scripts and techie stuff that was beyond ...
    Closed 66 views 5 comments Started by apollonia666 Site Issues
  • I just joined a few minutes ago!
    I just joined; Please educate me as to how this website works!

    Closed 44 views 2 comments Started by peddle Site Issues
  • name calling
    Where is the moderator now? I smell some baiting and name calling!
    Closed 28 views 1 comment Started by leeho Site Issues
  • Tech Question - RSS Feed?
    I'm actually somewhat tech savvy but I cannot figure out how to RSS feed Brooklynian posts into my reader. I did a search and came up with a few things here and there but none of it really worked.

    Any suggestions? Thanks =)
    Closed 46 views 4 comments Started by am Site Issues
  • over moderated??
    In this case it made sense. Overall though this place is over-moderated.
    Closed 80 views 9 comments Started by innocent x Site Issues
  • emoticons
    Why are a lot of the emoticons disabled now?
    Closed 48 views 2 comments Started by lilbangladesh Site Issues
  • Is it just me?
    For the last 3 days I have had a problem connecting to through Firefox. I get the following message

    You don't have permission to access /forums/index.php on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. "

    Closed 69 views 16 comments Started by stacey Site Issues
  • Help-Can't reply to a topic
    Subject: Help-Can't reply to a topicfirst, thanks for the renovations and all of your work.

    my issue is that suddenly when i go to reply to a topic already on the board, i get form for a "new topic" and am unable to reply.

    may be the work you are doing, not sure.
    Closed 33 views 2 comments Started by lmboogie Site Issues
  • merging in posts from the temporary board?
    Did / will the posts to the temporary board from last week's interregnum get integrated somehow?
    Closed 52 views 5 comments Started by doctorj Site Issues
  • What's up with the new Dig It, links everywhere?
    Subject: What's up with the new Dig It, links everywhere?On the side of each persons post?
    Closed 50 views 4 comments Started by MOD Site Issues
  • Slooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    This site has been loading so slowly for me (all other sites are loading at normal speed).

    Just me, or something going on?
    Closed 56 views 8 comments Started by leasehelp Site Issues
  • Flickr Photos
    I posted this on the Flickr Brooklynian group as well...

    While many of the images added to the Brooklynian pool on Flickr and showing up here on are fantastic, there are some less than stellar images. I know my opinion will differ from others and this is a completely subjective topic, but shouldn't ...
    Closed 120 views 15 comments Started by arock75 Site Issues
  • Board Rules- be nice
    we have few rules here, but the primary one is we ask people to be nice in order to foster a neighborly tone here.

    i didn't realize anyone on this board would judge what qualifies as a "nice" comment. this thread didn't even go anywhere and you immediately pointed to the rules. ...
    Closed 80 views 15 comments Started by lmboogie Site Issues
  • can I save a thread?
    Sometimes there's a thread which i want to save, kind of like a "memories" feature if you're familiar with livejournal. Something that wouldn't be public but that I could come to the site and retrieve the threads that I liked, or had some useful info, etc.

    Is that a feature we can get?
    Closed 49 views 5 comments Started by doublediamond Site Issues
  • New! Updated! Rules for using this site
    Just a note to let y'all all know there have been a couple of new additions to the rules, mainly clarifications regarding shilling and sockpuppetry.

    Also, ignorance of the rules is no excuse for general asshattery. So you might want to take a gander to learn about the new rules and ...
    Closed 56 views 12 comments Started by apollonia666 Site Issues
  • How about a recycling forum?
    Where members can recycle things they don't want to throw out, like packaging materials?

    I know I am new here--but I got this idea from another member's posting in the classified. And I know sites exist like this, but this would be much more neighborhood-specific!
    Closed 52 views 5 comments Started by starbuck Site Issues
    Because everytime I try to jump on a thread I get this message about "max_user_connections."
    Closed 63 views 5 comments Started by raw Site Issues
  • Brooklynian photo pool!
    A new photo pool is feeding the random images, upper left.
    You join Brooklynian pool on Flickr, and tag the photos Brooklynian.

    Closed 191 views 65 comments Started by pitu Site Issues
  • live music, theater?
    I'm curious to know if bloggers come out to hear live music and if so what kinds of music.

    Also, what about theater? Any recommendations for either?
    Closed 20 views 1 comment Started by charles Site Issues
  • Moving topics from board to board...when and why?
    sweet tea wrote: i wasn't aware that The Black Community had become a monolith....

    on a MOD note, i've moved this out of the CH forum, since it's not about CH.

    You really should explain this move!
    Closed 45 views 10 comments Started by anonymous Site Issues
  • How to use this board, not get deleted or thread locked
    When individual posters violate the rules repeatedly, we temporarily suspend their account. If the poster persists in name-calling or race-baiting or whatever the heck they were doing that was not cool, the account gets banned. We don't want to be yet another internet flame station - we want to talk to our neighbors!

    You ...
    Closed 24 views 1 comment Started by pitu Site Issues