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  • Hey Patsy,
    I think you are being very generous calling "Woman of God" okay. Still have not gotten hold of "Never-Never". Had some further medical developments. Have to go for a test which is supposed to show if my Cancer has spread. If it has I will need a new aggresive treatment program. Now I have 8 Doctors I see regularly and three I see on occasion.
  • Hi Warren I have said a prayer for you.. Angels around you. I hope nothing has spread & you will Be okay!! Been in NJ o few days now, spending Time with friends. Had fun shopping, Dining out & went to paint & wine class. I skipped on the wine because I don't Drink, but the painting class was fun. We painted a peacock feather on Canvas. It came out pretty good I guess. IMG_0365
  • My youngest daughter will get this one Because the one I did 2 yrs ago went To my eldest daughter. My girls were arguing Over the first one I did like it was a Van Gogh or something. So the eldest Daughter won that round, so now the youngest Gets this one. The next one I do, I will keep for myself, Each class does a different painting. You don't know what it is that you're going To paint until you get there. We had a lot Of fun. Hope you have a great weekend. Stay well. Richard hope you're enjoying The weather & all the sports you Watch. Hope you're well. :)
  • The above is the first painting class I went to 2 yrs. ago. This is the painting the girls Argued about. Lol
  • Hello all, Patsy thank you for the prayers. I have not heard about the results of my bone scan test yet. They used to say no news is good news. I can only hope that is true. The only painting I have been brave enough to tackle has been "Paint by Numbers":. These are not kids versions but complex adult versions. My oldest son has sent me some. I find "people" to be the biggest challenge.  





  • Goat - get well & pronto, too!  It is now Spring Time and may there be many more good Spring times for you & yours.

    I hope everyone will go outdoors to watch baseball & softball. Lots of great college basketball action on tv with the NCAA Final Four as well. That's the true beauty of Spring - it means renewal for everyone and gives us much incentive to be enjoying ourselves.

    Take good care, Folks!

  • Oh by the way,  great art work above.   :)
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    I must admit that most of my sport watching is on the boob tube. Right now I am watching Roger Federer And Raffa Nadal fight for the Miami Open men's Tennis championship.  Roger has made a terrific comeback since his six months off due to injury. Raffa is looking good also. I had started to watch the Yanks VS Tampa Bay but the Rays are running away with this one. They claim a full house but have over half the upstairs seats covered with tarps.

    I will know  nothing about my recent test results until the 21 when I see my new Urologist. It stinks that he leaves me hanging this long and I will let him know it when I see him. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
  • good morning, friends.

    Richard, the artwork was fun to do. :)

    they are nice, but most important my daughters love them!!

    spring is here, but we have at least 2  days of rain coming

    this week.

    april showers bring may flowers is true..

    warren, it will all be ok..

    enjoy the weather.

    Warren, root for those Mets!!

    I hope they win their opening game today!!

    have a great day, friends


  • hello All,

    We have had a very dry warm spring so far but today was considerably cool. One of the biggest fears down here is when it is dry and gets hot we have the worry of brush fires. Had one at an intersection of two major highways yesterday and it raked havoc on traffic. No one was injured or killed and that is the good news. With what is going on in Washington these days reminds me of a time years ago  We were visiting someone in a mental institution on long Island. N incident took place and one of the inmates asked out LOUD. "Who is running this place? The inmates or the people who work here".
  • good morning, friends hope everyone is well.. weather has been beautiful last few days here!! warren, I'm going to library to put my name on list for his new book 'LITTLE BLACK BOOK" trying to keep up with all his new novels. everyone, have a great day!!! :)
  • good morning, friends

    just want to wish everyone a Happy Easter!



  • A VERY happy Easter to all. Went to Church last night (Maundy Thursday service). It was very moving and it brought home the true meaning of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
    I got myself volunteered to run the Memorial Day remembrance service here at our Senior Independent living facility. It will work out fine. Having a little trouble with my insurance company over coverage for a test to see if my Cancer has spread to my bones. I will try my best to win on appeal.
  • Happy Easter!

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    "Low in the grave he lay, Jesus my savior, waiting the coming day Jesus my Lord: Up from the grave he arose, with a Mighty fortress o'er his foes. He arose a victor from the dark domain and he lives forever with his saints to reign. He Arose! He Arose! Hallelujah Christ arose." That is an Easter hymn that I learned in the Junior Choir of my Church 70 years ago. Never forgot it.  I think it tells the whole story of Easter. I sang it at a service I conducted at an Assisted Living Memory group. A lady there who could not even remember her name sang the whole thing with me, word for word. Music is Amazing. Happy Easter all and I hope our Jewish friends are having a successful Passover. I am not familiar with Muslim Holidays but I wish you all the best.
  • beautiful, Warren.

    I love your Easter hymn.

    I hope it all works out with your ins. coverage.

    I hope everyone had a great Easter.

    we spent it in NJ with some relatives.

    traffic was horrible coming home.. an hour ride took us over

    3 hrs. it being Easter & Passover, everyone was travelling.

    that said, we had a great day!!

    hope everyone has a nice day!!


  • Hi, Carol has been ill with her IBS for several days now. On top of that her migraines have been acting up. Poor girl can hardly eat anything without it giving her problems. Tomorrow is my big day. Appointment with new Urologist to decide on a treatment program for my Prostate Cancer recurrence. Add to that we had a leak in the drainage system for the A.C and they are trying to repair it today. The fun never ends.  











  • Hi, I am still on the wait list for Never-Never. I was told I am next in line!
  • Hi Warren Good book!! I know you'll enjoy it. Little black book is unbelievable. I can't believe it's this good. I am half way thru it & it is 418 Pages long. I just started it yesterday. I've been reading most of it today. Rainy outside. I did some chores around the House & sat & read most of the day. This is a great way to relax. It has an excerpt from 16th seduction At the back of book. I'm on waiting list,for that Book, But I was told, it's a very long waiting list. Have a great weekend. Hope you & Carol are feeling well. :)
  • Wishing everyone here the very best.  :)

    I think we discussed this on another thread a long while ago but don't remember for sure:

    Brainerd loved Brooklyn and took many old photos which are readily available online.  I would have posted a link but (sad to say) when I searched there was objectionable content among the photos {the content was from another party}.  Here is one really good example of his work:

    The weather here in St Paul changes every day - some times it is war, others it is wintry!  Oh well, Summer will be here soon enough.

    Everyone please Keep Smiling!
  • good morning, friends,

    hope everyone is well.  we are having beautiful weather in

    NY today.

    take care, people, & like Richard said "keep smiling"!!


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    Hello all, Weather here is warm & dry. We need a few good Florida rain storms to wetten up the fields and bushes. Bush fires can be very dangerous. Reading Never-Never. Not impressed. Last couple of Patterson books not my cup of tea. I think it is the influence of his co-writers. Our medical problems continue to plague us. Waiting for my new drug to counter attack my cancer. Love to all.
  • Hi Warren, Ok I thought never never was good! It's a matter of taste. "The black Book" is something I know you'll enjoy. Reading a Mary higggins Clark book Now. Love her books too! Feel good, Warren. I hope your medicine Helps you. Stay well & love to Carol. Xx
  • My wife ordered and got Woods latest on her Kindle. It is really good. Barrington and crowd! I hope that Patterson will come out with some more "Cross" books. Those and the Murder Club I really enjoy!
  • quoting myself,

    ''some times it is war,''

    meant to say  "warm"


    The weather here continues to change every day just like I wrote above.  But they say Spring will finally, yes FINALLY, arrive by the middle to end of the week.

    Everyone be well & SMILE!  :)
  • Hey Son, Good luck on the spring weather. I hope it will turn to your liking!
    We are supposed to get some rain later today. We really need it. Brush fires popping up not that far from where we live. The State Government has put a ban on most open burning but I have no idea how well the citizens are responding. Many people in rural areas are used to burning their trash. With everything so dry, just a spark can get things going.  While the rain will help avoid and slow down fires, the Lightning that accompanies the rain can cause fires. Sort of a catch 22. 

    Except for their starting pitching, the Yankees are looking good. The Mets seem to be falling apart physically. I root for both of them.
  • HI FRIENDS, first I want to wish all the moms a very 'happy mother's day"" enjoy this special day!!! warren, I am reading '16th seduction by Patterson'.. so far, really good. hope all is well. everyone, have a great weekend. NY is getting rain all weekend, so far. :)
  • Happy Mothers day to all you Mothers out there! We just had a delicious Mothers Day Special Dinner-Shrimp Cocktail, Lobster Tail. Stuffed potato and mixed veggies followed by Chocolate Chip Cake and Coffee/Tea. Our cooks, servers and supervisors went out of their way to make it special!
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    Happy,happy,happy anniversary Patsy to you and your Hubby. Next month we will celebrate our 57th! While waiting for Black Book and 16 I am reading some Baldacchi. He is v e r y d r a w n out in his writing but the stories are good.
  • hi friends happy memorial day, weekend!! have fun & say a prayer for this country & those who fought and are still fighting for our freedom!! remember land of the free, because of the brave.. everyone.. stay well!!!
  • I will be leading a Memorial Day Program on Monday where we will honor all past and current Service people including the Merchant Marines. They are left out of many programs but will be honored in ours. It will also have a section on Flanders Field. Do you know where Flanders Field is????
  • Hey blog supervisors. What happened to the field where we could change the Font color etc:?
  • The owner of the site was warned that a security update was required to avoid predatory viruses, etc. The update killed a bunch of useful features. He will try to find a fix to restore them.
  • Hey booklaw. Thank you for the quick response. Makes sense!
  • Happy Brooklyn Day!!!
  • Oh, the memories of "Anniversary Day" in Brooklyn. The Parade, the dignitaries, the crowds in the park etc;. When we got back from the park we had a ball at the Church. It was headlined by ice cream bricks from Droges in Bay Ridge. Of course soft drinks like "Dr Browns Cel-Ray. Our Church was originally "Dutch Reformed". and we had a moch up Windmill on wheels. I got to ride it one year with our little "Dutch Boy" outfits. Oh, the memories.. It was all covered very well by the good old "Brooklyn Eagle"/
  • Hi friends Happy Sunday Hope everyone had a great weekend In jersey at my sister's house. Took my grandson to Great Advenutre Safari yesterday. Been here since Friday with my Older daughter & grandson. Safari was awesome even though line wait Was 2 hrs and 10 mins. But worth it. Gavin had a ball. Warren, I finished 16th Seduction. Awesome!! On waiting list for next book. "Murder Games". Enjoy rest of day!! :)
  • Hi I grew up on 7th Street and 6th Avenue. I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the mailman that delivered mail in 1967. I just knew bobby the mailman. Please either respond here or email me at Thanks Barbara
  • I know that "Jim Gordon" was the Letter Carrier for 12th St between 5th & 6th Aves in the 40's & 50's. Did not know the extent of his route. You might have luck calling "Van Brunt Station" on 9th street. Hey Patsy. I am having trouble getting Patterson's latest so I started on Sanford's novels. He is a little rough on the language and his stories all take place in Minnesota but they are good cops & robbers stories.
  • hi friends. warren, I hope you get Paterson's books along the way. some really good reads. enjoy Stanton. I may try 1 of his books. have a great weekend, friends :)
  • Hello all, Little problem with my Doctors very important office visit scheduled for next week. They tried to put me off for a month but I worked on it and got one for 8:30 tomorrow am. Think it is straightened out now. I finally got (16 by Paterson) It is excellent so far. I have also been promised "Black Book". We had a ferocious storm here yesterday afternoon. Building across from us had bad damage. Ceilings down etc:. We are okay but those people who had the ceilings come down have had their apts declared temporarily uninhabitable. Management is putting them up in other apts and hotels. All we got was some water on our Lanai.
  • I just finished Woods latest & Patterson's 16th. Liked them both. Received Black Book and will start that. Had trouble posting yesterday but seems okay today.
  • Hi friends Happy Father's Day to you dads out There. Enjoy your special day!! Warren, Glad you got those books. I enjoyed them immensely. ON list now for Patterson's "Murder Games". When I return the previous Book, I put myself on list for next one Out. BBQing in backyard today with family. It's beautiful here in NY! Not too hot High 80 with a great breeze. Wish It would stay this way. My youngest daughter left for vacation In PR this morning. Warren Glad you guys made it thru the Storm ok. Stay well, people. :)
  • Hope all the Fathers had a great day! All 3 of my children called to wish me a happy Fathers day. Of course, my 2 sons are also Fathers so I had to wish them Happy Fathers day right back. Just finished "Black Book". What an ending Holy Cow! I guessed one of the culprits but not the other. Do not want to spoil it for anyone by revealing names.
  • quote: ''Our Church was originally "Dutch Reformed" The church on New Lots Avenue in ENY where I grew was also DRC but no longer has the name 'Dutch' in it: Don't know why the name was dropped. But one thing's for sure - the institution has been a great community resource for many decades and remains so to this day. I hope everyone here has a wonderful Summer!
  • Thank you to the administrator for getting me back here. It has been way toooo long. I remember when there wouldn't be one day I would miss posting and reading. I miss the old blog days. We had so much fun posting. Not a day goes by I don't think of Umbria and Janet who now are both hopefully in a better place. BIG MAMA IS BACK lol
  • Good Morning from Staten Island Have a great day.
  • Hi all Trying to get the old gang back on here but nothing yet..Have a great weekend I got this email I thought was great for those growing up in the 1950's A long read but worth it.
  • Oh well not allowing me to copy it It was a great article..
  • Patsy am I in the right place???? Where are you??
  • I hope everyone is A-OK. Recently, I heard that distinguished Brooklyn Dodger Luis Olmo passed away. "El Jibaro" is a member of the team's Hall of Fame and was Dick Schaap's hero when he was a little kid in Brooklyn. Ah, the memories! Everyone take great care.
  • Oh yes son, Ebbets Field on a Sunday Afternoon double header. 40 cents in the bleachers or better yet a weekday afternoon and free admission with the "Knothole Club". Sometimes later in life (like when we were in our late teens, early twenties) my mother would pack up a bunch of sandwiches and we would meet her at the ballpark directly from work for a day-night double header. My Mother was an avid Dodger fan but she appreciated players on opposing teams like Stan the man on St Louis and Robin Roberts pitching for the Phillies. Gladys Gooding on the organ, Hilda ringing her Cowbell and the lady who loved Cookie Lavagetto screaming out his name every time he got up. COOKIE< COOKIE. My Mother and I would go to a night game and feel perfectly safe walking home through Prospect Park. Those were the days my friend. And as the song goes "I thought they would never end", until that miserable bum O'Malley moved them.
  • "you Walter O'Malley!" Years ago, that was used as a derogation that was similar to "you Benedict Arnold" in God's Country, Brooklyn. Both committed unforgiveable crimes against humanity and deserve to be remembered that way. Weather here has been really nice with temperatures about 5° below normal. Autumn high school sports season starts this week here in St Paul and it promises to be great fun. Friends, enjoy the rest of the Summer!
  • Hey Prod... That Bum O'Malley should be buried above ground. If I found his grave I would share a 6-pack of Bud with him. After I drank it!!!! He moved my Bums while I was in the Army. Never have forgiven him. I think Benedict Arnold is to nice a name for him...
  • My prayers are with the people of Texas as they endure the effects of the Hurricane. Unimaginable amounts of rain! Winds up to 125 MPH. Damage has to be beyond belief. As a resident of an area of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, we have the same fears every time a storms gets brewing in the Carribean.
  • Attn: Admin. How do I delete messages from my blog INbox????
  • As far as I know, it is not possible to do that.
  • Hi friends Happy Sunday!! Hi cuz.. so nice to have u back On here. It would be awesome to have the old Gang back!! Home relaxing today. Was out all day Yesterday in SI shopping with Mildred. Cuz it was only Mi
  • good morning, friends. yes, we need to pray for texas & hope things can get back to normal soon!!
  • my brother had a beautiful 10th anniversary vow renewal party at the redhook warehouse, on saturday which is now called "liberty warehouse." in Brooklyn. the place is gorgeous.. cocktail hour outside, reception inside. over looks the water & you can see NY in the background. just gorgeous!! food, & venue were awesome!! this venue was in the "New Yorker as the #1 place party venue in NY state. it has valet parking inside building.. we had a fantastic time!! Warren, I just finished reading "the store" by Patterson. definitely one of the worst I've ever read written by him. my opinion, anyway.. hope everyone is well, :)
  • Glad to hear something good about Red Hook. I knew that they built a dock for the Queen Mary there. When I was a kid we used to go to the Red Hook Public Pool run by the parks department. I understand that it has been refurbished. That is good news. The only other thing I remember in Red Hook were the Projects Apartments. Had a friend lived there with his Mother for many years. Are those apartments gone now???
  • hi warren not sure about those apts. Red Hook is amazing now.. everything is so nice. very upcoming neighborhood. brooklyn is a hot commodity. can't buy anything for under 1. something million $$$ hope all is well. :)
  • There are definitely still projects in Red Hook. Do you remember where your friend lived specifically?
  • Sorry, I do not remember. It was a long, long time ago. I am talking 1940's & 50's. I know about the hot community. Zillow lists our old family house on 12th street at 2 million$. We sold it in 1960 for $8200.
  • Last entry Aug 30. Today Is Sept 3. Doesn't anyone have something to say? Perhaps about the Tennis Open in NY. Roger Federer is doing fine. Gives older athletes a boost in moral!
  • Hi Folks! Happy Sunday and Labor Day. As for those higher real estate costs, I sure hope the good folks of God's Country aren't priced out of their home. Am so glad that the chat still is moving along. Gosh, I've missed the USO but have watched the Caribbean cricket championship on You Tube. The local high schools are playing their Autumn sports and I've attended a few soccer games. It's fun to be out doors watching youth sports. Everyone stay well. :)
  • good morning, friends hope everyone is well!! cuz, where ru ?? I saw your photos on FB. you looked gorgeous!! april was stunning.. & her dress was amazing.. you all looked great!! i'll call u soon. xx everyone, have a great day!! :)
  • Warren Hope you're ok. I know hurricane is heading your way. My prayers for u & all Floridians that may Be affected by this. Cuz hope your home is safe too! Thinking & praying for all of you. Xox
  • Hi Patsy & All, Yes the storm (IRMA) is heading this way. I have been in this part of Florida for over 20 years. We have just missed many storms but it looks like this one will get us. We are quite away inland so storm surge should not be a problem but who knows? This storm is so big anything can happen.
  • hi guys... hope our Floridian families are all safe & healthy!! that was some storm!! I was scared just watching it unfold on tv... warren.. hope you & carol are safe.. post soon so we know you're ok.. :)
  • Well, Sun City Center mostly dodged a bullet again. Damage in town is minimal. Some power outages and tree limbs down. Employees who live in the area have some problems with flooding, wind damage but here in town and especially at our senior housing development we came out smelling like a rose. Now Carol & I have to undo all the prep work we did, just in case, but it was worth it!
  • Hi Warren Glad u guys are ok! Great news!! Just wanted to pop in & say hello. Hope everyone is doing well. :)
  • Glad to see that Florida survived the bad weather. Unfortunately, tv reports indicate more nasty weather is on its way. I'm hoping for the best ...
  • NY Giants tonight on national tv - it does not appear that WR Odell Beckham will play. With their weak rushing, immobile QB, and slow OL, looks like another loss for our Jints. Hopefully, a miracle will take place.
  • If O Beckham does not play tonite I say dump the conceited ass.
  • Even with Beckham playing, they looked like a H.S. team playing. I thought Marshall was going to help the running game. All he did was drop a pass! I am afraid we Giant fans are in for a long painful season....
  • hi friends, we suffered thru the ny mets my husband is loving every minute of the mets. he's a Yankees fan, so he's happy, he roots for a wining team!! I was hoping giants will do better for ny fans. there's still a lot of season left. let's see what happens. hope everyone is well. :)
  • Yesterday was a sad day for NY area fans. Giants lose with one second to play, on a 61 yard field goal. Judge gets 2 HR's and yet the Yanks lost while Boston won one. Sorry Patsy, I do not know what the Mets did since it really does not matter at this stage. I was a Mets fan all the ways back to their inception. Saw them play in the Polo Grounds before Shea was built, ran bus trips to Shea with different organizations. Went thru the Seaver & Koosman years,Some of the decisions they have made of late really turn me off. Letting Duda go to the Rays was the final straw!
  • Hi Friends - it's good bye to the old Kosciuszko Bridge. A span that was on that site since the late 1930s and served the City well. Ah, but that's progress ... Am watching our Giants online (no local tv broadcast) and am hoping for a big comeback win. Autumn is here - beautiful time of year. Hoping all is well for everyone on this fine forum . :)
  • What are the odds of losing consecutive games in the NFL with only seconds to play???? Looks like getting rid of Coughlin was only part of the answer. His old staff has to go including McAdoo. Giant secondary has been a weak point for a long time. Time to get Cremarte some good help. Offensive line still like a sieve. No real running game!!!!!!!
  • Stricter gun laws are a must!!!!
  • I am beginning to feel like a 1 man gang. Where are you all????
  • Hi guys Just watched the Giants lose 27-22 I hope Odell will be ok. Looks like he was in a lot of pain! My husband is not a happy camper with the Yankees either. They lose tonite, their out too! Rain today & tomorrow. October already. Holidays around the corner. Hope everyone is well. Enjoy the rest of your day!! :)
  • My last message got lost in Cyber-Space. That's okay. We Giant fans are just going to have to wait for some big changes. Getting rid of Tom Coughlin was not enough. The balance of his coaching staff has to go. The GM has to find some offensive Linemen that know how to block or he has to go also!!! There is no running game and now our best receiver is probably out for the season. 0-5 is too hard to do much about so it is time to concentrate on next year. The tuff NE Division is not looking so great except for the Eagles. It is time to rebuild!!!!!
  • HI FRIENDS, the Yankees are very alive & kicking! im a diehard mets fan.. my husband says I'm a fool bc he's a Yankees have to give them credit, came back to win 3 games in a row!! hope everyone is fine & doing well.. have a great weekend.. :)
  • No one is a fool to root for their favorite team. I have been a football GIANT fan since the 1950's. As successful as they have been NOBODY wins it all every year. In the 40's I was a Brooklyn Dodger fan. Talk about disappointments......
  • Is this the same Giant team. It is 1/2 time. Can we quit now????
  • Jints win! BIG, BIGLY surprise. Good to see Eli roll out of the pocket as his immobility has been one of the team's biggest problems. Hopefully, management will find some good free agents and develop a good game plan for the balance of the season. GO JINTS!
  • 8+7 would be an attainable record and would cut down on the embarrassment of the 1-5.
  • hi friends, you gotta hand it to the Yankees!! my husband is ecstatic!! yes, let's go GIANTS!!!! WE STILL HAVE TIME!! hope everyone is well... weather in NY is gorgeous now. perfect fall weather!! I have a feeling we are going to pay with lots of snow!! have a great day, all.. :)
  • Oh well, The Yanks gave it their best shot! I yearn for the good old days when the only playoffs were between teams in the same league that ended the season in a dead heat tie. There were two leagues. No divisions. 8 teams in each league. If you had the best record in your league you played in the World Series. Now there is a plethora of playoff games before you get to the World Series. You do not think money has anything to do with it, do you?
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