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  • happy monday xoxoxoxo
  • It worked  Yippeeeeeeeee thanks Brooklynian
  • Hi Cuz
    The girls are gorgeous!!
    Mia looks so grown up
  • Hi all,

    Still recovering, everything comes off and the stitches out on Thursday....yayyyyyyyy

    So glad to see so many old faces, so nice to hear from u all.

    No I am not related to those Giordano's....that's a very common name

    Have a great day
  • Hey Cuzzie are you watching Juan Pablo  lol
  • good night sweet dreams
  • Hi-55 and beautiful in Chicago today..but snow & ice starting tomorrow night into Wednesday...Bobby-thanks for all those memories--love it..yes, I have a ton of everything in order and ready to go!! my SS started last month already and pension next month...after working since I'm 17, I'm just about ready to know when it's time!!! March 28th isn't coming soon enough for me!  Been working for the county (govt job) for 15 years and I'm about done..LOL..hi to Judy, Debbie, Patsy, Warren and Terry-looks like the blog is slowly coming back..Terry-if I wasn't moving to Florida, I would have gone to the reunion in September...well, good night everyone...
  • Good morning friends
    H cuz I knew Juan Pablo would not get engaged yet . Let's see what happens.
    Hi Judy glad you're much better,
    Hi Anna we are getting some rain/snow Wed. Night into Thursday.

    Everyone have a great day!!
  • Good Morning All
    Have a great day
  • Hi Anna
    Good Luck with your move..
    Judy feel better
    Cuzzzie I will see u this weekend
    Can not wait...
    Old Goat so happy u r back and telling your stories
  • Good Morning All,


    Terry, great pictures. I still have not been able to post them. Judy, good luck on Thursday. Hope the surgery was a complete success. Anna, when you move. Do not forget all the outfits you have to notify, starting with the Post Office, S.S., Pension, Motor Vehicle in Illinois & Florida., Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Credit Cards, Utility Company, + anyone you communicate with regularly. Who the hell is Juan Pablo????


    Do any of you remember the Roller Derby games that used to take place in the Armory on 8th Ave & 14-15th Street? The leading lady on the Brooklyn Womens team was named "Tuffy Bresheun (SP)" It was a lot of fun and right in the neighborhood.

  • Hi Warren
    Lol. Juan Pablo from the tv show
    The Bachelor.
    He really did not find love just a temporary playmate.
    I don't remember the roller derby games.

    Have a great day !!
  • Hi Anna
    Good Luck with your move..
    Judy feel better
    Cuzzzie I will see u this weekend
    Can not wait...
    Old Goat so happy u r back and telling your stories
  • Just saw my post was just sitting I never posted it I think  lol

    That was the only photo I could post can not post any others.  The size has something to do with it..
  • Oh no it did post.  lol
  • Good Night Sweet dreams
  • hi all hope everyone is ok.yes patsy I live in queens,judy a great therapy for your stiches is like my grandma used to tell us.take a hot bath as hot as you can stand it,with out getting burned,and put a nice dose of Epson salts,in the hot water and just hang works everytime,great relaxer,old goat yes I remember watching roller derby with the blonde tuffy,because my mom would love watching the roller derby on tv,and then my dad would watch wrestling,with the midgets,with Bruno samartino,argentina Apollo,antinio rocker,haystack callhon,saturday morning cartoons the best,heckle and jeckle,mighty mouse,kukla fran and ollie,winky dink,oh my god,watching jack lalane working out with kitchen chairs,broom sticks,and he always had his germand shepard with him on tv.and seen Barbara streistand on 9st,when she was making the movie for petes sake,t bone two cutie pies in that picture,children are gifts from god.ok everyone take one day at a time,and do the best you can.bobbyc
  • Good morning All
    Happy Hump Day
  • Thank you Bobby.  Those girls keep me young lol
    I put an application in for My Grandmother's Raviolis a cooking show on the food network.  Well I just got a call for an interview.  Probably hundreds of people are being interviewed but ya never know.  Maybe u will see me on the cooking channel  lol Yeah with Brooklyn accent.  I don't know.  I already warned them that I have a heavy Brooklyn accent. lol
  • Hi guys
    Cuz good luck with the recipe
    Yes you never know xx
    Hi Bobby
    Lol Epsom salt
    I still use it in the tub when I have
    Aches & pains

    Everyone have a great night!!
  • Hi all.....what a switch in the weather, rain today and 50!! wow

    Patsy and Terry, Looking forward to seeing you girls this weekend.  Hope the weather is good.

    Nice to see some oldies back here.....

    Terry which show is it? That would be great if you got on!!!!
  • good night sweet dreams
  • Debbie

    It is called My Grandmother's Raviolis  I think  lol
    edited March 2014
    T-Bone said:

    Thank you Bobby.  Those girls keep me young lol
    I put an application in for My Grandmother's Raviolis a cooking show on the food network.  Well I just got a call for an interview.  Probably hundreds of people are being interviewed but ya never know.  Maybe u will see me on the cooking channel  lol Yeah with Brooklyn accent.  I don't know.  I already warned them that I have a heavy Brooklyn accent. lol
    How exciting! I hope you get it!
  • Good morning friends
    So cold & windy today
    This weather is crazy
    Yesterday warm, today freezing

    Hi Mamacita
    Hope all is well

    Everyone enjoy your day!!

  • T-Bone, Carol watches that show often. She said that most of the people they pick have an accent of one kind or another. The Brooklyn accent should not be a problem at all. She said last night they had two Indian women with heavy Indian accents!
    It is cool & windy here in Florida today. Not as cold as you in NY NJ etc: but for us it is quite cold.
    Bobby, glad someone can remember some of the stuff from my younger days. Most on here are just a little too young.
  • Warren,
    I am coming down the 1st of April get some warm weather ready

    It would be real cool to get picked..Excited.......
    Good Morning all

  • Good morning friends

    Enjoy your day
  • Good morning all. Brrrr. Cold this am. Terry, bring sweaters!!! 48 in Tampa, 36 in Hernando & Citrus counties!!! Patsy, ask your daughter if she knows when her college started. It was there when I considered schools in the late 40's early 50's and I am sure way before then. Also, what Wagner is it named after??? Judy, how did the stitch removal etc: work out?
  • DSCN0808
    Let's see if this worked.....
  • Holy cow it worked but I did not mean to take up so much space. Now that I know it works I will try to get some up to date photos...
  • Hi Warren
    Great picture!!
    I need to learn to post pix of my grandson.

    Toniann goes to Hunter in NYC
    Plays softball for them
    Say hi to Carol
    Enjoy your day!!

  • Those cute little girls above - what angels they are!

    As for Warren - looking younger every year, for sure!


    One thing I greatly miss about NY is horse racing. Today, I'm watching racing from Aqueduct & England online.  Great stuff.


    Enjoy Purim!


  • My Grandmother's Raviolis


    Do you have a you tube channel? That's a great way to spread the word about your good home cooking.  :)

  • Patsy, Sorry about the wrong school. I remember back when she was looking at different schools and for some reason I thought she picked Wagner.

    In regards to the picture. When I had the letters B U etc and the choices of font color & size, I could not do the pictures. Now all those choices are gone but I can do the picture????
  • Warren,
    When I was small (very young) I remember the Trolly tracks and the trolly up 20th street where Bishop Ford is now..
  • Hi guys
    Had fun today lunch & shopping with
    Cuz Terry, Debbie & Mildred.
    Hope you all had a good day too!
    Enjoy your night.
  • edited March 2014

    Well the stitches and the sling are all off....still very swollen, can't fully extend my arm yet...I will be starting physical therapy on Monday. Didn't realize I would still be like this almost four weeks later. I guess having the Cubital tunnel surgery (elbow) was more intense that I expected......I'm sure it will feel better each day

    warren...great picture

    Patsy ...has is your grandson doing?

    Hi to everyone else.....enjoy the rest of your weekend
  • Recent picture of my grandson, Salvatore

  • Why are my pictures coming out upside down?
  • At least you are getting your photos on here  lol  Judy
  • Had a great day with My cuzzie Patsy, Millie and Debbie.  Missed our Carol. Always laughing with you girls
    Good Night Sweet Dreams
  • Good morning friends

    Judy Salvatore is a doll!!
    Gavin is great. He's a little spitfire already
    (Just like his mom.) God help me. Lol
    I will try to post pix.
    Hi Cuzzie
    Love ya. Xx

    I am cooking corn beef & cabbage today.
    I love that meal!! A favorite of mine.
    Everyone enjoy your day & Happy St.
    Patrick's day!!

  • Happy St Patrick's Day

  • Good Morning All
    Have a great Sunday
    Little chilly today
  • Just check out. Having a hard time with this site.
  • Welcome back Donna

    Going to try another pic......see what happens

  • Ok somebody help....why r my pics coming out upside down
  • Happy saint Patrick's Day
    I can't get my photos on.  I think I have to resize????  How????
    Got  one on but that was from my son' phone I think not my camera.
    Patsy can't get on she just called to see if I could get on...

    Good Night sweet dreams.
  • Good Morning All.
    Cold, Cold, Cold....





  • not sure what's happening, sorry. Did you make sure the photo you tried to upload is rotated the correct way?
  • good night sweet dreams
  • Yes the pictures are rotated the correct way, don't know why they are coming out upside down.

    Hello everyone.....Happy St. Joseph's Day!!!!!!!
  • Hi guys
    Broke my wrist yesterday
    A little girl decided to skip in front of me
    & I tripped over her & I wound up with an impacted wrist (left)
    I hit the ground very fast & hard & landed
    On my left wrist
    In a lot of pain & going to the orthopedic
    My wrist is wrapped up & in a sling right
    Going to take meds now for it & going to bed
    Have a good night, all
  • OMG  Patsy
    Feel Better
    love ya
  • Patsy.....take it easy....feel better

    Happy First Day of Spring!!!!!!

    Have a great day
  • Hi guys
    Happy Spring!!
  • Patsy, Take care of that wrist. Hope it heals quickly. I think you should make up a story about how you got it broken. What you said is very believeable, but it would be more interesting if you broke it defending yourself from a mugger or a pack of wild dogs. Just kidding!!!!

    Judy, the whole world is upside down these days so why shouldn't your pictures join in. Only thing is I am too damn old to stand on my head to look at them.

    Terry, it has started to warm up some down here, especially in the afternoon. Mornings are still a bit crispy.

  • Hi guys
    The cast is on (whoopee)
    They come in colors
    I opted for blue
    I have to wear it for 8 weeks with
    Follow ups In between
    Another big whoop
    Warren I'm very glad it wasn't due to
    Dogs lol
    Ok everyone have a good night

  • patsy...well at least it will be off before the summer!!!!! Hope it heals fast.. pictures are like my lol
  • Hi All
    Patsy hope u r feeling better.
  • again with the br????
  • What the heck are all those letters in-between my post??
  • Warren
    I will be there soon keep it warm  lol
    Have a tee shirt for ya (a brooklyn tee)  Hope Mike and I can get to see ya when we are down for lunch...
  • Ok now they disappeared...
  • Good morning friends
    Wrist feels a little better but uncomfortable
    Weather is nice today
    Have a great day!!
  • Hi-Patsy-sorry to hear about your wrist-take care!! Hi Terry, Warren, Debbie & Judy...56 degrees today-it was sunny & beautiful..unfortunately, that's not going to last...oh well..getting ready for the baby shower on Sunday..had some personal days coming to me so took this afternoon off and will be off until next Wednesday-than after that-2 days working and my retirement officially begins!!! just spoke to my brother-the closing is supposed to be on July 1 but he said that usually doesn't happen so I might be here longer than expected. but I have so much to do and I'll be with Jessica and the baby (when he comes) so I think it will work out..well, everyone enjoy your to u soon..
  • Good night sweet dreams
  • Saturday- This afternoon I am having a bunch (9) neighbors from my old street before we moved here to our Independent Living Apartment. I invited them for a dinner party. The best part is we have no preparation, no cooking and no clean up afterward. We can just enjoy our company in a private dining room. They get to order from our menu with a lot of choices for their entrée including Prime Rib today. There is soup, salad, sides and of course coffee, tea and dessert. We also prepaid for a couple of bottles of wine to be served during the meal. These people were our neighbors & friends for 16 years. We all had our homes built around the same time. Unfortunately most of the men are gone and the majority left are widows! Looking forward to this dinner party with old friends!
  • Hi guys
    Warren enjoy your dinner party
    Nothing beats being with old friends
    Hi Anna
    Enjoy the baby shower tomorrow

    Everyone have a great weekend!
  • Good morning friends
    Happy Sunday

  • Anna
    Happy Baby Shower Day!!
    Warren how did the dinner party go?
    Bet you & Carol had a great to
  • Patsy, Thank you for asking about the party. It worked out just fine. Our friends were a little shocked when they saw their choices from the menu. We (Carol & I) had prepaid for the party and it was all inclusive. The wine went over well also.
    Some of them thought they would be paying for their dinner individually. We reassured them that it was all taken care of including the tip. What Carol liked the best was just enjoying her dinner and our company and then getting up from the table and not having to clean up anything. It was well worth the cost!!!
  • Good morning friends
    Warren so happy you all had a great time.
    It is nice when you can just leave & not
    Worry about cleaning up.

    Going for a follow up today on the wrist.
    Still in some pain
    I hate this cast on my arm
    Oh well wish me luck
    Everyone have a great day!!
  • Good Morning All
    Patsy hope u r feeling better
    Saw Gavin on facebook at the parade. OMG his hat.  He is just tooooo cute..
    Cold today....
    Well wish me luck.  Going for my interview for Mo Rocco's show...My Grandmothers Raviloi at 11  at CBS.  Hope  get
    Have a great day and New Yawkerssssssss stay warm it is going to be very cold....

  • Good Morning,

    Patst...good luck at the doctors....know how it feels with your wrist restricted...

    Terry...good luck with your interview.... glad you had a good time with your friends..

    Anna ...hope you enjoyed the baby shower

    Hi everyone Elle's..

    Have a great day!!!!!
  • Hi everyone-taking a couple of days off-going back to work on Wednesday (for 2 days) . Warren-glad you had a nice time with your friends...Jessica's baby shower was so much fun..(but a lot of work) now for the countdown!!! Patsy-hope everything will go well with your doctor's appt..Hi Judy-hope you're recovering well too!  Terry-hope the interview goes well-I think I get that show here in Chicago-maybe I'll see u on there!!!  have a nice day everyone..............
  • Hi feeling fingers are finally starting to feel normal......the stiffness is going away.
  • Hi all
    Cuz good luck
    Keep us posted xx

    Anna glad the shower was a home run

    Judy glad you are feeling better
    & almost back to normal
    Can't wait til I get there!!

    Everyone, enjoy your night
  • good night sweet dreams
  • Good morning friends
    Cuz, how did it go yesterday?

    Everyone, enjoy your day!!
  • Hi, are you feeling.....Is it your right or left hand?

    Hi Anna, Warren, Debbie and Warren

    Supposed to snow later...I thought it was spring!!!!!!

    Enjoy your day
  • Hi guys
    Judy my left wrist
    Went to dr today for follow up
    Not fun
    Going back in 2 weeks for check up
    Waiting for snow
    Only getting a dusting

    Everyone, have a great night!!
  • Hi All
    Are we having snow???
    Hope not...
    Have a great night.
  • Patsy
    Interview went great
    Now I just wait and see if the pick me..
  • Hello all. Would you people up North please keep your cold air to yourselves! In the high 30's and low 40's in this area this AM. That is NOT normal for late March. Should be well into the 70's. Patsy, good luck with the wrist. Hope it heals fast. Judy, keep those fingers moving. Anna, I am sure we will be all warmed up when you get down here to Florida. T-Bone, good luck on the TV show. Had a Dentist appointment this AM. Supposed to go to a going away dinner this evening for one of our old neighbors but Carol is not feeling so hot right now. Have to see how she feels later.
  • Hi guys
    Cuz good luck. hope you get picked.
    If u win, can you make us raviolis?
    Warren, hope Carol feels better & you
    Make that dinner tonite
    Yes it Is only in the 30's today
    Weekend will be in the 50's
    Everyone, enjoy your day!!
  • Good morning friends
    Happy Thursday
    Meeting Debbie for brunch later on
    Hope you all enjoy your day!!
  • We did not get to the dinner party Wednesday night. Carol was not up to it. I made her pasta and sauce here in the apartment. She is feeling a lot better tonight. Tomorrow I will be trained as a dispatcher for our Sun City Center Security Patrol. The patrol is a backup for our County Sheriffs officer. No guns, no arresting just observation and reporting any kind of trouble or offering assistance where needed. Between that and the work I am doing for a Nondenominational Worship group, I am keeping pretty busy. Guess it will keep me out of trouble. Remember the old saying "Idle hands are the devil's workshop".
  • Hi Warren
    Glad Carol is feeling better
    You're a busy bee down there
    Good for you. It will keep you young
    Weather in 50's this weekend with rain
    Not too bad
    Enjoy your weekend!
  • Good morning friends
    Rainy day today, but warm.
    Good day to be lazy & relax
    Hope you all have a great weekend!!
  • Good Morning-well, last day of work was yesterday..given a great retirement party at the county..then went out with Jessica last night for a purse party...dinner tomorrow with the kids and have some plans this week - lunch with a friend and an eye appt..I'm so excited about know when it's time to retire & relax...60 degrees tomorrow so the weather is getting better here (finally)..son is on vacation in Phoenix (went to the spring training facility out there & saw a few games) then on to Las my passport for when I go to Florida..friends down there work for Disney & I'm planning on some cruises with them...well, enjoy the weekend everyone...will talk to u soon.......
  • edited March 2014
    Hi Anna
    All good things coming your way.

    Happy retirement!!!!
    You deserve it
    Enjoy your weekend!!
  • Good morning All....

    Patsy.....hope the wrist gets better quick!!  Let me know if you want books other than what I gave you and I'll bring them to you.

    Terry....can't wait to find out if you got picked.  You'd be great!!!

    Anna.....congrats on the retirement!!! Time to relax and enjoy yourself :-)

    Judy....your grandson got so big and he's so cute!!! Even upside down lol Hope you're feeling good also.

    Warren....You're a very busy man, that's a good thing!!

  • Happy Sunday all, Terry it looks like you got real lucky. Last week was rainy and cold. Forecast for this coming week warmer & dryer! Anna, welcome to the retired people club. After awhile you will find yourself as busy as ever but you will enjoy it more. Judy keep working on that wrist until it is 100% better. Patsy, watch out for that wrist of yours. You do not want to do too much until the healing process is well under way. Debbie, Talk about busy, today I have to take a large part in the Nondenominational worship service here and in another place., Tuesday I will be going to two Assisted Living places to monitor the service we do there and in a few weeks I will be in charge of those services for a couple of Tuesdays, Next Sunday I will be running the Communion Service in two places On Easter Sunday I will be doing the sermon here at our service and at another Independent/Assisted Living place down the road. On the 21 I will pull my first shift as a dispatcher for the Security Patrol. It is the busiest I have been in years.

    Enjoy your Sunday folks, Terry get those bags packed!
  • Good Morning All.
    Warren  keep the sun out coming tuesday...
    Patsy thanks for always calling you are the best.  I love ya my Cuz.
    Anna Happy Retirement All New beginnings for you
    Debbie DO NOT GO SHOPPING without me..You and Patsy  LOL
    If I see Aunt Dee I will give her hugs and kisses from her girls...xoxoxo
    Judy Karen joined the Grandma's club.  What a beautiful baby.  The Perrotta's are Great Aunts.  Geezzzzzzz we are getting ld.   lol

    Have a great day.
    Tlk to ya from Florida.
    Warren lets see if we can meet for lunch with Carol and My Mike.  You pick a date. I want to give you your Brooklyn tee I got for you and all my Cuzzies in Florida/
    Love ya all......
  • Good morning friends
    Cuz safe traveling
    Talk to you soon. Love ya xx
    Kisses to cuz Mike from me.

    Everyone, have a great day!!
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