Butter & Scotch: dessert bar in Crown Heights
  • Brooklyn Flea vendors. They are kickstarting.
    The bakers are working to open a dessert-and-cocktail bar in Crown Heights.
  • so exciting! ive had their stuff at the flea, and while i find much of the food there lackluster, these guys had it together. really, really good.

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/butterandscotch/butter-and-scotch-the-home-stretch

    hmmm. They are not disclosing their address.... They were looking at Franklin Avenue:

    Butter and Scotch

    Okay, brace yourselves folks–you’re about to dive into some of the most impossibly cute New Brooklyn sentences ever written. Brooklyn Flea vets Keavy Landreth of Kumquat Cupcakery and Allison Kave of First Place Pies are teaming up on this craft cocktail and dessert bar. Expect a “strong dialogue between the bar and pastry kitchen,” as in seasonal ingredients that are incorporated into both sundae syrups and cocktail bitters. Look for a mini-cupcake and liqueur flight with options like chocolate lavender cupcakes and chai amaro, plus savory lunch plates and bar snacks like dark and stormy caramel corn. Phew. The duo are still in search of a space, but are targeting Franklin Avenue in hopes of a May/June opening.


    ....But that, clearly, did not pan out

  • I'm calling Nostrand first. Classon is my second guess.

  • I'd put it in that new building on Classon at Dean, somewhere near there.

  • Definitely a good spot at Dean if the rent isn't loco bananas. The renderings seem to be a corner location. Beauty World?

  • Could be. But that would be a massive space. I think the LL of Beauty World is smart enough to rent to a business so established that it does not have to do Kickstarter.

  • I bet they'll have some really delicious and experimental cocktails. They got me, I'm donating for the love of alcohol and sweets. They went straight for my heart.

  • How about the space at 587 Franklin, or the new storefronts at 591 Franklin?

    These are both on the market.

    (Links were included, but were then removed due to site reorg)
  • Hmmm... the rendering looks to me like the corner of Franklin and St. John's, where Climax used to be. A solid option, considering Barboncino doesn't serve desserts other than gelato and its patrons may welcome a dessert spot just a few steps away.

  • I wish this would come to the Beauty World spot! Alas, it will probably be at the old Climax spot.

  • The old Climax spot will soon be filled, so that's out.

    I'd put it in the old Chavella's space on Classon, but I don't think there is enough foot traffic there.

  • Let it be on Nostrand. Franklin is doomed with starbucks moving in.

  • When did kickstarting a restaurant become the thing to do? I'm sorry but if you can't make it with traditional funding your in trouble.

  • The thing is I feel like some of these restaurants/establishments already HAVE the traditional funding, through investors, friends, savings etc but Kickstarter allows them to gain some extra investment. This is why you see a $20,000 Kickstarter make $5000 over a few weeks and then suddenly with one day to go, they've raised $20,100. I think it's fine, however these places can get in the game they should do it. Kickstarter will be tradition eventually

  • Because the media uses Kickstarter as a source of "what is likely to open" it is a way for new businesses to obtain free advertising.

    Needless to say, you wouldn't want to run a Kickstarter campaign that failed, because that would be negative publicity.

  • Yeah, Kickstarter is a good way to build early committed customers. Also to raise awareness that you're about to move in.

  • They have reached their goal:


    ...and I'll take the bait and give them the publicity they crave.

    BTW, their rendering seems to be based on where they would like to locate; they don't seem to have actually found a place. YET.

    It doesn't have the foot traffic, I'd want, but I am nonetheless hoping that that they have considered the storefront on the corner of Rogers and Union.


  • A clue! From their kickstarter blog on October 15th:"Lastly, we checked out another space in Crown Heights today - it's currently being fixed up, but has some great bones!!"Can any whizz-kid detectives identify that location in the photo?
  • Bedford Avenue and Prospect Avenue, northeast corner.
  • Good work, Josh!This photo of the interior makes me think they won't be opening any time too soon:http://instagram.com/p/ff0ulcOY32/
  • 1417 Bedford (the address being discussed), had contractors at work today
  • As a result of selling their wares at the present Smorgasburg, I expect them to sell their wares at the new one at Berg'n


  • 1417 Bedford today:

    Hopefully the pics will post from mobile

  • The above images, embedded:

  • It looks like they are making lots of progress!
  • Thanks for helping @whynot_31, gotta research how to post photos now
  • There is a little blue icon to the top left of the comment box. It can upload from a phone!
  • Yep, tried that first but when I clicked it, and then the photo, then done, nothing happens. It's alright ill figure it out
  • New paint job

  • This corner has now undergone a transformation as radical as 1148 Union:

    Looking nice!
  • Um, we are looking at a building on Bedford!

    They haven't chosen this building?! 

    Therefore, it is being renovated for some other tenant.     
  • Franklin and Union is on the south side of EP.

    Did they rent the former location of the bodega?

    From their website: "After months of planning and negotiating, we are thrilled to announce that the permanent home of Butter & Scotch will be in our dream neighborhood of Crown Heights, on Franklin Avenue between Eastern Parkway and Union Street.

    We're taking two storefronts and turning them into a gorgeous bar & bakery, where you'll be able to enjoy delicious, seasonal craft cocktails, freshly-baked sweets and pastries, killer coffee, and many more exciting and tasty offerings."
  • Good to hear. The search for the Bedford/Prospect Pl tenant continues. By the way, not visible is the amount of debris behind the windows. The inside is still being majorly worked on
  • Cake and booze... 2 of the most notorious legal drugs! The cops that are constantly on that corner will keep them in business. :)
  • ....Another Crown Fried Chicken location bites the dust.
  • Hi All, Allison here of Butter & Scotch! I must admit I have been very entertained for the past few months of lurking and reading the conjecture on this thread - there are some incredibly impressive sleuths among the Brooklynian readership! I have to tell you that we checked out pretty much every space you all mentioned, we were seriously pounding the pavement.

    We did check out the 1417 Bedford space but the two storefronts at 818 Franklin Ave were a better fit for our business, and we love the idea of being on the south side of EP. Not sure what's going in at the Bedford space but I know the broker if you want me to get the scoop! (Oh, and whynot, my love for fried chicken knows no bounds, but that location was closed well before we even saw the space back in November).

    I want to tell you all how excited we are to be part of this neighborhood. Keavy already lives here, just off Nostrand; I'm in Clinton Hill and thrilled to have another reason to head over this way. We'll keep you all posted as things progress, and in the meantime, be in touch if you have any questions, ideas, or just want to chat!
  • Welcome to actually posting, not just lurking, Allison
  • Hey Allison, welcome to the hood. I had Keavy's margarita lime cupcake at Smorgasburg and it was one of the best cupcakes I ever had. Please have it at the new spot.
  • whynot_31 said:

    Welcome to actually posting, not just lurking, Allison

    Thanks! I find it way more fun :) It was very hard not to spill the beans before we actually signed the lease, but I've become extremely superstitious as a result of this whole process!
  • Hey Allison, welcome to the hood. I had Keavy's margarita lime cupcake at Smorgasburg and it was one of the best cupcakes I ever had. Please have it at the new spot.

    Thank you! We will definitely have a much wider range of all our desserts: cupcakes, pies, trifles, ice creams, sundaes, cookies, breakfast pastries & sandwiches... We're so excited to be able to offer more now that we'll have a home base!
  • When complete, the transformation of a Crown Fried Chicken at Franklin and Union into a Dessert/Scotch bar will be quite mind blowing.

    It isn't quite as mind blowing as the transformation of a drug corner at Franklin and Lincoln into a Caribbean restaurant run by white people, but it is damn close.

    I look forward to your cupcakes, pies, trifles, ice creams, sundaes, cookies, breakfast pastries & sandwiches.   I wish you luck on your construction project, and salute your faith in the neighborhood.


  • Good luck. If you're kid friendly we'll be there a lot
  • *drool*  finally a reason to cross the border to the other side of EP
  • Great news. Just up the block from me.
  • whynot_31 said:

    It isn't quite as mind blowing as the transformation of a drug corner at Franklin and Lincoln into a Caribbean restaurant run by white people, but it is damn close.

    Hard to believe this was written about the same block 14 months ago:

    But just south of Eastern Parkway, a scant block from the neighborhood's blossoming business district, residents describe an area plagued by drug deals and ringing gunshots.

    "The kid who was shooting out here, he shot at the kid and he missed and then he came back ... I was standing there when this boy shot at him. I was in my pajamas," said longtime resident Mildred Ross, who said the early-morning shootout was one of nearly a dozen that erupted on her block this fall.

  • goldemi1 said:

    *drool*  finally a reason to cross the border to the other side of EP

    Finally a reason to walk up that part of Franklin! 

    What will the hours of operation be? If it's open later on a Saturday night, that might be a place to go once First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum is over. 
  • She has a lot of work to do before she sets the hours. Photo taken April 7, 2014:


  • Isn't the location next to Pulp and Bean on the southwest corner of Union and Franklin?  That location is big and covered in glass and looking pretty good.  If it's not, what is going into that big space?
  • Tate-
    A renter is still being sought for the former supermarket. Pulp and Bean 2 occupies only a fraction of the available space.
  • Is Bob and Betty's 2 not opening anymore?
  • The owner stated that would be too large of an undertaking at the moment.
    Hence, he is looking for renters.

    For the sake of butterandscotch, I hope the new business caters to a complimentary business.
  • whynot_31 said:

    The owner stated that would be too large of an undertaking at the moment.
    Hence, he is looking for renters.

    That sucks. Would be nice to have them (or something similar) on the south side of EP.
  • I live right around the corner and heading out to run errands came across Keavy visiting the space today. (Nice to meet you, Keavy.) Sounds like they should be open by the end of the summer, if not sooner. Can't wait.
  • It looks like they're prepping to gut the space.  They were there this morning and a big dumpster is out in front of the place.
  • Hmm.  My money is on NEXT summer.
  • Hmm.  My money is on NEXT summer.

    Walked past when the gates were up on a recent morning.  Looks like they are moving pretty quickly. End of the summer still seems like an aggressive timeline, but mid-to-late fall seems doable (though I am clueless about typical permit timing...).

    Of course, Allison can give us updates if she'd like... :-)
  • Today at Smorgasberg:

    (Photo not by Whynot)image
  • They've been posting updates on their Facebook page.  The bathroom floor tiles look great.

  • One of the guys on the work crew said he expected the work to be done in mid-October.

  • The storefront next door 1045 Union, aka 820 Franklin looks like it was being shown to prospective renters today:

    union franklin

    These guys appear to be the RE agents waiting to open the gates so it can be shown....

    Photo from twitter:  obi1noly
  • I walked by there last night after I checked out the new Starbucks. 
  • Perhaps in expectation of obtaining their alc permit, they were working in there last night for the first time (that I've seen) in a while.  It's likely the beginning of their final push before opening.  I wonder if they'll have any decent vegan options.  Dessert is probably the least vegan friendly of all courses, but it'd be nice to have something I can try there.
  • They will be distributing their Thanksgiving pies (available for pre-order via their website) from this space, so maybe they are sprucing it up in anticipation of that too:  
  • Picked up a (phenomenal) pie at the new Butter & Scotch location last night... thanks, Allison, and nice to meet you.

    The place is going to be very cool... a lengthy bar with some table seating beyond it. Living right around the corner, this will be a frequent stop for me and friends.

    On a funny note, after picking up and dropping off my pie, I made a run down to the Associated grocery store on Franklin and Crown.  Coming back I was stopped by 3 girls headed south on Franklin who asked if I knew where Butter and Scotch is.  I redirected them back north and walked with them back to Union @ Franklin since I was headed that way.  On the way, I asked if they were picking up a Thanksgiving pie like others.  They looked at me funny, and said no... so I asked if they were friends with the owners... No... they explained that they were just at dinner on Franklin Avenue (north of EP) and looking for a dessert place... turns out Butter & Scotch already has 7 Yelp reviews pegged to the new location, so they saw that and decided to grab dessert there not knowing it hasn't opened yet.

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