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Wedge Is Dead, hello Blumm Family Bagels! (728 Franklin)

Walked by today. Gates down. Sign outside: Blumm Family Bagels coming next week. Bagels! Quick Google search makes it sounds like it'll be the same owners.


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    Yes, Blumm is the last name of Mike DeZayas's wife.   The couple ran Wedge.

    Readers, we are talking about 728 Franklin, Crown Heights.     Until very recently it was a cheese store, located next to Little Zelda ....which is named after their daughter.


  • Bummer.  Wedge was a quasi-reliable place to get fresh bakery bread -- a niche that has yet to be adequately filled on the avenue.

  • Cafe Rue Dix has great bread for sale
  • Aw. I liked wedge for my twice a year cheese-parties.

    Will most likely use a bagel shop more often than twice a year.
  • Thanks for the tip, Laura!  I will definitely check that out.

    As a cheese store, Wedge never impressed me much.  The selection was not very broad, and the prices were higher than Union Market or even Brooklyn Larder.  

    I also feel like the price cards at a cheese shop being in quarter pounds somehow insults the intelligence of the consumer.
  • FYI: Covenhoven has started selling cheese, charcuterie and bread, to stay or to go. 
  • Bread, wonderful. I'll be by shortly.
  • Got an everything bagel this morning- nothing on it, just cause. 

    Good bagel- crispy on outside, chewy inside. $2

    Is it me or does that seem pricey for a bagel? 
  • Does the menu list the price as $0.50 for a quarter of a bagel? :)
  • They get them from Olde Brooklyn Bagels on Vanderbilt.  Then charge double.
  • The game is the game.

  • $2 bagels?
  • Yes a real bagel place one that makes the bagels on site like Ye Olde or Bergen would do gang busters on Franklin. Maybe in Climax? This reincarnation of Wedge is probably the first of many they will try until something works and compliments Zeldas.
  • $2 bagels?
    not MY $2. smh. 
  • $2 for the pleasure of not even being able to have a place to sit.  Pass.  I miss the previous bagel place that shut down.
  • The bread at this place is a winner, though it would be nice if there were more of it.

    The old bagel place off Franklin was terrible.  You were better off with a bagel from Compare.
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    Allegria was certainly far below the standards of a real bagel place.

    I think Blumm Family Bagels is catering to the roughly the demographic as Little Zelda:

    ...I think a large portion of their customer base can be described as "single young women who can quote Proust".
  • Allegria satisfied many folks as their yelp reviews seem to indicate.  Plus they were friendly, spacious, and a nice outdoor space.  Good luck to Blumm.
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    Allegria was a nice cafe, but did not offer the variety and selection of a real bagel place. Cafe Forte seems to have filled part of Allegria's market, but is also not a true bagel place.

    ...Cafe Forte has an almost perfect space for a bagelwich, but decided to go a slightly different direction.

    I think Mike D and Blumm have a good strategy for their very small space. It compliments Little Zelda, and I believe its demographic will support it.

    ...but I'll probably continue to be seen at Bergen Bagel or Lula. I like bagelwiches and choosing among lots of different kinds of cream cheese. Blumm just doesn't have the space.
  • much should a bagel cost?
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    big and fluffy: $1.00

    I actually prefer small and chewy. Bagel Hole and Bunch O Bagels makes them.
  • I think a bagel should cost around a dollar, up to $1.25. I don't think a bagel with butter should cost more than $1.75 and with cream cheese, maybe $2-2.25?
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    Hungry Ghost stocks Bagel Hole Bagels. I think they are $1.50.
  • Speaking of bagels, I saw a Terrace Bagel van outside of Brukleen this morning. No idea on prices.
  • What's going on with this place? last couple of times I tried to get bagels they were closed...
  • They have weird early hours, I believe. 
  • All of Franklin Ave between Sterling and St. Marks will be run by the De Zayas. Just you all wait and see.
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    If you believe that Mike DeZayas is a big player in the area, I think you are under estimating the other players.

    Restaurant LLCs are not playing.

    ...nor is Johnathan Butler (1000 Dean) and the forces that are creating the rest of the Big 16.

    This is not about little cafes.
  • I'm mostly kidding, but I think it's annoying how all the De Zayas businesses (formerly Wedge, now the bagel place, the Lazy Ibis, the bookstore) have weird hours that seem determined by their family schedule.
  • Perhaps their two options are to have limited hours during rush time vs. having longer hours but losing money due to the costs of staffing and other expenses during off hours. It seems like the loss of money during the off hours is a major contributing factor to businesses closing.
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    please see your PM.
  • Trying to buy a bagel at 4pm after kids get off school doesn't seem like an unreasonable time to me...and the Bean place sometimes is out of them by that time as well :(
    Can someone please open a "regular" bagel shop? Pretty please?
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    As you are likely aware, Bagel Pub is presently under construction in the former location of Climax and hopes to open sometime this fall:

    In the meantime, the owner of Blumm Family Bagel is trying the "buy local and support the community" approach

  • Sorry, I'm going to have to rant here. I think it's unclassy and self serving that he took a jab at Bagel Pub. VERY different than Starbucks or Verizon and ridiculous that he would even mention it. (Nice try trying to sandwich it in between). There are already many small businesses that started in other areas, yet he chose to name the one that will be his competitor. I don't think he'd like it if he decided to open a business in a neighboring area like Park Slope and others said "the De Zayas business empire is tearing the fabric of authenticity of our neighborhood". I'm sure hundreds of locals who were here pre- gentrification say the same about his businesses that serve a certain demographic.

    Now I'm turned off from supporting any of his businesses. It's sad how entitled and holier-than-thou some of the "first wave" gentrifiers get.

    If you REALLY want to maintain the fabric of the community and support local businesses, then perhaps you should start an organization that supports long time businesses that are constantly being pushed and priced out or long time residents who want to start or expand their businesses. Music venue, dive bar, nitehalk-like cinema? Sounds like "The Crown Heights Should Become Williamsburg Society".
  • Well said. Instant loss of credibility.
  • When you charge twice as much for your product as the rest of the market, don't be surprised if people are excited when you start facing a competitor.
  • I don't even understand what he means by :Nitehawk Project Thesis."

    I do think that Starbucks > Verizon. 
  • As booklaw notes, Nitehawk is a theater in Williamsburg.

    The next line should be read as a new sentence.
  • When you charge twice as much for your product as the rest of the market, don't be surprised if people are excited when you start facing a competitor.
    The pricing isn't even the worst part - they clearly don't bake their own bagels and they repeatedly are out of what I'd consider "basic" bagel shop ingredients (smoked salmon, lettuce, onions). If they offered what I'd consider an even basic bagel shop experience I'd feel more sympathy, but the reality I've found is that Blumm's/Nagel's seems to be a boutique-bagel-store-for-boutique's-sake. I'd much rather go to Bagel Pub when it opens, know that I'll be able to walk in even when it's busy, get the kind of bagel I want with the toppings that I want, and be out of there in 5 minutes. The place on 9th street is big but welcoming, and I've always found they provide pleasant and well-managed customer service (and delicious bagels).

  • i walked by this place late last night and saw a sign that seemed to announce they were closed. i'll admit, i didn't stop to read it fully because i was with friends and fairly drunk. 
  • Do we have a reader that can confirm this during the day, while sober?
  • and just to clarify i mean closed as in hand written note that started with "we're sorry to announce this..." and incorporated a sad face somewhere in it
  • Sounds photo worthy.
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    They were open this morning. I took a photo with my eyes.
  • Perhaps the note stated they closed early yesterday.

    We may never know....
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    Hello , Just wanted to be clear that we are not a big chain bagel store... Yes, we did just take on a BIG space .. but we are a husband and wife owned small business :) ... (not sure if it gets much smaller than that ?)  BORN and raised in Brooklyn. 
    We worked very hard to open a second location and hope that we are bringing something to the neighborhood that our neighbors will enjoy. 

    We Love everything about small business sticking together to keep our neighborhood charming and successful for mom and pop shops. So Mr. Dezayas I salute YOU for bringing attention to us small businesses. 

  • I salute you, Bagel Pub, for dealing with the assholery in a classy way. I'm sure everyone (minus De Zayas) is happy that you are opening and now I am even more so. Good luck! :)
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