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Glady's: Closed and Retooling

Per Grub Street, Glady's shuttered after service last night. Reopening in a few months with a Caribbean food and rum focus.


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    This time, I had nothing to do with 788 Franklin ave (NW corner of Lincoln) closing. I swear.
  • Hopefully the next door version has moderately priced food. This neighborhood really needs more places to fill the gap between Chinese takeout and all the $20 entree places. Hopefully that burrito joint going into the old Jam Rock spot opens before 2016.
  • Neighborhood newbies open Caribbean restaurant in long-time Caribbean neighborhood with plenty of great authentic Caribbean restaurants. Great concept.
  • I won't miss it. To second Mike's comment, I really hope it's not another over-priced place (I'm looking at you, Cafe Rue Dix).
  • Mike, Washington Ave seems to be excelling at lower priced, less fancy options.

    Go west, young man!
  • Meanwhile, the restaurant that would REALLY succeed on Franklin Ave--the grilled cheese restaurant--continues to be under development. Gladys' was always overpriced, and who wants a $16 sandwich for dinner? But an $8-$12 grilled THAT would work. 
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    There is (was?) also plans for a grilled cheese place on Washington.      if it ever happens, one will be able to get a beer with it...

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    This is just odd. I was excited about the original menu with the sandwiches and the Darker and Stormier; by the time I got around to trying it out they had already changed the menu and I found it less appealing and surprisingly pricey. A rum bar would be great. But @lox pretty much summed up the rest.
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    The two nearby existing sit down West Indian places (Island Cz and Janelle's) seem empty much of the time.

    There have also been complaints about service and not having items on the menu actually available.

    If Glady's could avoid these issues, it might succeed.
  • This place is turning into the next Bristen's.
  • Readers, I forget the order of events, but Bristen's was a restaurant on Franklin near Sterling that reinvented itself several times over about a two year period. They tried to serve Caribbean food, Asian Noodles, Hamburgers."franklin"+avenue

    It finally closed, and is now the site of Away We Go Postal.

    In my mind, Glady's seemed pretty full when I went there, but it may not have been making much money because it didn't attract a drinking crowd.

    ...Whereas place like Centanni, Barbachino, Mayfields, and Bar Corvo have.

    The real money is made by serving alcohol, not from the food.

    I suspect this is part of why Glady's making rum a central part of their future identity.

  • I was just thinking that a more "foodie" focused Caribbean place could do quite well in the neighborhood.  Caribbean food/flavors are delicious, but none of the current joints seem to offer the more upscale ambiance/service that seem to hold the key for successful sit-down restaurants in the 'hood these days. And if Glady's can do a mean rum punch to go along with it, I'll certainly give it a try. 
  • Funny, we thought Gladys was great for cocktails but that their food experience left something to be desired.  Not because it wasn't tasty, but because it didn't offer a relaxing sit-down experience that made us feel like we were going out.  It seemed to straddle a sort of gourmet fast-food experience, and that turned us off from seeing it as a dinner destination.
  • No great loss. While their sandwiches we're good they weren't great enough to justify their price especially since you didn't even get a freaking side including chips. 
  • Reopening April 5, per signage in the window. 
  • Gladys had a GREAT octopus sandwich. My husband and I raved about it with others. But then one day we could never get it again. A real disappointment.
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    sounds interesting and great, i'm already salivating.  just hope the size/price ratio is better than before.  i'll definitely stop by to try it.  

    if anyone has already tried it, please report back!!
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    It was open tonight, April 7th.

    ...this should be interesting to watch.

  • They had a decent sized crowd when I passed by last night.  Not bad for a Tuesday night.
  • We went last night. The food was good; decor and drinks were great (especially the fun Dark n Slushie). It's just really casual and fun.
  • Press:

    "So what is one to think of the new Glady’s? On the one hand, for those of us concerned about being “good gentrifiers,” it seems somehow not quite right to choose this spot as the place to get your Caribbean food fix when there are already so many longstanding neighborhood joints to choose from. On the other hand, Glady’s is comfortable, friendly and affordable–and seems to be striving to serve Crown Heights’ diverse clientele. Plus, I mean, where else are you gonna get a dark and slushie?"
  • "good gentrifiers" = guilt ridden white liberal?    reward the people doing the best work.  is brendan spiegel saying the same about the bad quality sushi and thai and bodegas that have been around the neighborhood a long time?  
  • believe me..the take out west indian spots on nostrand WILL NOT suffer b/c glady's is serving $28 jerk

    however i think it's hilarious that they are now serving west indian food in a neighborhood saturated with west indian eateries...i hope they survive.
  • I think the new Gladys will do well simply because of the combination of good dinner food and ambiance. I think I would enjoy sitting in their nice restaurant, now that they are not charging $15+ for dinner sandwiches. If their service is good, friendly, and efficient, I think they will succeed.
  • Yes, I suspect they will serve folks who were not going to local West Indian sit down places.

    In my mind, the places like Island CZ, Gloria's, and Janelle's are missing out on potentially profitable diners.

    It should be interesting to see which of these entities is still around in a year.

    ....Glady's strikes me as having deep pockets, and a really good location.
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    Ahhh time will tell. SugarCane on Flatbush has been doing what Gladys is attempting for over 9 years now so obviously there is a market for sit down West Indian restaurants but then again SugarCane is far enough away from the cheaper spots in Crown Heights as to not have to compete. 

    As for Gloria's...everytime I pass by the line is almost out the door..and didn't Anthony Bourdain just have them on his show? I think they're doing just fine. I'm not sure how Island CZ & Janelle's are doing but I'm pretty sure that Gloria's rent is a grip less than Glady's and I guess if they expanded they'd make more money but maybe the cost of expanding outweighs the gain of what they already have. 

    Best of luck to Glady's!!

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    Gloria's has multiple locations in Brooklyn. Their next step should be a sit-down place, but in my experience, places that do take out with steam tables and food cooked for volume often have difficulty moving to a cooked-to-order model. At any rate, I'd expect that the only thing standing between them and a long existance in CHN is the rent their landlord is charging. Hopefully they have a long lease with good terms.
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    SugarCane on Flatbush seems distinct from Glady's/Janelle's/Island Cz and Gloria's by virtue of its ability to attract single, well dressed people.

    Gloria's has a line for its food, but the real money is in the alcohol.    

    I don't known if Gloria's could withstand a substantial rent increase.   ...many local WI places were quite busy before they went under due to such circumstances.


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    dag whynot?! the clientele in glady's/janelle's/island cz and gloria's are hitched AND shabbily dressed?? lol 

    but i get what your saying...the real $ is in the alcohol and from the times that ive been in janelle's they've had a pretty young crowd, liquor flowing and a dj i think they get it...
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    Although Janelle's seems to get it more than Island CZ, they struggle.   The only times I see them even close to being busy are late night on weekends.

    The drinks Janelle's seems to sell are comparatively modest relative to those that SugarCane specializes in.    It's a different venue.

    Returning to Glady's, I don't see it becoming a "destination" in the same way SugarCane is.  Nor do I expect its patrons to be "as single" or "as well dressed" as SugarCane's.

    I actually actually see Glady's main competition as being Barbachino or Centani.    These venues keep their spaces at a volume that allows their patrons to talk, and attract a slightly older, quieter crowd than the other bars on Franklin.     

  • Is Gladys back open, or are they still renovating?
  • Glady's is open and slinging food and drinks.
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    Glady's is participating in the upcoming Caribbean Restaurant Week, sponsored by the West Indian Day Carnival Association

  • I constantly see the new version of Glady's being "not busy" when I walk by.

    The Voice covered them again today. ...needless to say, press does not mean a place is good.
  • I've eaten there with friends a few times since their reopening, and both the food and service has been nothing short of fantastic.  And from the look of the reviews on Yelp, people agree with me.  I just wish that they would have more consistent daytime hours during the week and didn't close down between lunch and dinner on the weekends. 
  • It is good to know that those that eat there like it.

    Any idea why more people don't seem to go?

    ....when you ate there, was the place full?
  • I've eaten there on both Friday and Saturday nights, and had to wait for a table each time.  It wasn't long of a wait, but the restaurant was full and seats did not stay empty.  I was kind of surprised to see you say that it doesn't seem busy when you walk by, because that hasn't been my experience when eating there.  However I have walked by during the day and seen a scattering of people inside, but when I tried to go in, they were actually closed.   Also, I wanted to eat there last weekend, but my friend didn't seem to think that they had daytime hours and we ended up going elsewhere.  It turns out (at least according to Yelp) that they do have some daytime hours on the weekend, but it's probably confusing enough to deter some business. 
  • I tend to walk by there around 7 PM, so I might be seeing them before they get busy.

    I'm glad they are doing well; they put a bunch of $ into the renovation.
  • I went for dinner on a Tuesday around 7pm. When we first went it it was empty. We had drinks, left to go run an errand down the block and came back 30 minutes later to a 10 minute wait for a table.

    The entire place was full while we ate. I think they are just one of those places that kicks off later
  • oh whoops!  You beat me too it
  • Dumb question of the day:  How do you pronounce this restaurant's name?  

    If there was no apostrophe, I'd say "Glad-is"  but since there is, is it "Glade-ees"?  or "Glad-ees"?  Or something else all together?
  • That's actually a good question.  I always just say "Glad-is" but the apostrophe being between the "y" and "s", rather than after the "s" might indicate something else..
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    Morris Sandwich Shop is now open.

    (Side note: this thread probably needs a new title since Glady's has reopened.)

  • Neighbors seem to like the grilled cheese section:

    As well as the rum themed West Indian section.

    An interesting kitchen combination.
  • I had the basic, $5 grilled cheese last week. AMAZING.
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