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Prospect Park Dog Run Petition

I would love to coordinate a petition to have a dog run be put in to prospect park. It would result in a safer park for our pups as well as children and people who frequent the park. I know one was discussed in 2009 but has not had any movement since then.

Please, contact me.

Thank you,


  • A fenced dog area would be nice and for owners to respect the rules of when their dogs can run off leash.
  • So would you then forfeit off-leash hours and areas for this enclosed run which would surely be quite small compared to those spaces?
  • An enclosed run would also be made up of gravel and not grass or dirt. 
  • @whatchuwant- who has mentioned anything about spatial agreements or about forfeiting off hour agreements? Also, for the sake of public safety I think dirt is fine. We have dogs they don't care as long as they can run.
  • @anotherperson- why would we need to forfeit any off leash hours? Also, it should be noted how more convenient non-limited hours would be as opposed to before 9 and after 9 when it is dark and usually sketchy.
  • Yes! I'm so glad someone is bringing up this topic again! Thank you. I'm on board.
  • I think that is a fantastic idea.
  • If NYC does a dog run, it's ALWAYS gravel- it will never be dirt. Plus the area will be drastically smaller than what they have now (the entire park). 

    If they do put in a dog run, they will absolutely take away off leash hours- you can't have both. Count on that. 

    This is why the idea was dropped a few years ago.  

    Count me out of any petition. 
  • Actually, the dog runs in the Bronx and the one on 4th in Brooklyn are all dirt- so "always gravel" is a vast overstatement, although I understand your concern.  No spatial agreements have been drawn or were drawn when the previous petition was circulating.  I think that public safety and a place for dogs and their owners to go at all hours is very important.  Further, in the winter time it would make it much easier considering it does not get light until 7-8am and gets dark around 7pm- cutting into the off-leash hours substantially as is. I will look into having both- things may have changed since 2009 and there is also a different Senator in office than the one the previous petition was consulting with.  Let's remain positive until we have reason not to be.  
  • Dirt gets muddy when it rains/snows and it's not hygienic. All the newer runs I've seen have been gravel. 
  • Hygienic? We have dogs! Maybe it can be a mixture, who knows. If you aren't interested then don't bother with this feed. It's obvious you're against any positive reprocussions of an enclosed dog run. If you'd like to contribute helpful suggestions, please continue. This is for the good of the community- not to piss anyone off or change anything drastically. I am researching dog bites of children and other people who frequent the park as well as how many dogs have been injured or lost by not having an enclosed area. A survey will also be conducted to see if this is wanted by the majority, not just this website few people frequent. Again, there are no spatial plans or whether dirt, grass, or gravel will be used.

    Thank you.
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    The reason why I am "bothering with this feed" is because I'm a dog owner and that is a park I frequent with my dog. I don't wish to be confined with her in an enclosed dog run. My opinion. Dogs benefit from clean conditions, just like humans, so yes, a hygienic ground is beneficial to everyone. 

    Your plan is to find all the negative and horrible things with the current set-up (how exactly are you going to contact this research about 'dog bites of children/ injuries and lost dogs'?) and I'm telling you the negative aspects of having a run. Look at is as food for thought.   

    If you don't want to hear a opposing opinion, get off the internet.  
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    Your confrontational attitude isn't helping and bares no solution, is my point. I just contacted Parks and Rec and they said you can have both. Let's educate ourselves before jumping to a conclusion on what the dog run will or will not be. It's counter productive. You also contact the Police Department, Fire Department, Bring Fido Brooklyn, local shelters, etc to find those statistics. I have a dog as well and that's our park. It's all of our park. I'm looking at this as a way to increase ALL of our overall well-being and so my dog can also enjoy the park not at the wee-hours of the morning and late at night when I don't always feel safe. I enjoy taking her and letting her run-off leash as far as I can throw her ball as well.  But for the days I can't make it that early then yeah, a dog run would be really helpful considering I work full-time and it isn't always easy to get there before work. The grass gets just as muddy and "un-hygenic" in the winter when there is snow and rain- not really worried about a dog getting dirty when playing outside for an hour or so. Further, I have a American Staffordshire Terrier Mix and am tired of being told to leash my dog by parents when I am abiding the laws and regulations. This is best for all- children, parents, and dogs. You will still have your off leash "hygenic" hours of before 9 and after 9 whereas others will have a fenced in dog run.
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    Your opinion is appreciated but solutions, facts, and research are more appreciated.
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    My supposed confrontational opposition is only because it's going against what you want.

    And talk about scare tactics! You're going to gather all the scariest (the scarier, the better!) so that you can have what you want.

    Different sides, same coin.

    I look forward to your survey
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    You seem to be the one who is looking at this in a negative way, actually.  I would like to keep my dog safe from other people, cars, and dogs.  I would like to keep children safe and other members of the community as well.  I would like for my dog to have a place to run that isn't restricted by times that don't always work for everyone.  Are you a parent? Did you read the other parent's comments on the previous survey? They are entitled to their opinions as well.  My only "scare tactic" in the last post was that I don't personally always feel safe after 9pm when it is dark and my dog needs to run. I HOPE there are few issues with dog bites in my neighborhood and that it is relatively safe for all members of my community.  There is no issue in finding out the potential safety benefits of an enclosed dog area.  Further, I have spoken to many dog owners who are unable to let their dogs off-leash even during the allotted hours because they have no recall skills.  An enclosed dog run would allow their dogs to benefit from that.  Have you ever made a petition before? Having all the information is vital for it's success.  How is this a bad thing? You will still have off-leash hours to frequent, I repeat- NOTHING IS CHANGING FOR YOU, so why are you attacking an idea before it is off the ground? The Internet is a place to exchange ideas and create a sense of community.  I want to work with this community to better dog owner's current situations.  How is ANY of this going against what YOU want?
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    I have read your other posts, you use this site to create confrontation and complain.  This is not my intent. Further, none of the things you have said are factual.  You can have a dog run and off-leash times and they are not all gravel and un-hygenic. I think you need to do some research before writing on a blog.  I have looked into various sides of this and contacted several government agencies to ensure the things you are claiming are in fact, not true.
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    You are lucky the off-leash times always work for you.  However, they don't for most of us working folks.  As a member of this community I have the right to request for the same services.  The Parks and Rec commissioner said himself, “we know that a tired dog is a good dog and for the last two decades, this policy has made parks safer and has allowed dog owners to exercise and socialize their pets.”  This is what I want- not to take anything away from you or scare others (which I placed little to no emphasis on in the first place).
  • I have read your other posts, you use this site to create confrontation and complain.
    What else is the internet for??? Lol!

    Whatever, Ciara- you're so much more completely invested in this than I am. I was simply telling you my opinion.

    There's only one park in brooklyn with both off-leash and a dog run. The chances of getting both are slim to none. My OPINION.

    Shame you're so unwilling to hear opposing arguments. I was going to tell you the secret spot in the nabe where we take our dogs off-leash.

    I look forward to your survey and petition.
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    It's true, I'm pretty invested in this project considering how much of an issue we have exercising our dog.  Thanks for "holding" that "secret spot" over my head- I'm sure you were actually going to tell me... Very neighborly of you.  And all because I am pointing out the flaws in your argument? Unnecessary and frankly, mean.  It's a shame you're being negative.
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    I have also taken ALL of your opposing arguments and looked into them to see their validity.  How is that me being unwilling? That's actually me seeing the potential issue a dog-run would pose and determining if they will be an issue.  Thank you for pointing potential issues out and finding that they aren't, in fact, issues. No need to be hostile here! Just want good things for our dogs.  Isn't that what we all want...?
  • And all because I am pointing out the flaws in your argument?
    It was never an argument (on my end)- I simply (and repeatedly) stated my opinion.

    I look forward to your survey and petition.

  • Well, you're annonyous so I cannot say the same about meeting you.
  • And you'll never know if you do!

  • I think there's enough weird, Internet bullying and negativity in the world.  I'm so sorry that you feed into that drama and perpetuate it.  I look forward to meeting you (I'm sure you'll make a snide comment and chuckle).  It's weird too, considering we are all for the same thing- places for our dogs to run.  Yet your'e hell bent on making this something entirely different. Good luck with all that negativity.
  • Shame you're so unwilling to hear opposing arguments. 
    And FYI- you did dub it an argument.  Thank you for contributing your thoughts and opinions in order to move this forward. 
  • Gee, you've been the only negativity I've experienced since I don't know when!

    Thanks for that! It's all a learning experience, yes?
  • There is honestly no need to troll this feed in a combative way.  You're making it something it was never intended for.  Thank you.
  • You're welcome!

    I look forward to your survey and petition.
  • It's nice that a lot of dog owners want their dogs to be able to run freely in the parks, but there are a lot of people in the park who can't stand animals, even if they are only sniffing them. If I have to chose between the rights of the dog owners and the right of a parent to allow their child to run freely without the possibility of being bitten, I think I am going to favor the parent's rights. While you as a dog owner (the general "you") know that your dog is well-behaved, loves people, and would never ever bite, the parent in the park with his kid cannot be entirely sure of this. That parent cannot even be assured that the dog he sees running freely is not a stray and has been properly vaccinated. Every time some pit bull mauls a child (or an adult), the dog owner always says how tame his dog is, how it plays with his (grand)children at home, has never bitten any of them, and so on. Also, from my experience, those little, yappy dogs are some of the most frequent nippers.

    Finally, as to the surface of the dog runs, even if there is sod planted and established there, if the run is well-used, then the grass is history in a short time. If one is concerned about one's dog(s) getting dirty, then wash their feet in a basin when bringing them back home again. Probably a good idea anytime one takes them out to do their business. Streets are dirty. 
  • I've not read all these comments but since I was asked about my comments I'll elaborate. I'm not against dog runs, but honestly have not been to one in NYC that I think is decent.  In other states, I've been to some amazing dog runs.  Here they are filthy and the people are assholes and you are trapped in a small space with them. Smaller confined spaces breed problems and insecurity for dogs so off-leash in the meadows feels so much safer for me.  

    Knowing how all of this has gone in the past, I'm certain that if a dog run were put into the park, opponents of dogs will fight the good fight to get off-leash revoked.  I'd much prefer to have more space if we have to choose, which is what it feels like to me. 

    There are many logistics I see making it hard here.  Where would you put it? I'm sure like myself, a significant portion of off-leash users would fight tooth and nail against having the off-leash areas used for this.  Would there be small and large dog runs?  Who will fund it--the PP Alliance is too strapped for money as is to do more important maintenance? Will people who don't live near it actually use it enough to make it worth having? Who gets to make the rules? Will there be enforcement of rules, like no kids in them (because that was a major problem I had when I used to go to one, before just getting sick of the runs and only walking him on leash or in the meadows for off-leash play.)  All these are fuel for many fights.

    I saw something about gravel and yes, they tend to put gravel down to start but then maintenance is forgotten and they turn into mud pits because the dogs are confined to a small area for running so grass will not grow.  

    I've been taking a dog to this park for 7 years.  When he wants to play, we do morning or night off-leash. I prefer the night off-leash in the winter because the seedy folks aren't out in the cold and snow makes it really easy to see at night.  My dog is now older and doesn't play as much so I do lots leash walking in non-off leash areas so we both get some variety.  I find these options to be awesome and am thrilled to have this.  I would never use a fenced dog run and for me it would just create another part of the park that I would have to avoid (like the playgrounds which are everywhere, ballfields, or drug dealers in the afternoons). 

    As for people who might not want to see so many off-leash dogs, I'd be very happy if the cops did a ticketing spree in areas where dogs are never allowed off-leash (particularly narrow paths, like Lullwater and between Long Meadow and the Neathermead.)  
  • These is a dirt dog run in Bed-Stuy at Von King Park. Its in an area behind the baseball diamond that was essentially unused space so no one complained about it being turned over to dogs. Although I don't take any pets there, I'm in the park a lot and it seems as if it is pretty heavily used by dog owners small and large. The park also has a lot of WEP workers cleaning generally, so my impression is that the run also gets a fair amount of maintenance.

    I'm not sure if the park also has off-leash hours, but I know that there is also a large grassy area (large enough for soccer or football) that dogs are prohibited from completely. I often see folks walking their dogs through the park, and allowing them to romp in smaller grassy areas on leash. I don't think its impossible to have a dog run that works for owners and that doesn't impose upon others that want to use the park as well.
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    My dog ("Dude") is now 13, so he doesn't really enjoy socializing at dog runs as much as he once did.

    However, in a few years there will likely be a younger version: Dude II.

    I think s/he would enjoy playing in a dog run that is not the "tree filled" Prospect Park, or even Mount Prospect Park.

    Specifically, I am thinking of the small, largely concrete park that is located on Park Place, between Washington and Classon.

    Years ago, the park used to be packed with people BBQing, playing basketball and handball on the courts, using the playground, and playing dominos.

    Now, a lot of that still happens, but the basketball and handball courts seem far less used.

    If I were a dog run organizer, I would carefully study the dynamics in play, meet the local block associations and then see if I could get some money to remove concrete and landscape one of the courts.

    aerial view of park:

    While fraught, I think such an effort would be far more successful than one involving one of the very popular, "tree filled" parks.
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    Obligatory photo of Dude, with special bonus of one of my feet:
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    I agree with you, whynot. That park would be a great spot for a dog run. Though I'd like to keep those handball courts. They make a great backstop for wiffle ball. A place in this general area of Brooklyn, Prospect Park included, where you can have your dogs off-leash at all times would be really great. Mount Prospect has kind of turned into a de facto off-leash park in the early evening hours (after work). Usually there are 10-15 dogs running around at 6pm. I take my dog there occasionally during that time, but always feel a bit guilty about the (very few) other park attendees. Not to mention, a fenced off area would be great for a dog like mine who takes off whenever the hell she feels like it.
  • I once posted here that I have a fenced in yard where a few smaller dogs could meetup and play (near Neptune Diner) but the feedback was not v positive. Admittedly, the comments made sense, such as, what about insurance in case a dog gets hurt, what about neighbors complaining if dogs are barking early on a Sat am, etc. But I still think it would be a nice idea until we get a fenced dog run.
  • Not to kill a good idea, but is that park used as a playground by the school during the year?
  • In some capacity, yes. But I don't think fully. The plan would need lots of work and research. The principal would be among those who needed to be on board.
  • Ciarra- sorry so much negativity. I would love a dog run option somewhere near my apt (classon and bergen).  We have a new-ish dog adopted from ACC, and though we have taken him to obedience lessons, I dont feel safe taking him to the park during off leash hours. Plus they are very limited hours.  I would be afraid he would run off and wouldnt listen to my commands to return. a fenced in area would give me some comfort to let him off leash. Currently the only time he is off his leash is in our apartment.   

    So count me in whenever you need support for a dog run.  I dont see why it should be seen as a threat to the off leash time in the park. 

  • Hello,
    I would love to have an enclosed dog run in Prospect park.  I have a young dog that I rescued and don't feel comfortable letting off leash in a wide open space.  So having an enclosed area for him to meet and play with other dogs safely would be a great idea.  I would be willing to sign a petition or anything else to make this idea a reality.  

  • i was running in the park one day and i felt someone push me, hard, from behind and nearly sent me face-forward into the asphalt. i turned around thinking someone was trying to rob/assault me (it was getting dark) and it turned out it was just a large off-leash dog, with its owners 100 feet away, watching unapologetically.

    so yeah, i support enforcing leash laws a little more. people with truly chill dogs will break the rules anyway (it's a big park) but it would make people like this think twice and take theirs to an enclosed dog run, i hope. 
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