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Former St. Teresa School to train court officers - Page 2 — Brooklynian

Former St. Teresa School to train court officers



  • How long is the training and do you have to pay?  For the average adult, would being accepted mean going without salary?
  • You have to score high on the exam to be eligible to attend the academy. I assume you are paid while a student.
  • It works the same way the police academy does. If you get a seat in the class (based on your test score), you are paid a trainee's salary while you are in the academy.

    Here's the details:
    New York State Court Officer-Trainees enter the Academy at Judicial Grade 14. After successful completion of a two-year traineeship, court officers automatically promote to Judicial Grade 18. The salary range for these two grades as of January 2014, from hiring rate to maximum is $39,771 to $67,473.
    • Twelve (12) Paid Holidays
    • Pre-Tour Prep Leave Time
    • Regular Work Schedule
    • Twenty (20) Paid Vacation Days in First Year
    • Twenty-Seven (27) Paid Vacation Days by
    Seventh Year
    • Excellent Health Insurance
    • Retirement Benefits
    • Limited Evening & Weekend Assignments
    • Deferred Compensation Option
    • Location Pay Differential for New York City -
    Metropolitan Area is $3,697
  • Do you know if there are study materials or somewhere that says what are the basics of the test subjects?

    I think that there are some commercial study guides that you can pick up at B&N or on Amazon.
  • As I live and breathe, I walked by the St. Teresa complex today and WORK WAS BEING DONE! I didn't get a chance to take any pictures, but there is a lot of activity going on on the Sterling Place side of the complex.
  • Yes, scaffolding has been put up around the building. They appear to be doing concrete pointing (ie waterproofing) and getting ready to put the new windows in.
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    Work will continue until the Winter of 2015. They are going to connect the buildings with a glass hallway.

    The amount of time this is taking is the difference between a gov project and a for profit one.....
  • Do they mean January/February 2015 or December 2015? I wonder...
  • I just hope they complete it before 10 years goes by.

    Funding for this project was allotted back in 2006:

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    Meanwhile, the old academy is still in use and graduated a class this week.

    Once it opens, I suspect the attendees of the new academy on Classon will be very similar:
  • Hey whynot...any updates on how the construction is progressing? 
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    Construction is still apparent when I walk by, and it appears pretty close to completion.

    However, this is a state project and I have no idea how long they will take to actually give the contractors their final payments and put the building into use.

    I imagine politicians will be present for the opening when it finally occurs.

  • I bet. I am actually a little excited for the local business boost this is going to bring. A lot of court officers will head to The Local for ice cream...
  • Zaaz pizza and Forte Cafe should also get a bump.

    ....young, healthy people without a kitchen.
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    I hope it makes all the surrounding area safer if people know there are officers everywhere. But I doubt it.  Criminals during a moment of passion aren't very smart.
  • The surrounding area is fine already.  And I wouldn't expect criminals to be deterred by court officers any more than I would expect court officers to intervene in a street crime.
  • This thing does not appear as if it will be ready for a class in the fall.
  • how many years late is it already?   wonder what the delay has been.  hopefully though it'll bring like to Zaaz Pizza which is empty every time i walk by.  They seem desperate.  We keep meaning to go there or order delivery since it looks and sounds good, and the new place opening up near Brooklyn Bell might benefit too.  Too bad The Classon never took off.
  • I don't what the delay is, but the buildings appear to still have temporary windows in place and/or plywood.

    It would not surprise me if the contractors stop work on this project everytime they get a more profitable job, and the state (ie Dormatory Authority) has no method to get this project completed.

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    Perhaps needless to say, we are now in the Fall of 2015.

    What some may not realize is that this project is now more than 10 years in the making. In 2006, it had already made through the State Senate:

    "The project has been winding its way to fruition through state government for five years. In 2006, this proposal was passed by the New York State Senate and approved by former Gov. George Pataki. His successor, Gov. Eliot Spitzer, then earmarked about $30 million to make the project a reality." took years for the project to make it that far.
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    This week, one of my fellow subway passengers had a "Court Officers Academy" dufflebag, a shaved head, and was about 33 years old.   

    I asked him if he was a student at the existing Manhattan "campus" and he confirmed same.

    He will graduate in May.

    ...and stated he heard that the Court Officers Academy would move to Crown Heights for the class that begins in Jan 2017, and graduates in May 2017.

  • Exciting. Great business for the stores around the academy. Lots of people who will need lunches.
  • This site continues to be one of the sites I believe will make a large impart on western Crown Heights:
  • Every time I pass this project, I can't help but think to myself how slowly it is being completed in comparison to local projects that have a built in profit incentive. 
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    At this point, I would be impressed if all of the facade pointing was done by Nov 1. They might be able to have a class here in the Fall of 2017. image
  • OMG. Is that a picture of the netting coming down?