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    Hi Prod Son, Just so you know. This part of Florida (Tampa area) is in its dry cool season right now. 60's to 70's in the AM Mid 80"s in the afternoon. While I do not go to School sporting events, I keep track. They are going on in abundance. Football is the big thing right now but Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball etc: are in full swing. The High School football games are on TV mostly on Friday nights. There are college games going on all around us. It is alphabet soup! USF, UCF, FSU, and so on. They are on TV mostly on Saturday and  some throughout the week. The big difference for you from Minni Ha Ha  would be that we get NO SNOW. January & February can be quite cool but the white fluffy stuff stays away.

    Halloween decorations all around us including our apartment. Monday the employee's kids will be here in the afternoon Trick or Treating and Monday night is our big Halloween party. Some people will come in costume, others in just masks and some just as themselves. Believe me, Seniors know how to have a good time. There will be live music, dancing, beer & wine to drink (also soda for my wife and a few others). There will be snacks etc:. People here are from all over the country so we see and here a lot of different Halloween customs.

    Too bad the cubbies lost last night. Helluva game though 1-0. Hope they do better tonight.
  • Hi guys! Richard thank you. He is just adorable my Grandson sitting on the pumpkins. Glad you enjoyed all your sports games. Warren, have fun Monday night at your Halloween party. Are you & Carol wearing Costumes? Sounds like it will be a great time. My daughters just left the house to go To my oldest daughters company party Right here in Bay Ridge at one of the Nicer restaurants/bar in Bay Ridge. My youngest daughter & her boyfriend went As nerds & my older daughter went as a Kind of sexy Alice in Wonderland. Alice never looked so good. Lol My son in law has to be up at 5:30 Tomorrow morning to report to work, (Police officer) so he stayed home with The baby. My husband & I are watching the world Series game. Right now score is 3-1 Cleveland. We're rooting for Chicago. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!! :)
  • Happy Halloween to all the good people Who are in charge of this blog!! Enjoy I hope you get lots of treats!! :)
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    Well my Giants could not lose yesterday since they have a bye week. Dallas got extremely lucky (what's new?) beating the Eagles last night. Looks like the Giants will have to win just about every game here out. Good luck to the Cubbies. They squeeked a win out last night and I hope thelr bats will come to life again in Cleveland. I have nothing against the Indians, I just like the Cubs more.  We had many, many trick or treaters this afternoon. Our workers here have been busy having children and grandchildren. Tonight is the party and I am going as a Giant player with a long wig. Carol is still deciding what she is going to wear. Happy Halloween to you all and a smack with a sock full of Flour like the old days!
  • Giants VS Eagles. That will be quite a game. Should the Giants win this one, I feel they will be on their way to fight for their division title! Halloween behind us. Down come the witched & Goblins, up go the turkeys and straw men. Can Christmas be far behind? The stores around here have had Trees & Decorations on display since right after labor day.
    I have two fond memories of Christmas shopping. Santa at Germains(The line went way down 15th street.) The other was when I took my children to Santa at Sterns department store in Paramus NJ. Alas, both stores are gone! Time marches on. I have already started to write our Christmas cards and Carol is getting the boxes ready for our Grandchildren. Since the youngest is 13 it changes completely what we do for them for Christmas. The oldest two are 25. I guess that qualifies me being an old goat!
  • Kudos to the Cubbies!
    Folks in Chi Town know how to celebrate and they had themselves quite a blast.

    I always look forward to the annual war between the Eagles & Giants.  The game is not on local TV so I will have to find it online.  The Battle of Brooklyn is also on as St Francis vs LIU in soccer is scheduled for Noon.  It can be seen on NECFrontRow. Hopefully, it will be archived so that I can see it later on.

    Remarkably, the temperatures have been in the upper 60s/low 70s here in St Paul.  Very unusual for this part of the country. 

    Now that Halloween is over, we can all look forward to even more fun on Thanksgiving. Enjoy!  
  • Hi friends Go Giants! We just finished watching them a little While ago. Close call..28 to 23. Exciting game. Yes. Warren Christmas begins here In July. The ornaments come out in July in card stores & bybHalloween stores are Decorated with Christmas trees. My tree will go up day after Thanksgiving. That's our family tradition. That weekend we decorate the outside. It sure came fast. Ready to eat dinner now. Enjoy your night.. :)
  • Yes GO GIANTS. wasn't pretty but it was a "W". They need a running back and better secondary desperately. We will not decorate until the beginning of December. Even though we moved into an apartment and had to downsize from what we did at our house, we still decorate inside, our front door and our Lanai and surrounding area out side. I guess my mentioning Germains in a past blog entry raised a few eyebrows. It  sure brings back memories of the old hood. In December I will try and print my usual Christmas Story.
  • Okay. The election is finally over. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote total but lost the Electoral College vote. Crazy system but I guess when the founding gathers put it into being they thought it was a good thing!!! Now we will be bombarded with Medicare Advantage Plan ads. The election ads were sickening. Both parties guilty.
    This Friday Nov 11 we will have our annual Veterans Day Ceremony. I will be privileged to give the Invocation and the Benediction. The theme will be the "Honor Flights" that many of our residents have taken part in.
  • Hi Warren Hope Trump does good for our country! My family voted for him, but we at times Thought Hilary would win. To us he was the Lesser of the two evils. We are hoping he Puts the economy in an affordable Place & does something about our taxes Like he promised. Who knows?? Let's see what happens. Happy Veterans Day!! :smile:
  • Sorry Patsy. We are on opposite sides Politically. That is why I do not usually bring up politics on the blog.
  • Hi everyone! I made a post just for discussions on Trump and the presidency. Just for fun, it's on the Politics board:

  • Thanks MOD I went to the site and expressed my feelings on the subject.
  • Hi guys.. Thanx MOD I will look into it Later when I get home. I'm sure it's interesting. Hi Warren That's what makes the world go round. Everyone has their own opinions. Hope all is well. Good night, friends. :)
  • More important things tonight. The Giants are on Monday Night Football. GOOOOOO Giants
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    Hey, look at the Giants. Maybe on their way to the playoffs, and who knows, maybe the Super Bowl? They have to address some weaknesses. The Secondary coverage is poor and they have NO running game to speak of. Hopefully they can solve those problems and give us some excitement.
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    Hiya Everyone! Hope all is well ...

    Another Republican plurality "victory".  Ugh - I better not say anymore or I will likely lose some pals here.

    Anyways, glad the Giants won.  But I cannot see how they can win with a QB that cannot move out of the pocket and does not have a solid FB and TE.  The latter two are essential for an immobile QB to succeed. 

    Well, looks like the mild Autumn is about to end as cold temperatures and snows are expected here in Minnesota.  Makes me wish I was back in Prospect Park walking in snowy grounds.  That was always so much fun for me as I always loved that wonderful atmosphere in the Park. If anyone has recent photos of those Edenic fields,  please share them here.    

    Thanksgiving approaches!  Hmmmm ~ I can smell the roast turkey now .....
  • A Giants victory over the Bears.  Jints now stand at 7-3 and I confess to being rather surprised at that.  Hopefully, they will build upon this success.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week ...
  • good morning friends,

    just want to wish everyone a wonderful & healthy Thanksgiving!!

    admins. MOD & all that help us keep this blog going.



  • Hi Warren,

    I was lucky to only wait a few days on the waiting list for

    james Patterson's new book, 'Woman of God".

    I picked up at library today.i will start it tonite..

    did you order it from your library yet?


  • Hi friends Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!! My family & I had a really nice one with Family.. Warren, "woman of God" is a page turner.. So good!! I hope you get to read it soon.. Everyone, enjoy your weekend! :)
  • Just got back from a 7 day cruise yesterday. Thanksgiving on board was okay.  Also had my birthday on board. Turkey and all the trimmings. Have not seen "Woman of God yet. Will tell our Librarian to keep her eyes open. Tried to read "Girl on a Train". Put it down. AWFUL. To each their own.
  • I still miss Garden Café. Sniff.
  • Hey Imlac. I have been out of the slope for a long time. What and where was the "garden Café"?
  • Prospect Heights: Prospect Place & Vanderbilt, NW Corner.

  • Before that, in the late 70's, it was located on Flatbush Avenue just below Plaza Street, near Grand Army Plaza.
  • Hi friends Happy belated birthday, Warren. Mine is tomorrow. We booked a cruise for 8 days For sometime in the summer. Going to cape canavral & Bahamas. Women of God is a really good read. I'm halfway thru. Enjoy your night.. :)
  • Hello all, Patsy  hope you had a good birthday! Cruises are always a good vacation. I only gained 3 lbs and have taken most of that off already. 8 days is a good amount of time. 7 is a little short and I think 14 is too much. To each his or her own. Have not seen the librarian that takes good care of me. When I do see her I will certainly ask  for Women of God. Hope that the Giants keep winning. They still have some big holes in their lineup but they seem to somehow win anyway! Got to do some decorating here. Time goes by to quickly at my age!
  • Hiya Folks!

    Bad news but let's remember that It's the Season to be jolly.  :)

    Winter is now on its way here as we expect the temperatures to take a dip.  But I'm warmed by all the sports going on locally - watched college basketball this weekend, plan on watching men's club level bball tonight, girl's gymnastics tomorrow, and lots of other good stuff.  All this fun activity sure makes the Winter Blues go away. 

    Have a wonderful week!
  • good morning, friends,

    temps are dropping here.. going to be very cold this weekend..Brr!!!

    I feel like the cold weather is more appropriate for the holidays!!

    i'm hoping for some snow!!!

    my shopping is done, tree is up, house is decorated in and out.

    I just need to shop for food!!!

    ok, hope you all have a great day!!


    all I have to do is food shopping.

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    Yeah, Temps were down here too. I think it got down in the 50's the other night but it was 76 in the afternoon. We could use some rain. Snow is out of the question. This area has not seen snow since the 30's or 40's. I am afraid I do not miss it a bit. Shoveling the walk and driveway, HOPING the car starts, slipping & sliding while driving or walking. No, do not miss winter weather a bit! My friend the Librarian said she jus got the catalog with Patterson's new books and she will order them post haste. I will be #1 on the list for Woman of God.  He also has a Cross novel out which she will order as well. I am afraid that our Giants are near the end of the rope. Pierre St Paul out for the rest of the season. He was one of the few players living up to the hype.
  • Hi Warren We had a little snow today.. nothing significant. Snow in the forecast a day or 2 this week. Not sure how much we will get. I am almost done with "woman of God". Such a good book. Getting ready for the holidays. Gift shopping done, most of food shopping Done. A little more to go & I'm done. Hope all is well. Say hello to Carol. :)
  • Holy Cow! The Giants did it again. They beat the Cowboys last night. A lot of people think that Eli is all the giants have going for them. Last night Eli had one of his worst games and yet the Giants won with good defense and Special teams work. The last few weeks should be very interesting. Playoffs? Super Bowl????
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    (To keep all lawyers happy I will admit that much of this story is adapted from different author’s writings. I especially pay homage to Matthew, Mark Luke & John who gave us the original.)


    Little Johnny came to his father in early December and said ”Daddy, some of the boys in my class said Santa is make believe and a fake!” I told them that I would ask you and then I would know the truth. Well Daddy, what is the truth.


    Son, first let me ask you if you enjoy giving gifts to people at Christmas time. Well yes Johnny said, I like the look in their eyes and the happiness in their face when they open them. I know I made someone happy. Son, the beginning of the Christmas story started in a stable over 2000 years ago. The baby Jesus was born and people came from far & wide to pay homage to him. Three kings came and brought gifts of Gold and  precious fragrances . Gift giving started way back then. Some time later people began giving gifts to each other to show their love and gratitude to others. In different countries the one in charge of the gift giving was called different names. There was St. Nicholas, Father Christmas and many others including Santa Claus.  Now Mommy & Daddy know that Santa has an awfully big task to get all the presents that people want all in one night, Christmas eve. So Mommies & Daddies all over the world pitch in and buy gifts and become Santa’s helpers.


    It is easy to say, like your friends, no, there is no Santa. But the spirit of Christmas has prevailed for over those 2000 years since Jesus was born. I for one am not going to take the chance of saying that spirit does not exist because I want to wake up on  Christmas morning and find many of the gifts I hoped for!


  • Nice story, Goat! There are so many great holiday tales my favorite being "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus":

    As for our Giants, that was a truly valiant effort vs the Dallas Cowpokes. 

    Temperatures are in the single digits (with wind chills well below zero) way up here in the Tundra but that does not stop me from going out to watch high school sports. In fact, it is youth sports that makes Winter seem to go faster. 

    Have a great week!
  • Okay guys, Giants vs Tigers. Going to be another tough one. I hope they are up for it!
    Temps here are varying between 50's in the AM and 75-80 degrees in the afternoon. Been very dry here since Nov1. We need rain or those darn brush fires will be starting up.
    Patsy, besides Woman Of God Patterson has a new Cross book which was number 1` in Sundays paper. Can't wait to read them both!!!
  • Have you read any of John Sandford's "Prey" series (it began with Rules of Prey, and every book in the series has "Prey" in the title)? Serial killer novels at their finest! I've read several of Patterson's Cross books, and I very much prefer Sandford.
  • As the saying goes "to each his own".
  • hi guys..

    getting ready for Christmas.

    finishing up food shopping tonite. presents are wrapped,

    im just about done!!..

    warren, what book by james Patterson are you talking about??

    can you give me title, please?

    i'm on waiting list for new novel by him, titled

    "never, never".

    I read excerpt, it looks like a great read!!

    Ok, everyone, enjoy your day!!..


  • Hello all you Santa's! Patsy, the other Patterson book is Cross The Line. It has been running high on the best seller list. I am waiting for it and Woman of God. Women's Murder Club #16 will be out in May. Never, Never in January. He is turning them out almost as quickly as Woods. Of course they both have Co-Authors for most of their books.




    stay on the nice list!!!

    warren, thanx for the info on cross the line..

    I will order it from the library!!

    enjoy your day!!


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    Hello all. Merry Christmas to all our bloggers and a special merry to our administrators. Patsy, I got "Cross the Line" today. I will read it quickly. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy healthy New Year
  • Hope everyone had a great Christmas Day! Mine was great with family. Warren, enjoy your book. I'm on wait list for "Never Never' When I pick that up,I'll order "Cross The Line". Goodnight, all. :smile:
  • I would like to wish everyone a very happy & healthy New Year.


  • Hello All. Happy and Healthy New Year is wished for you all. Patsy, I finished Cross The Line. I really think you will enjoy it. Memories. On New Years eve, we waited until midnight, went outside with old pots & Pans and banged the hell out of them. They were our noise makers, Then we would go out to neighbors houses and join their New Years Eve parties just long enough to have a drink and get on our way. The first glass of wine I ever had was at a friend and neighbors house, whose family members used to contribute to this blog. That was new years eve in the slope to me. Just getting together with friends and neighbors and giving wishes to each other! While I will not be physically with any of you I toast all of you. Even those who have decided to no longer join us on this BLOG>
  • Happy new year!!
  • Happy New Year to every one in God's Country!
  • Today is a big day for the Giants. They are already in the playoffs but a win today would solidify their standings in their division. GO GIANTS!!!!!
  • hi friends,

    hope everyone had a great new year!!

    warren, I am # 110 on list for ross the line.. I hope I get it by the summer.


    ok, gotta run, talk soon.

    everyone, have a great day!!


  • Let's go NY Giants... :smile:
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    I hope that the new Coach of the Giants has a better game plan for the Packers then he did for the Redskins. The Giants barely got out with a win thanks to Rogers-Cromarte.  He is the best thing to come along for the Giants Defense in a long time. Cruz seems to have lost confidence in himself. He complains about not getting the ball but when Eli throws it to him he drops it almost every time. He was great last year???? Jennings is running better but they can't use him for almost every play like they did for Washington. Where would we be with out our Playmaker Beckham jr If he would only learn to keep his temper under wraps, he will help a lot. He can keep the Blonde on top of his head as long as he wants. Add in Collins and Shepard and all the reat!
  • Sunday is the day as our Giants take on the Packers in the frozen tundra.  Temperatures expected to be in the single digits and wind chills are likely to be lower.  Thankfully, kicker Robbie Gould is experienced in this clime. However, I remain concerned about Eli's inability to roll out of the pocket.  With his limitations, the OL has to work extra harder as the Jints lack a blocking FB and good TE.  Coach McAdoo needs to find a way to fill in these spots in order for our guys to advance in the playoffs as we need to keep the ball out of QB Aaron Rodgers hands. Rodgers has been on a hot streak lately and he is greatly mobile which should keep our D quite busy.


    Everyone have a GREAT weekend.
  • Hi Everyone, First I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I have some good and bad news to share. The good news is i just had another grandson, Dominic Robert, born on December 30, 2016. My daughter and baby are doing fine, Now to the sad news, our friend of this blog, Janet Horan has passed away. I don't really have many details....I just saw on Facebook that she was in the hospital and today Terry posted that she passed away. Janet was such a nice person, got to meet her at our first reunion. She was on this blog for years. May she Rest In Peace. If I find out anything else I will let you know. Thank you Patsy and Warren for keeping this site alive. Talk to you soon. Judy
  • My first grandson, Riley Aiden, was born December 31.
  • First of all, Congrats Booklaw on the birth of your 1st grandson. Not to brag but I have 5 grandsons and 2 Granddaughters. Yes, it is your right and responsibility to spoil him rotten!
    Judy, good to see you on here and congrats on your granddaughter! Sorry to read about Janet Horan. I never met her but I certainly remember her on the BLOG. Giants are in for a rough one today. Freezing temps, and a hot Aaron Rogers to contend with. Go Eli, Go Giants!
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    Hello all, forgot to mention above that we in Florida are getting hit with our share of inclement weather.. Temp in Tampa this AM 37 degrees! Only expected to get up to about 50. For us that is damn cold! Tomorrow night is the big College game between Alabama & Clemson. I hope that their players are used to the cold.
  • Booklaw.....Congratulations on your grandson. Old Goat......thank you I'm not really a football fan, so I couldn't tell one team from another. Hope your team wins!
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    As the old song says "The Parties over so say good night". As an old Brooklyn Dodger fan I can say "Wait until next year".
  • good norning, friends..

    yes, may JANET R.I.P.!!

    from what I was told by aa close friend, she died of stage 1 lung disease.

    janet is a retired firefighter.. 1st woman firefighter inducted into FDNY back in

    the day,.. she was my neighbor on 20th street for many years & my friend for the last 40 some odd years.. she will be truly missed...

    booklaw, congrats!! on your new grandchild.. I have inly 1 grandson & he is my

    joy!!.. I love being a grandmother..

    Judy, so happy for  you & family.. a new grandson.  xx

    well, what can I say about the Giants..

    maybe, next year..

    everyone, have a great day!!!


  • Okay, I am over the Giants loss but I did not like what I read about a "BOAT" party a day before the trip for the game. I thought that these were grown men that should know better. With so many people behind them and rooting for them with all their might. What poor judgement!!!!!
  • Hi...My name is Stephen Scaravella.I was born in 1951. I grew up on 13th st between 5th and 6th ave Bklyn Ny..I live now in Vermont with my Sister Janet. We have vivid memories of our childhood in Bklyn. Does anyone here remember me or my sisters, and brothers,Mom and Dad?? I attended PS 124.My Family went to and old Church on 12th street below 5th avenue..
  • Hi Stephen..

    sorry , I did not know your family.

    I lived on 20th st btw 4/5 aves.

    born in 1952.

    I went to st john's on 21 st street.

    post anyway & tell u a little about yourself.

    its always nice to have new park slopers post on here.

    what friends did you hang out with in park slope?  I may know or remember

    them..i'm still a Brooklyn girl...



  • The Tennis open in Australia is taking the place that my Giants left me after their loss in the play offs    .I hope that Andy Murray will do well.  Since American Tennis on the mens side has really had trouble finding a star since Andy Roddick retired, I guess rooting for one of our British cousins is the next best thing. Raffy Nadal is trying to come back but he looks very rusty. Roger Federer looks very good and I think he will make a lot of noise at all the opens this year. After all, he has to make enough to feed those two sets of twins he and his wife have, If you find Tennis boring, wait a few years, it will grow on you. Good night all!
  •  i remember playing 'off the point' up near the corner of 13st and 6th ave.The 'point' was at the back of the corner Bar. If you hit it over the roof across the street, it was a home run. Off the wall across the street and catch it,it was called out.One bounce of the wall a single,2-bounces a double.etc. After Christmas we used to go around and gather up Christmas tress. And start a huge bonfire up by the low garages up near 6th ave. We built scooters from milk crates on 2 by 4's and roller skates under neath.. Carpet guns made of a long piece of wood, a clothespin and a rubber band.You could shoot a thin piece of linoleum a long way. We had many a stick ball match with the boys on 12th st. I went to PS 124.My first grade teacher was Mrs Rogers and my 4TH grade teacher was Mrs COLLINS.My favorite part of Prospect park was the paddle boat pond. Right next to it was a swamp with high grass.We used to catch polliwogs and frogs.Ah the Memories!!! Oh and when we did't have flour to put in the socks to hit the girls we crushed up chalk. Same result.  Stephen
  • Hi friends, Hi Stephen. Glad you posted on here. We did the same thing with the homemade Scooters & we stuck bottle caps on the box. Those were great times in our lives. Our children & grandchildren never had It so good.,they could never appreciate Those simple things in life. What a shame!! Everything today comes down to price tags & Labels. Prospect Park one of my favorite places to go. Paddle boats, suicide mountain on sleds, Band night with your friends, picnics in Summer, etc. What fun!! Keep posting!! Hi Warren, I'm reading "never never ' by Patterson. Good book. I picked that up & "Cross the line" at the library on Thursday. I'll read cross the line after I finish this. I was on wait list for so long, that I Forgot about "never never". I was so happy coming home with 2 Patterson books. :) So many Patterson books coming out. Hard to keep up. But I love it!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Enjoy!! :)
  • Congratulations Judy and Booklaw on your grandchildren! So lovely!

    My heart goes out to Janet Horan's family and friends, sad news indeed.




  • Thanks for the slide show. Unfortunately I did not recognize much. I was brought up in the slope and not in any of the areas shown. Also I have been out of Brooklyn (except for visits) since 1960. Bushwick ave I remember since I used to go to Ebbets Field a lot to see the BROOKLYN Dodgers play. I am very proud of my Brooklyn upbringing. The schools were great. Church life was the center of a lot of our activities and neighbors were more than that. They were friends and always helped each other in many ways.
  • good morning friends..

    hey Warren..

    I'm reading 'cross the line'.

    loving it.

    i'm on waiting list now for "the black book" by him..

    we're expecting some snow today.. its only 27 degrees right now

    at 9 in the morning..

    everyone,, enjoy your day!!


  • Hi Friends

    I hope everyone is having a great Super Bowl weekend. This will be my 51st SB and am planning on enjoying it even more by having lots of good food by my side.  :)

    Soon thereafter, it will be spring training time for Major League Baseball and, hopefully, a winning season for the Yanks & Mets.

    Take good care!
  • Hey "Son" Here! Here! on every thing in your post. Pretty hard to find anything on TV these days. The Tennis open in Australia was the last sporting event I have seen. I will enjoy the Super Bowl and will root for Atlanta. Then bring on the baseball!
  • Happy Super Bowl Sunday!! we too are rooting for Atlanta. I'm doing wings, pigs in blanket, Hummus & pita bread & snacks & dips, & Having some friends over. Baseball season is right around the Corner. Warren, I'm almost done with "cross The line". Good book... Everyone, enjoy your day!! :)
  • Not very happy with game results. Reminds me of Roller Derby years ago in 14th Regiment Armory. One team gets way ahead and then Tuffy Brashewn and her Husband take over and win it for the underdog!!!!
  • what a game!!!  best superbowl I've ever seen in my opinion..

    I had a feeling the pats would win, but I was rooting for the


    I enjoyed lady gaga at halftime...

    the whole game was awesome...


  • Hey all.

    I wanted Atlanta to win but QB Brady had the edge in skill and composure - this took the Pats over the top.  Kudos to them.

    Schools to be closed.  Hope all will be safe & sound.  :)
  • I like the NFL very much. To even hint that a game was fixed is deplorable. However. As I stated in my last post. That game reminded me too much of the old Roller Derby matches. Also, I wonder what Belechik did to cheat this time. He and the Patriots have been caught cheating three times. Was this a fourth? I hope not, I like the sport too much. No question about the talent on the Patriots. However. Where were they during the first half and where was Atlanta's defense in the second half?  I guess I will get over it before next season starts.




  • Same to you Patsy. I am still waiting for Never-Never. My source says it is not in her catalog.  I may go to the big library across the street. They could not get Woman of God here either????
  • Hiya Folks!

    Temperatures today expected to reach 60+ here in Minnesota.  This is virtually unheard in these parts in February.  But we will happily take it.   :)

    I hope all survived the winter storm & that Spring will be just around the corner.  

    Take good care!

  • good morning friends,

    warren were you able to order never, never??

    hope all is well!!!

    hi Richard,

    temps, here are like spring days the last couple of


    baseball season!!!! can't wait!!!

    have a great day, all!!!



  • No I did not get Never-Never. Admin. says it is not in her catalog. I went across the street today and got a few Ed McBain's 87th precinct books. Have not read him in years but I did like what I read before. As far as weather goes, when it is not like spring, we get concerned!
  • Oh Well, looks like I am talking to myself again! Weather really warmed up. More like summer. In the 80's the last few days. The only news I have of the slope is that Carol's brother died two weeks ago on 13th street. Not too many left in that generation for either Carol or I. I am the last of my generation and Carol just has one sister left. That is one of the things you find when you  get older. Your family and friends pass on to their heavenly reward. All of a sudden you say to yourself "where did they all go?" Carol & I have been the visitation committee for our senior housing development this month. We bring greeting cards to all those in the hospital or rehab facility. Also sympathy cards to survivors.
  • Hello all in God's country.

    It's a little nippy outside but you can sense that Spring is just around the corner.

    A fond Happy Birthday greeting to a beloved Brooklynite, Eddie Lawrence:

    Take good care & enjoy March Madness!
  • I love most sports but I am not into college basketball so March Madness means very little to me. Years ago when I did show some interest in college ball it was the NIT tournament that got all the attention. In my lifetime the NCAA is a late comer.  I also remember the "Melrose Games" where track was in the spotlight.  I was an NBA Knick fan back when the McGuire brothers played for them along with Vince Barilla, Ernie Vanderweigh (Ernie's granddaughter is now a Tennis star)  All that was in the Garden on 8th avenue in the 40"s.
    & 50's.
  • Hi friends.. I think eventually Warren, you will get Never, never. Really good story. I have never read Ed McBain books. Maybe will go to library & check out his Books. Weather today is like spring here. In high 50's. but I do not think winter Is done with us yet. Tomorrow 50's again on Wed. 70 degrees & Thursday & few days after that in the 40's. Crazy!!! Hope everyone has a great night & post soon. :)
  • wow!! this post was written a week or so ago..

    I never hit post

    was stuck in blog limbo!!!

    hope everyone is fine!!

    weather in 50's today!!

    they are talking about snow in the next day or so!!

    crazy weather!!

    have a great day, all!!!


  • Hey Patsy, It just means you are starting to catch up to some of us doing Senior things. Not that you are ready for my "Old Goat" category but a much younger person acting like a very young goat.  I do not think that made much sense but that is what happens at my age. I finally got "Woman of God". Not too impressed so far. I do not think Patterson wrote much of it. "Never, Never" still hard to come by.  I will finish Women of God even though it is depressing in many parts. By the way. WHAT IS SNOW?????
  • I finished "Woman of God" and could not wait to get it back to the library. Too gruesome and depressing for me. I saw NO recognition of Patterson's writing in that book. I hope that "Never-Never" is better than that!
  • Hiya Folks!

    I was just watching WABC-7 news online and saw that there's a wicked Nor'easter headed your way.  Hopefully, all will turn out well and you will be safe.

    Stay home, stay warm, drink hot apple cider, and curl up with a good book. 

    And keep smiling :)
  • I watched NY1 this am. Boy what a mess. Snow, Rain, Sleet! No wonder I moved to Florida where all we have to worry about is Hurricanes.
  • good morning, friends

    snow storm wasn't as bad as we thought..

    snow plows right on the money..

    came around just about every 30 mins or so.

    hope all is well with everyone.

    warren, yes woman of God was ok.

    definitely not his best work.

    I hope you get 'never, never soon.

    really good book..

    spring is here!!

    in 50's today..not too bad!!

    have a great day, everyone..

    warren, my condolences to Carol on the passing of her

    brother xx



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